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Angel or Demon?

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Daughter of God, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Hello all, I had the most unusual encounter recently. I work events, and, as a marketer, I meet lots of interesting people of all walks of life. Next to my booth, some representatives of a construction company were working away at securing leads. As the event died down and people were more scarce, we all began to get to know each other, as is common with these events. Marketers are incredibly chatty typically ;-).

    I spoke with a young man very briefly, but in that small interaction I gathered that we had a similar upbringing (very cult like--not occult, but cult--religious cult). We spoke about grace, and were on the same page about Jesus blood covering all sin...etc. He then spoke about my colors and another worker's colors. I knew he was describing auras, but he didn't use those words. This is an immediate red flag to me. I told him it was Jesus he saw. He agreed. To draw him out, I spoke up that the Lord sometimes lets us see little glimpses of Him, the closer we get to Him. He continued on about seeing things differently, like in frequency.. He got my fb name and friended me....that was most of the interaction....

    Later on, I messaged him...saying that people had commented on my "aura" or "light" being very bright before, and usually they weren't Christians, and they certainly didn't talk about Jesus the way he did. He talked about a lot of different things, and seemed to line up with scripture, but were still odd. ONe thing he said (which doesn't line up) was that he had died at one point, his heart had stopped beating, and he was asked to be a channel for a cursed (not fallen) angel (red flag!), and because of accepting that, he was still alive. He described astral projection and fighting demons, healing people...etc. I absolutely riddled him with questions, and the way he spoke about the Lord and so openly about Jesus is the only reason I gave it any more thought.

    I know everyone here will want to do what I originally thought to do--dismiss this young man as possessed, but he is convinced he's doing what the Lord wants. Would Satan speak so lovingly of God's son. Isn't the name of Jesus supposed to strike fear in them? Thoughts? I'm at a loss. This whole thing is concerning to me. He's good at everything he does. He plays music easily and learns songs quickly now. He has talent for anything he puts his mind to, and he seems ultra compassionate. I want to help the young man if he is in trouble (aka get rid of the "angel" lol), but has anyone ever heard of anything like this, not being demonic???

    Thank you so much for your help,
    Daughter of God
  2. He may have faith and be psychotic at the same time. Possibly having faith in a lot more than Jesus, he is probably messed up a bit mentally. I would continue talking with him, but NEVER meet him alone, Be wary, but still be the witness God wants you to be. Dont let yourself be tempted to believe his outlandish stuff, if he wants to convince you, simply tell him that if Jesus wants to reveal that to you, He is able, and you dont have faith in people, but in Jesus.
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  3. Good advice, thank you. I'm concerned for him. He's 100% consistent, as in the way he lives now with this "angel". He's convinced the Lord chose him for this reason (yes I read it too I know it sounds like I have gullible stamped on my forehead). I don't think it's a mental illness. I don't think he's psychotic...although that's only 90% sure, as it's a possibility. He knows the Bible very well. I have studied the Bible my whole life, and never have I found someone who caused this much unrest in me concerning the issue. He is very gentle, compassionate, seems balanced (I know--gullible),

    Let's say he's speaking of an indwelling of some kind--may we assume it's demonic, or is it at all possible that cursed angels (angels not fallen, but cursed) sometimes indwell men, or are these just the ones masquerading as angels of light, but again, to speak of Jesus by name the way he does???

    Thank you!
  4. @Daughter of God

    2 Corinthians 11:14
    And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

    Think, if satan will do this it makes sense so will his servants or those under his lordship.

    satan will quote scripture and speak the truth when it is for his benifit.

    There is a lot of bad seed sowers loosed in this day and age. Christian forums and church's and The Net are full of them.

    Blessings to you
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  5. I know someone who lives in my town, I heard about him in a newspaper article in a local paper. Then one day while my internet was down, I went to a local McDonalds to use the WiFi with my laptop. I saw this guy and I could tell he was charismatic. He had a few people show up at his table and he would talk with them a bit and then they would leave, its as if he was counseling them. The holy spirit told me to be wary of him. He noticed me glancing his way from time to time in-between my reading and typing on my laptop. So he was "on the lookout" for interested people to converse with. In a time when no one was with him, he got up and came over to me and engaged me in conversation, bringing up WiFi and what was available locally. One of the local WiFi providers is a christian group that highly keeps users from visiting any sites that are not good. Their software often wont allow you to even view things that are fine, so its often overkill for its providees. He brought this matter up, not liking the christian group, wanting complete freedom to surf as he wishes. I understand his viewpoint and I admitted that I didnt use the service for that reason (there are others), but its their business, so they should get to run it the way they want. He went on to talk about different things and most things I agreed on, and would tell him so, basically wanting him to bait me with more simple things knowing it would lead to other things off base. He eventually went there, talking about Jesus not being exactly as scripture paints him, due to other texts not being added into accepted scripture. I disagreed with him, telling him that indeed we are only told certain things about Christ, and dont know everything, but that what was written in scripture is indeed God breathed. I told him he was welcome to believe what he did, but I agreed with what scripture tells us of Him. I felt a strong compulsion coming upon me to believe and agree with him, and knew this was from an evil spirit he had that helped him to gain many followers. But I had enough of his sliminess, and told him it was time for me to go, and I prayed for him as I left. He had begun to believe all the stuff the evil spirit told him thinking it was from God, but indeed devils can seem like angels of light. I saw him as a slave and felt pity for him.
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  6. Greetings Brad,

    there is one thing that many of these people usually do not do nor see that it is of any value.

    that is fellowship with the Body. If we don't mix with, in fellowship, other Christians, we are prone and vulnerable to picking up all manner of thoughts and ideas that take us to places that are unholy and any accountability and reproof becomes close to impossible.

    I don't know about the man that the OP is talking about but I would not be surprised if he does not have regular Christian fellowship, where reading the Scripture and sharing in all that God has given us in Christ Jesus the Lord is practised.

    Bless you ....><>
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  7. #7 Br. Bear, Mar 9, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
    @Daughter of God


    May I ask a couple of questions? And with them, give some advice?

    Is you husband a Christian? If so, please 'pass' this man on to him, your husband, to engage with. This is fitting in the Lord. If you husband is not a Christian, do with the following what you can.

    Why did you befriend this man on fb? Do you think that is appropriate, given you hardly know him and did you first discuss this with your husband? Before you or anyone jumps in and suggests that you are free to do whatever you like as a Christian, please ignore that thought, and consider what I am trying to advise you with.
    If you or anyone wants to discuss this on another new thread, do so, but for now, please bear with me.

    I read a couple of things into what you shared with us and in seeking the Lord regarding your situation with this man, would like to say a couple of things that you might take offence at but you certainly don't have to!

    What I saw was that you are quite open to compliments and friendly engagement and when it comes to people telling you about your 'aura', this is not the first time, which leads me to say that you are in some way both open to and attracting this sort of comment and evil. Please don't get this wrongly. It may be something you are completely unaware of but which ever way, you need to close that door, prayerfully.
    Having once been into that sort of new age thing yourself, you may well be targeted as a potential customer of the devil on this front.

    Another question which you don't have to answer here and there is no insinuation with it - I am only trying to help you and your family. How do you honestly and privately feel about it when people have mentioned your aura or light?
    Now, in regards to this chap, he is not a safe person to be 'friends' with. He has invoked and accepted darkness into his life, at it's core, so to speak, having invited this 'cursed angel' into his very life in exchange for his life.
    If this person declared to you that he was Satan or one of his messengers, would you still be so keen to 'help' him? Or, would you slam the door shut and never open it again?
    I am not saying he is Satan, so don't get me wrong. However much you might want to help him, you should allow your husband to do the helping and you cut any personal communication with him. The young man you mention has delved into something definitely not holy and is at this point totally deluded about any goodness that it might be bringing him or others, even if there seem to be apparent results according to him.
    To talk sweetly about Jesus seems so nice and of course would tend to wanting to think there is a possibility that this person is a genuine believer.
    He is either a genuine fake or a genuinely deceived soul. If he is a fake, you have family to care for, get the hint, please. If he is a genuinely deceived soul, pray for him and let God do His answering for him and that by means of your husband taking it from here.

    May you know the leading of the Lord and follow Him,

    Bless you ....><>
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  8. With the exception of the cursed angel thing. I have no problem with the out of the body, spiritual warefare. Spiritual warefare im very involved with.

    It is the cursed Angel thing that bothers me. If you could, can you have him explain it more.

    Channeling is a term used in the New Age Groups. I know God works in some very strange ways. I know of people who were once in the New Age. And while there did spiritual warfare against the darkness. They knew thier loyalty was with God. These people are now Christians, but i havent seen them for a while.
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  9. Please forgive my intrusion here, but...
    Spiritual what fare? And we need to ask a woman to ask a man to see if we can work it out?

    @Daughter of God ,

    Please consider what I have written to you about passing this man on to your husband to communicate with. Please do not ask this man any such thing. By all means pass the question on to your husband and let him ask but please keep your distance.

    I would not normally interrupt like this but I do feel very strongly about this matter and what you have been sharing here.
    I am sure that 'Bill' is only wanting to help in his own way.

    Bless you ....><>
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  10. That is fine, i will not persue. Peace Always, bill
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  11. Bro Bear. What do you mean by saying " And we need to ask a woman to ask a man to see if we can work it out"

    Are you more concerned at who is doing the asking versus answering her question? If you do not have knowledge of out of the body type experience, then dont be preprejudiced to me. It is a scriptural experience that even Paul experienced.

    I dont question your authority here, but i am asking you to allow me to give aid. I have experience.
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  13. Okay @Daughter of God

    This is my advice as a fellow sister in the Lord, wife and mother......Stay away.

    You are happily married with a husband and 3 children.

    When you were chatting with this man you said you experienced red warning flags.

    Yet you befriended him on FB and later you initiated messaging him to talk about how in your own words "people had commented on my "aura" or "light" being very bright before"
    Sounds almost flirty.

    Considering all your interest in this man.....where is your husband at, what does he think?

    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    Galatians 6:7
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  14. My oldest son is a great kid, yo. No doubt. I love him more than I love life, as I do all of my children. He can quote Scripture at the drop of a hat. Sometimes I think he's memorized the entire Bible. He's that quick with it. The thing is is he's also been diagnosed psychotic, a paranoid schizophrenic, multiple personality disorder, and other stuff which seems to allude me at the moment. He has moments where he expresses depressed delusions, as well as moments where he shows scholarly brilliance. Trippy. The medications appear to help, but they mostly help me as his dad. He's lethargic, gains weight, mumbles, etc. but at least I know he's not going to take off hitchhiking to Florida or wherever, which he does every time he stops taking his medications. For a time he appears like a clear-minded individual. He goes around spreading Christ's love. He offers proper verse in different situations to different people. He's very charismatic. Very persuasive. People are drawn to him immediately. Then he does something borderline illegal, gets arrested, and sent back here, usually ending up in a mental health facility. Me? I'm a defender and protector. Especially of my children. Probably over-protective. Scratch that. Definitely over-protective. Here's the thing; as his dad, I feel better knowing that he is safer in a facility. At least I know where he is, that he's eating, that he's safe. Selfish? Of course. I don't believe he suffers from all of the things he's been diagnosed with. In a lucid moment of clarity one time, early on, he told me he has demons in his head talking to him, and I believe him. The devil is a tricky enemy. He comes at us in a bottle, a syringe, in the form of money, whatever weakness he can use. Even one's own mind. I've had him live with me on numerous occasions, hoping to be able to help him, but I also have younger children at home, and as my older boy's actions became increasingly more unstable, I realized that I am to protect my children at any cost, even if it means protecting them from one of my other children. Sometimes we pray, and then we instantly want to help because it seems like the right thing to do, and sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we are unable to help, so we pray. I've learned that in certain situations, all I can do is pray. Even when it's my own child. This all leads to your post, Child of God. You appear to be drawn to this person that you came across, and not in a healthy way. I think the way you write about him, maybe some of the wording, I'm not sure, but if a person willingly states that he has a demon inside of him, and I'm not sure why there would be any difference between a cursed angel and a fallen angel other than to try and justify why it's okay (If you have an angry demon and a juggling demon, they're both still demons) but once a person says they have a demon in them, that person should probably be avoided, if for no other reason than they could become a threat, in any form, to your family. There are a lot of people, many of whom have committed heinous acts, who are convinced they are doing what the Lord wants, and there are many others who listen to those people, believe them, maybe even want to help them, and end up in a bad situation. I will pray for your friend now. My advice would be for you to do the same, and nothing else. Is it possible that God would give you the ability to cast out a demon? Of course. But do we already know that the Lord can do it? Absolutely. Sometimes I have to remind myself to let God be God, and me be me. Peace
  15. For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil. Romans 16:19
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  16. Bill said: I knowof people who were once in the New Age. And while there did spiritual warfare against the darkness. They knew thier loyalty was with God.

    TRADTIONSofMEN replys: this doesnt make sense, they were not in new age and Jesus at the same time....
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  17. Bill said: I have no problem with the out of the body, spiritualwarefare. Spiritual warefare im very involved with

    TRADITIONSofMEN replys: maybe I do not recall correctly but are the verses showing say paul in battle of spiritual warfare that you speak of? This you speak of is more of that new age stuff.... with people like bob larson that are way way way out there I got to ask, how do you view mr larson and how he battles spirits?
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  18. Very well said..... red flags should of been enough but the devil loves to pique your interest..... and if you take the bait.... he has more
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  19. I guess you have to ask yourself how many red flags does it take to get to the tootsie pop center..... so how many flags does God need to send you through all that you know is wrong because of the word you know that is right?
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  20. I think you know your answer to this person and is why your asking us.... you know hes wrong but your piqued.... and thats the battle for you..... run while theres time.... i think you know you should run but have to look back one more time..... i would think since Gods against this relationship (imo) that you are walking out alone futher and further from God and this guy has the devil helping him.... even though God is giving you flags your still gonna see how many untill it may be too late... dont mean to be harsh but I know you already know the answer to him before asking..... thoughts lead to actions
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