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  1. Chad

    audio Your Worth to GOD

    I listened to this sermon today. It's another great and beautiful message from Derek about God's undeserved, unconditional love for each and every one of us. Listen to this and please share with others on your social media feeds. Let’s listen today as Derek continues to bring to light...
  2. Chad

    audio The Command to be Perfect

    While being “perfect” may sound like an impossible task, today Derek has made that goal seem not only possible, but also attainable. God has given us definite steps to attain that goal, not something vague or imprecise, but rather clear and practical steps we can take to reach the goal He has...
  3. Chad

    video When All Hope Is Gone

    Hope is a word of optimism, and it defines what we are living for. In this sermon, Dr. Stanley reads through a Biblical story of hopelessness and how Jesus can change our perspective of what has no hope to something more than we could ever imagine. There is no such thing as beyond repair for...
  4. Chad

    video The Stages of Our Faith

    Throughout Scripture, it is evident that God honors #faith. Our wholehearted belief in the Lord is important because when we truly place our trust in Him, the Savior is glorified. Our Father wants us always to have confidence that He will fulfill His promises.
  5. Chad

    video ‘God Never Said That’: Pastor Fact-Checks Supposed ‘Words of Wisdom’ Embraced by Many Christians

    Pastor Craig Groeschel of LifeChurch.tv is tackling popular “words of wisdom” that pop culture and some Christians regularly tout, but that he believes God never actually said in his new “God Never Said That” sermon series. Some of these statements, which Groeschel believes can mislead people...
  6. Chad

    video Christ is All You Need

    Christ is our impeccable High Priest and the sinless mediator between God and man. We can boldly approach Him, confident that He is sufficient for all our needs. Hebrews 4:14-16
  7. Chad

    You’ve Got to Keep Your Head Up

    Hillsong NYC, Sunday 18th January 2015 Pastor Carl Lentz Title: You’ve Got to Keep Your Head Up (Shortened Transcript) Go quickly to Galatians chapter six. What God put on my heart, it’s a once-off beginning of the year setting your course right message. The context of Galatians is Paul...
  8. Chad

    audio God Wants Us to Pray & Get What We Pray For

    Amazing sermon by Derek Prince. Only 25 minutes long. Trust me when I say, worth the listen! This message is one that could well revolutionize your prayer life! Listen and discover that God’s ability to answer our prayers goes exceeding, abundantly beyond all that we ask or think. It begins by...
  9. Chad

    audio Living a Life of Success

    Living a Life of Success Are you a spiritual underachiever? Dr. David Jeremiah examines the danger of putting a limit on God's power in your life, and settling for less than His best for you. Join David as he shares the story of Caleb, who achieved what no one else in his generation could...
  10. Chad

    video Taking Control of Our Thoughts

    The Bible is full of truth about the importance of controlling our minds. In this sermon, Dr. Stanley shares Biblical truth found in Colossians 3 about how our tendencies to think as unbelievers change when we become believers. Christ gives us renewed thoughts and the Bible to guide us towards...
  11. Chad

    audio Protection for the Soul (Psalm 91)

    Sermon by: Jeffrey E. Miller 15. Protection for the Soul (Psalm 91) | Bible.org Psalms: Nourishment for the Soul The author of Psalm 91 seemed to draw from personal experience when he described the reality of daily dangers. But more importantly, he knew the God who offered him protection and...
  12. Chad

    audio Process of Pruning & Results of Bearing Fruit

    Great sermon by Derek Prince.
  13. Chad

    audio Resistance to Commitment

    Jonah is the perfect example of a man that knew what God was calling him to do, and yet, in spite of that, resisted God’s call. We often do that, too, don’t we? There are certain things we have no problem handing over to Christ but when it comes to that one thing, we can’t let go. In this...
  14. Chad

    audio Healing our Hurts

    Personal Note: I admire Charles Stanley. I've been listening to his daily sermon podcasts for 4 years now and he has always spoken the truth, in love, no condemning preaching and covered every topic including end times, prophecy, etc. He's head on in his preaching without a doubt. Below is an...
  15. Chad

    audio Understanding God's Blueprint

    Sermon by: David Jeremiah @ Turning Point Radio Broadcast Description: There is no greater satisfaction than knowing the unique plan God has for you, and living your life according to it. Dr. David Jeremiah explores that truth as it unfolds in the lives of Joseph and his family. What can...