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  1. Christ4Ever

    Do You Remember What's His Name?

    Enjoy and praise His name!!! The below link leads to an audio sermon that is worth listening to...all the way to the end of it. Then you will hear the rest of the story. Do not think that God cannot use you, and how you are used is amazing to the Glory of God Himself!!! Alleluia!!! Do You...
  2. Christ4Ever

    Bridging the Gap with Pastor Lloyd Pulley - Moral Justice (Part 2)

    I believe this is the 2nd part/continuation of Moral Justice (Part 1), which I hope you gained from listening to, as I hope you will from this as well. Relevant to the days we live in, as Scripture always is. With the Love of Christ Jesus. YBIC Nick \o/ <><...
  3. Christ4Ever

    Bridging the Gap with Pastor Lloyd Pulley - Moral Justice (Part 1)

    I hope you will gain, grow, and if true to you, be convicted to change by this Sermon. Relevant to the days we live in, as Scripture always is. With the Love of Christ Jesus. YBIC Nick \o/ <>< https://www.bridgegap.org/store/player/mp3player.aspx?showid=32372
  4. Chad

    video Your Personal Convictions

    What does it take to live a life of purpose? Of uncommon courage? What does it take to stand your ground in the face of criticism and rejection? The answer is conviction, being utterly convinced of the truth of God’s Word. Learn the power of having convictions and the role they play in our...
  5. Chad

    video Do You Really Have A Relationship With God?

    Most Christians have grown up in church. They know what to say. They talk about their time with God, but it is little more than Church. They do not have a prayer closet. They are not spending time alone in prayer. They do not seek after the will of God. How about you?
  6. Chad

    audio First Steps to Healing

    Today Derek lays out practical steps in dealing with your tongue. Be honest with God and call your problem by its rightful name: it is sin. Confess it and receive forgiveness and cleansing. From then on refuse sin, say “No” to it, and yield your tongue to God. Derek Prince Ministries - US -...
  7. Chad

    audio Are You Angry?

    Are you an angry person? Your first response may be no, but many people struggle with this emotion and don't realize it. Find out if you do in 'Are You Angry?' Sermon by Charles Stanley
  8. Chad

    Needing Strength

    But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. Isaiah 40:31 Recommended Reading: Isaiah 40:27-31 The church in Philadelphia was doing its best to take advantage of the open door God provided for its ministries. They were keeping His Word and not denying His Name. They had kept the...
  9. Chad

    audio Confidence in the Midst of Distress

    Charles Stanley Sermon Stress is a pressure we feel that can lead to a place of deep anxiety, or distress. So how do we cope with stress? We are to 'cease striving' and know that God is in control. Walking With Greater Confidence Hebrews 11:1-31 It’s the Lord’s desire that we walk by...
  10. Chad

    video When We Cry Out to God

    What does God say about how we should respond when we are facing times of difficulty? In times of great turmoil and desperation, it is the privilege and responsibility of men and women of God to cry out to Him in prayer. Yesterday morning, Dr. Stanley explained what it really means to cry out to...
  11. Chad

    audio Getting God’s Viewpoint

    When you're faced with a crucial decision and you want to do God's best, what do you do? When you're rejected and criticized by someone you love dearly, how do you respond? When you suffer a terrible disappointment or a great loss, how do you react? The key to responding to every situation in a...
  12. Chad

    audio Renewal or Relapse: Charles Stanley

    Why is it that some people who have been converted, either for a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years, turn right back to living in sin like they were when they were lost? In Renewal or Relapse, Dr. Stanley explains some key principles to help believers be on guard against falling back...
  13. Chad

    audio Finding the Will of God

    When you make a decision, how do you know you are choosing to do the right thing? In this message, Dr. Stanley explains why we have trouble discerning God’s will and how sin affects our ability to walk in the path He has chosen for us. He also encourages us to discover the Lord’s will through...
  14. Chad

    audio Limitless Opportunities

    How often have we prayed and prayed without seeing results? As Derek Prince pointed out, adding thanksgiving to our prayers can bring the answers we need. Certainly we have much to be grateful for in this nation. We do have limitless opportunities! By Derek Prince.
  15. Chad

    video I Am the True Vine

    Great encouraging sermon by Francis Chan
  16. Chad

    audio Good, But Not Good Enough

    God loves you and has provided the very best for your life. The problem is that many will look at what God has provided and decide they don't want it. In "Good, But Not Good Enough," Dr. Stanley examines the life of a rich, young ruler to unveil some key reasons that people will meet God unprepared.
  17. Chad

    video How Deep the Father's Love For Us

    SUMMARY We read in 2 Tim 3 that in the last days will be people in the church who are lovers of self, and this misplaced love will lead to all kinds of sin. Today, this love of self is more apparent than ever. Well, we could use our own reasoning to fight this problem, but Jesus himself prayed...
  18. Chad

    video Unlimiting God

  19. Chad

    video The Mark of the Beast

    David Jeremiah 2015 | "The Mark of the Beast" | Turning Point 2015
  20. Chad

    audio Hearing God's Voice Produces Faith

    Did you know there are three distinctive features of hearing God’s voice. And, did you know hearing God’s voice produces faith? Listen as Derek Prince explains.