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audio Process of Pruning & Results of Bearing Fruit

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Great sermon by Derek Prince.

Are you being punished, corrected or pruned? Today’s broadcast holds an interesting revelation and one that’s little understood by many Christians. In this rich teaching, Derek cleared up a lot of misconceptions about the issue of “pruning” and the wonderful rewards associated with that process.
What a timely post Chad!

LOL, I just finish crying for almost one and half hour as early as I hear Ptr. Prince’ three sentences. John 15:1&2 has been a very personal message of the Lord to me before going to work overseas around October 2012, and only this time I did get the full understanding of it. I keep asking the Lord, is the process God finish yet? LOL. That illustration of the tree, is what I actually see within my being seems lifeless, yet the fact that I still breath each time I am awaken every morning, having strength in my bones and my body, have to refuse the testimony of my senses, and keep ln living out my best everyday! It is really hard. Haha

It is true, the pruning process is very painful and confusing also, lol why? Because sometimes if not most of the time darkness and shadows come to cast doubts and fear wanting to paralyze your walk with God in love, in hope, in faith. Yet, God‘s Word is always true, It is because of His great love I was not consume, for His compassions they never fail, His mercies are new every morning, great is His faithfUllness.

Thanks for sharing. I got great enlightenment to what I have (am) going through.

Blessings !!
I really enjoyed this message and it's confirming and putting into context a lot of what I've been going through over the last 5 years.

I like the TheWidowsOffering sometimes wonder when this pruning process will end or if it will ever end. Steadily, I've seen God answer my prayers, I've come to develop a closer relationship with Jesus, I've humbled myself and come to realise than I am sinner, I have developed such a dependency on Him. Without God, I would be such an emotional mess but he has been the source of my strength to continue on this earth.

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