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video When We Cry Out to God

Staff Member
What does God say about how we should respond when we are facing times of difficulty? In times of great turmoil and desperation, it is the privilege and responsibility of men and women of God to cry out to Him in prayer. Yesterday morning, Dr. Stanley explained what it really means to cry out to God, taught how to cry out to God (8min), and led the entire congregation in a time of crying out to God for breakthrough in our nation (12min). The election tomorrow reminds us that our nation is at a crossroad. Will we turn our eyes back to the Lord in repentance and ask for His supernatural powerful to be displayed?

Staff Member
How loud would our voices have been crying out to the Lord had we been in that sanctuary!!!
Praising Him holding on to His promises and asking as Daniel did. Not due to our own righteous but His great mercy!
Even now we need to redouble our efforts in crying out to God Almighty !!! For the enemy is and will remain faithful to bringing this country down. We can not be passive as if the battle is over. The battle has just begun for the hearts and minds of the faithful in Christ Jesus!! Praying that the counselors be covered and guided in the precepts of our Holy Father!! In the name of Jesus Christ I pray and Cry out. Amen Amen Amen.