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  1. BrahminBeliever

    Hello from India!

    grew up believing everything i saw on TV. time travel, parallel universes, space aliens, wormholes and vampires. while older, i really was prepared to give up those dear, long-held beliefs of mine as i think most children are, but "scientists" and "historians" convinced me not to. they told me...
  2. Kirby D. P.

    Genesis 1:25

    Hello. Friendly atheist here. Something really funny just occurred to me and I think I’d like some of your thoughts about it. First, let me just say how confounded I am by the rejection of conventional science by many American Christians (evolution by natural selection, ages of 4 and 13.8...
  3. NYQueens977

    Evolution Discussion

    What are you guy's thoughts on Evolution?
  4. Victor Van Heerden

    What does the future hold for Intelligent Design/Creationism and The Discovery Institute and those who reject the ToE?

    Despite the fact that most people on the planet who willingly identify as Christians accept the Theory of Evolution the Discovery Institute does not and promotes the pseudoscientific intelligent design movement and one of its promotion campaign strategies to influence public opinion was the...
  5. T

    Today we are with you in paradise, thanks be to ya Lord God/Jesus

    How tough it is for us mere humans, stuck on this pebble we call earth and limited solely to observation by our physical senses, to perceive how what we see and hear as paradise. In understanding of what is written and by God's provision we can. Are we not crucified with Christ and seated with...