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Today we are with you in paradise, thanks be to ya Lord God/Jesus

How tough it is for us mere humans, stuck on this pebble we call earth and limited solely to observation by our physical senses, to perceive how what we see and hear as paradise. In understanding of what is written and by God's provision we can. Are we not crucified with Christ and seated with Him in the heavenlies? If we are, is this not paradise? Humans speak of macro physical evolution, though there is no evidence for it here on earth, but the only evolving that we can avail ourselves of is the evolving available for our understanding, which is provided solely through our study of Bible in fellowship with the One: God/Jesus of whom the Bible is about. As is written, be transformed by the renewing of our mind or by the understanding which God may provide us as we read and seek Him in order to understand rather than thinking that we do. As i see or know few that know peace i must conclude few understand but as my senses have been broadened for observation of the spiritual i know peace and rest from learning that i and all of humanity are in Your hands Lord God/Jesus, thanks. Were humanity not given what is written and if the being that is written of were not available and active for all humans i might have to sweat for the humans dying everyday but peace says God's got us and none will be lost of those given Him. Thanks for Your provision of understanding that we may rest in peace here and hereafter, good friend and brother Lord God/Jesus.

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