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Evolution Discussion

Well, this is my thought. We can say that more than a thought is a conviction and believe.
I personally know that God created every thing, but even if someone could proof evolution ( even if there are not outstanding proofs for it ), it wouldn't shake my faith. If you ask me, I personally don't care much how exactly everything happened. I just know that God is real and more than definitely He was involved, He is the absolute owner and a creator or everything. Look, there are two opinions. One of them exclude God in the creation, it doesn't give glory to Him and the other one believes that He was there, that everything came from Him. I personally only by looking at the nature, at the creation, can not exclude Him. There is such a harmony in the creation itself, such a system that works perfectly together, that you can see that there is a mind behind it. It wasn't a coincidence or an explosion or accident. Today we us humans create machines and they do certain things in order, because we are the mind behind it. We purposely put the parts together and they work. And we are created in the same image of God and that's why we also have a creativity in us. But how much more God, who created such complexed things that we find in the nature.
Even if someone proofs that creatures and nature develop, that can adapt, then who gave it such an intelligence, such understand to develop exactly in this way. It is not just an instinct that the animals and creatures are having and even there is an instinct, it is placed there by God with a purpose for the animal to survive.
There are many theories about how everything happened, how it came out, which time and about evolution. But none of them is having a real solid proof. There are tracks being found here and there, but nothing so solid. At the end we see that those people who stand behind those theories also need some kind of faith to believe that. It is better to place our faith in God. And as the word says that for Him a day is like thousands years and thousand years as a day, it means that He doesn't look at time as we do. 2 Peter 3:8 Meaning that what for us looks just as a day, for Him could be hundred, thousand or why not even more years. That's why probably just for a day He could create so many things. And it is a probability, that it happened just for a day ( literally 24 hours ), because He is God almighty and such a short time for Him is a lot more. This is some of my thoughts about the topic, but the most important ( what I'm fully convinced of ) is that He was involved, that He is the owner of all.

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