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Why contraception is a deadly sin?

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Alvaro Zapata said:
If one is saved by faith alone, why is the bible so long? Why isnt there just one page that says, Faith alone.
Why don't you ask GOD mister?

No, why don't you ask your catholic saints who you think put the bible together?
Hey alcrylierseeyalatta . The only thing I got out of sunday mass was a good workout ! Stand up , sit down ,stand up , kneel down , stand up , kneel down . say hello , now stand up , now sit down , now kneel down , now stand up , peace be with you , and also with you !
If your going to Argue the contraception issue on one of God wants us to be Fruitful and multiply why does the Catholic church allow less effective methods of contrception to be used ([edited]Rhythm Method / Calendar)? There is clearly no moral difference between [edited Rhythm Method} and using a condom. Both have the same motives of preventing conception, both require forthough and will power to do. Also, artifical means of birthcontrol are never condemed Biblically, only the ([edited] Rhythm Method) is ever mentioned, and Onan was killed right after. (Gen 38). So I think if your going to try to justify your man made dogma, your going to need to argue it on different grounds.

Just Some thought.

An Aside.

Who do you think put it together?
The Roman Catholic Church put together the first offical Cannon, Prodistents Changed the cannon when the Jews Rejected the Hebrew Bible the Catholic Church still uses (Septuigent) as Heresey. Jews and Prodistents use the Jamia (sp) now. Hence all those strange books you guys have that no one wants to talk about...

If one is saved by faith alone, why is the bible so long? Why isnt there just one page that says, Faith alone.
Uh, it says it in many places. Luke 7:50, Eph 2:8, the Bible is so long because it is offering proof of what you should have faith in.

30Therefore many other signs Jesus also performed in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book;

31but these have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name.
--John 20
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Hi there, I ma Davie. Just looking over this conversation, a Christian brother of mine, who came from a Catholic upbringing. Provided me with information and insight into the Jerusalem bible and the other books, this brother in Christ pointed out to me that these books are generally concerned with Jewish history, i.e. Jewish history books, and the funny thing is even the Jews dont recognise these books.

My brother in Christ then pointed out that as a Catholic the Catholic community were never allowed to (sorry) encouraged to read the word for themselves. Therfore if you just get spoon fed "scripture" presented by a person with a self-righteous point of view or purpose, then that congregation will never enter into it's fullness in Christ, because people are being indocrinated by people within Catholic leadership who are just the same as the Pharisees.

The point is this if you believe when Jesus said "It is Finished" that means it is finished you (including myself) cannot help Jesus accomplish His mission it is done, Jesus finished the issued of separation from God the Father. What makes you think you can earn your salvation by going to 1st hell or a 2nd hell. Alvaro Zapata, you are in bondage, Jesus has already set you free, your bndage is your thin line of Catholic doctrine that you seem to have laid hold of, well do you know what, Jesus will truely set your free, Just really really ask Him from your heart, not your mind.

As Christians, not matter what denmiation or background we must take all the of the Word not just certain obscure pages. Perhaps you find it hard to surrender your will to His will, your heart for Jesus heart. You will find life and freedom in Christ AZ. It is not about works, nobody can earn a place in heaven, Jesus saved us by grace.

Look at your life with God just now, God in the old testement was at the top of the ladder, remember Jacobs ladder, the vision. Well in the new convenant where salvation has come in Jesus, what did God do?

God put on skin, and set aside His deity He didnt give it up Jesus new how to live as a spirit filled man (still God in fullness). God came down that ladder to us, to you to me. Because we cant get to God He's come to us, in Jesus. God basically said to a hurting world "stay where you are i'll come and et you". And you know what THANK YOU JESUS. Stop trying to get up that ladder to God, because He aint at the top of the ladder of works your climbing, He has come to you down that ladder made Himself humble and served us by taking away all sin, including your and mine AZ.

Notice that as you try to please God: prayer for the sick you take one step up that ladder of works, you give to charity pehaps-another step up the ladder of works, oh but then perhaps you see something-oh it's your neighbours wife-and down you fall back to the bottom of that ladder, to start all over again, trying to get and falling down, getting up and falling down. Jesus has finished it, your sin is gone in fullness, just really ask God to show you this, and do you know what AZ then yand only then you will make God smile, because from what i have read, you are in bondage and you want others to be in the same bondage as you, God wants His people free.

So please surrender to Jesus will not your will,or what you want God's will to be for you. Jesus loves you, and I love you, because in me Jesus brings increase to my weakness, boast about the risen Christ, and ask Him to fellowship in you through the Holy Spirit. God Bless you, sorry if i have offended anyone, that really and truely is not my intention.
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