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Why contraception is a deadly sin?

We are created in God’s divine image (Gen. 1:27) and our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit (1Cor.6:19-20). Therefore, all actions of our bodies must conform to God’s design. God’s design for us is to use our bodies according to what they are created for. In other words, use each organ for what it is created for. Therefore, if our bodies do what is unnatural it goes against God’s design. We have many physiological functions; such as: respiratory, cardiovascular, and nutritive. However, there is only one function in which two human beings of opposite sex are needed. This function is reproductive function. By nature therefore, this function can take place only between a man and woman. Any other way would be aberrant or a perversion. Similarly, to engage in this physiology, and eliminate the very purpose of the physiology by contraceptive methods would be aberrant or a perversion. It is like eating food only for fun, without wanting its nutritive benefits. The Roman did this by inserting devices in the back of their throats in order to stimulate vomiting mechanism. They would vomit the food and then continue eating.
When we go against the very physiological purpose, we are going against the creator of the physiology, which is God. In addition, contraceptive methods are directly against life and some of them kill embryos by preventing their implantation on the uterine wall. Contraception is therefore, anti-life and therefore against God. Furthermore, it makes conjugal union sterile or devoid of any life-giving element. It therefore, degrades conjugal union in marriage from a sacrificial and holy act, to an act of selfish desire; and makes the couple look at each other as objects of pleasure, rather than temples of the Holy Spirit. It is therefore, no surprise that in the scriptures a contraceptive act was considered deadly in the eyes of God (Gen.38:8-10).
From the very beginning God commanded us to be fruitful and multiply (Gen 1:28, 9:1, 7; 35:11). God exalts His people by blessing them with children (1 Chron. 25:5). Children, therefore, are God’s blessing (Psalm 127:3-5) and child bearing is a saving grace to women through which she may be saved (1 Tim. 2:15). In addition, Paul tells us that the love between a husband and wife must be similar to Christ’s love for His Church (Eph. 5:25), which is total, selfless and sacrificial. Married couples are therefore, called to give themselves completely to the other and be open to receiving children in a spirit of love, sacrifice and selflessness.
Thus, all acts of impurity; thought word or deed are grave sins

Defense of Catholic doctrine

In regard to the presented question concerning the Church’s position on AIDS (in Africa),
It must be said, that regardless of the place in question, such an instance is quite unfortunate.
and the Church’s concern undoubtedly reaches out to those affected.

However, it is not so much AIDS that is the main point in this question, but rather; what is the Church’s position regarding the use of contraception to stop the spread of AIDS, or contraception for the sake of contraception? The latter instance being answered should suffice to resolve its position regarding the first.

The Church has taught consistently from the beginning that the use of contraceptives is a grave
evil and that its use can never be justified, for it is in direct opposition to natural law which
is inseparable from the eternal law which is one with the very nature of God Himself.
Man, in accordance with his reason must act according to his nature in fulfilling the end for
which he was created. Man must not be dominated by his passions but must act according
to reason which must overrule his lower appetites, and Catholics must conform their conscience,
by reason of being divinely instituted, to the mind of the Church. “He who rejects you rejects Me,
and he who rejects Me, rejects the One who sent me.” And so it is, if we do not adhere to
Christ’s Church, we cannot adhere to Christ Himself, for they are inseperable.

Even with the intent to protect oneself from a disease, one cannot commit an act that is
intrinsically evil. The principle of double effect has no ground on the issue of contraceptives
under any circumstance whatsoever, for it is in direct opposition to the very nature of the
marital act. It is thus, a matter of grave sin for one to make use of the marital act, while rejecting
the very purpose for which it was created which is procreation.

In light of this does the moral issue stand firm and immutable. It is therefore also a matter of grave
sin for any to use the sexual faculties outside of the bonds of marriage; This would include, by the
very nature of marriage, homosexuality, for it is in direct opposition to the primary purpose of the
marital act. This would also include even within marriage, acts contrary to the primary purpose.
For those who do not marry, must live in accordance with the laws of The Church which are the
Laws of God, by practicing purity and maintaining a life of chastity, for, as said, only in the bonds
of marriage Is a couple free to act in accordance with the married state. And since marriage by
its very nature can only be between a man and a woman, The Church, by divine authority, has
always infallibly condemned the idea of (homosexual marriage). For exact explanations on this
matter, see Catechism of the Catholic Church, or go to www.catholic.com for writings of Fathers
of the Church, or go to www.tfp.org for a article on

The Church's Infallible and Immutable Doctrine on Contraception Stands Amid Growing Opposition - March 4, 2005

JMJ A.Zapata
This foolishness . Religouse doctrine is just that . RELIGOUSE , MANMADE RULES . Maybe we should all wear fig leaves too . The marriage bed is undefiled before God . Maybe we should all walk , and not drive cars while we are at it . Who the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed ! We care nothing about religouse doctrine ! Denominations are based on what we don't believe , instead of what we do believe . Denominational separation starts , where people disagree with the word . At our church , we don't believe in this , or we don't believe in that ! Even if the word says so ! Jesus told the religous leaders that their doctrines cause the word of God to have no power ! Lets talk about Jesus Christ , and his saving grace , and not about doctrinal rules !
Brother Mike
Well put jesuslovesyou ! The bible tells us that Jesus said , do not call any man Father except the Father in heaven . But my man alvarosbanna , calls the pope holy father ! Even though the bible [ Jesus ] said do not do that ! And my man alfonsobaretta , calls the priest father ! Even though the bible [ Jesus ] said do not do it ! Talkjesus ! Not talkcatholic doctrine ! Nobody cares albanjoparrannah . LOVE BROTHER
Our Lord even used the word father, talking about Abraham.

What about teacher.
What did you call your teacher? Educator?
Our Lord means that no one should supercede Gods Fatherhood, for the pharisees were pointing to themselves and not to God.
Follow Jesus Christ , and you will be juuussssstttttt fine ! No doctrines here . Just Jesus ! What do you think ? Good eehh ?
Alvaro , Nobody is going to fight with you ! Do you need info on a catholic site ?
You wouldnt have a bible if it wasnt for the Catholic Church.

Who do you think put it together?

You can avois the question all you want, or you can seriously look into it and see that it is indeed true. or you can make up an answer and pretend you did a great thing.
I dont see in the bible where it says thank the catholic church for it. See I think that the bible says to thank GOD for everything!
Staff Member
Alvaro Zapata said:
You wouldnt have a bible if it wasnt for the Catholic Church.

Who do you think put it together?

You can avois the question all you want, or you can seriously look into it and see that it is indeed true. or you can make up an answer and pretend you did a great thing.

Who put it together? You must be kidding right? Tell me its Catholic so I can laugh at you, very very hard. I'm due for a laugh.

GOD is the inspirer through the Holy Spirit, by HIS chosen ones. Not Catholics.

I don't like how you come here all catholic this and catholic that. Take your nonsense elsewhere. This is a non denominational site about JESUS Christ not about catholicism.