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Weight lifting

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Undergrounder, May 7, 2006.

  1. So sorry to hear about your shoulder injury. Icing might help, anti inflams, and rest are all good. Metal music with Christian lyrics huh? I am so scared of music at present, I play nothing when I work out.
    But I might be losing my mind. I am on a carb rotation diet at present to lower body fat without losing the muscle. He he. If I don't lose my mind first!
    All the best Ja.
  2. This is an awesome topic! I love Jesus with all my heart, and have had some of the similar issues with pride taking over as some of the posters have claimed! I have stopped weightlifting many times, because it felt like I was displeasing God with it! Trying to get people to focus on my outside appearance, instead of having my heart fully right with God! I've gotten rid of two benches so far, but every time I get rid of it I always end up getting another one! I have had problems with obesity almost my whole life, and it wasn't till recently that Jesus reminded me that the doctor told me I would be a diabetic by the end of it all, and probably have heart problems at a young age! This has put a fire in my heart to continue lifting, and seek opportunity to glorify God with it! God has put this desire in our hearts, so ask God how you can use it to glorify him! I definitely don't have all the answers yet, but I do know that the devil will try everything he can to destroy you, and take away the things that God give you! I have had many occasions where he has used people close to me to put me down making rude comments about my weight, and also just random people I barely speak to! This is a trick that I have found that the enemy uses to discourage and stop me from lifting! Pray for me to stay humble, and not to be conceited and glory in my own strength! I know that God has this gift in us for a reason! He always brings me back to it!
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  3. I've been focusing way more in the last year, on physical fitness. I started out just walking but got into weight-training, and freestyle dancing. The strength training is most important to me. I love walking still, and dancing is a lot of fun, but toning/building muscle has helped me so much.

    I am 63 and started having a few of those "aches & pains". Being in a sedentary job for many years, and coming home, flopping down in another chair, wasn't doing anything but helping my body deteriorate. I've been healed of an injured, rotater cuff, and I have way less arthritic type pain. I feel I only get that when I am too inactive.

    Aging is inevitable but I know that God never meant us to sit around, or at least that is what I believe. Not that we don't sometimes have to do sedentary jobs:) I live near many, other seniors, and I do hope to encourage them by my actions, to become, or stay active.

    I don't do any free-weights, just machines, and I especially like the body-weight exercises I do at home. Those are mostly squat, lunges, pushups. I'm glad to see so many active people here.
  4. Weightlifting/Body building here! I'm 46 and lost 106lbs. so far. I have been lifting almost everyday (sorry Chad) except Sundays,(when my mother in law cooks some really good and fattening food). I don't look at myself in the mirror all the time so therefore; I don't believe vanity plays anything into what I am doing. I look at myself as Gods temple to be presented clean.
    I've had knee surgery, three children, need back surgery and right shoulder surgery. I'm old so what can I say? In my opinion you won't stop attending church because a shingle is loose or missing. Gods temple needs to be kept up. Docs don't know everything however they do know quite a bit more than me but I just keep pushing. As long as the pain is bearable or something that a little icy hot can take care of...........I'm good!. My doctors get mad but they don't understand why I do this. They want me to have surgery but I can't stay out for that long. God gave me a way to control my mind, body, and I listen to praise and worship (GO NEWSBOYS) while I am in the gym. I get taken care of heart body and soul.
  5. I dance and praise all over the gym! Brother there isn't anything at all wrong with working out as long as it doesn't become about you. A lot of vanity goes on and that actually gets my goose. I can't stand to watch people constantly looking at themselves. God loves being glorified and every chance I get I share with someone. If people walk behind me while im on the stairmaster they get to SEE what I am doing and usually I have me pad out (I'm old and can't wear my glasses in the gym) but they see TD Jakes! Keep God your focus and he will work it out for you
  6. I gotta say I'm all about high weight low reps. That's how I get my gains. My hubby does a lot more than me (of course) but we have done a lot of research to narrow down what exactly we want our outcome to be
  7. I'm into lifting as well.

    You are benching 100? How much do you weigh?
  8. I am into weightlifting also. I believe that all of our actions(except sinful ones) can be offered up to the glorification of God. I also offer it up for the souls in purgatory, for the salvation of mankind and to appease the pain that is within the sacred heart of Jesus.
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  9. @Simon Hall
    Offering it up to Purgatory is an empty use of what could be used to the Glory of God.
    A subject better left to another topical thread as well.
    Just letting you know.
    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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