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Weight lifting

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Undergrounder, May 7, 2006.

  1. I've been weight lifting for over a year now, and I'm far from stopping!
    In the past year I've got from struggling to bench 40 pounds to now benching 100!
    I thank God He's given me the strength to learn about how my body works and then how to apply that knowledge to be able to get stronger!

    Do we have any other weight lifters here?

    ~ Jack
  2. Right here brother, been working out / weightlifting for 8 years now. I love it and thank GOD for my strength, good health. It was only early last year that I learned to apply my faith in Jesus Christ into my workouts, and it worked like a charm.

    Can't wait for the morning work out as well ;)
  3. That's awesome, brother. My doctor suggested that I start taking up more physical activity to help cope with an illness and weight lifting was the solution God pointed me to, it's done wonders for me!
    I'd love to know how you incorporate your faith into your work out!
    And I can't wait for my morning workouts either!
    ~ Jack
  4. Mark 11:22-23

    22And Jesus answered them, "Have faith in God. 23Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, 'Be taken up and thrown into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him.

    Matthew 19:26

    26But Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

    Next time you walk in the gym, don't compare yourself to others. Look up to GOD, welcome Him into your
    workout routines and say "it is finished" prior to starting your workout. In other words, your faith in Him
    will seal your goal's accomplishments (post workout). Hence, "it is finished". Done deal.

    When I walk in the gym, I look at the weights and look at myself in the mirror. I tell myself, I can do it
    and then, done. Of course, I am not going to think unrealistically, but I *will* push the envelope and
    exercise my faith in my physical exercises as well.
  5. Wow, that's perfect, I'm going to start doing that when I work out! Thank you for sharing that That's what I call a real 'exercise' of faith! (Yeah, that was a terrible joke )
    I've actually been looking for something to make my exercise become less 'me' oriented and more God oriented, so bless you, brother.

    ~ Jack
  6. I just started working out. I have some pretty big muscles but not a whole lot of strength in them so I'm going to start pumping some iron. I'll let GOD in with me and hopefully it will give me more will power.

    Peace and unity in Christ!
  7. Ive been lifting for about 3 year now and was just wondering if you brothers and sisters have any pointers.I just want to be sure I dont let training become an idol and make sure not to become full of pride.I feel like Im being selfish not spending the time I lift doing other things like witnessing,etc.I also know I dont want to fall into the trap of good works where I lose sight of the Cross.
  8. As you said, as long as it does not become an idol to you there is nothing wrong with caring for our bodies. It is no different than jogging, eating right, etc. It requires discipline and care for ourselves. Through excericse you relieve negative stress and enhance your mind's focus, bodies energy is restored and enhanced. This would in affect help you witness better (be more energetic, alive and healthy appearing to the listeners).
  9. Ok I thought I was over but Im really unsure if lifting is good for me.Physically of course it is.Now I dont know if I am being paranoid or if the Spirit is convicting me but something just doesnt feel right.I workout usually 5 days a week for 1-1.5 hour a day.Wouldnt take near as long but I train at home and have to constantly load/deload bars on top of rest periods.

    Anyway can someone make some examples of someone bein vain,arrogant and proud?I cant really say I do it just to be healthy.I could stand to lose a few pounds but that could be remedied with diet alone.I know I used to daydream every once in awhile about having a record breaking lift,etc.Kinda smells like a lust of the flesh or living for the world

    .But in the same instance stuff like love of money,posessions,owning a big house,etc have completely dried up. I know I spend more time lifting than reading the Bible,which is straight up wrong.Sometimes I think to myself, why I waste time with it when I know everything in this world is just temporary?I dont purposely spend more time lifting than reading,but then again nobody is twisting my arm either.

    Aside from that I cant really say Im glorifying God lifting,dont feel like I am anyway.How do we glorify God in everything we do?Is wanting to be strong,look good sinfull period or is there a point it becomes sin?I can honestly say I spend more time thinking about God than anything else but I am always wary to self justification.

    How can we tell we are being convicted of something we should/shouldnt do?Like I drank a 2 of beer the other day and even though I didnt feel a buzz I also didnt like that slight little interference it had on my mind when I was finished.

    Aside from getting drunken and playing video games,which came to a screeching halt,praise the Lord,lifting is the only thing I have left hobby wise.If it is Gods Will for me to stop then His Will Be Done.I just dont know how to glorify everything I do for Him.Anyway brothers and sisters dont be afraid of stepping on my toes on this and thanks for all the help.God Bless
  10. I have been lifting weights since I was 17, I'm 26 now. Time flies. Anyway, I spend about 1-2 hours a day, 6-7 days a week. Yes, even Sundays regardless if it bothers you Sunday churchgoers. I love it, enjoy it and feel great when I work out. Its healthy for the body and for the mind. Scientifically it is known to relieve stress and guess what? You don't need science to prove it. Run, jog, walk, lift weights, cardio, etc. You do it, you witness for your self the good physical, mental feeling and relieving of unhealthy stress.

    As long as you don't do it to idolize yourself (prideful sense), you are fine. In regards to spending more time lifting weights than reading the bible, well how many people read the bible for 1-2 hours a day? I read a few chapters a night, occasionally more or less. Does this make GOD angry? I cannot imagine. The first thing you need to make sure is that you do not put anything ahead of GOD. Time spent on something is not proof / evidence that you put something ahead of GOD. That's an unrealistic expection. Examples? Typical 8 hour work day, family time, personal time for yourself. Exercising is very healthy and GOD's gift. Like I said (and many will say too, those who exercise daily), it is a way to gain physical and mental health benefits. Those two together make you feel better and that can uplift your spirit. Put you in a better mood, better relationship, better attitude.

    There is a Christian health book called "Makers Diet". Read it. Blessing from GOD.

    Remember, as long as you don't put something above GOD, your ok. As long as you do not walk pridefully but instead you walk gratefully (good health), your ok. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and understanding and let it be.

    In the end, of course the most important excercise is spiritual. We do need to occasionally fast from the dialy routine and just make time with GOD one on one with nothing else in involved. Fasting is important and biblical. GOD does not expect you to spend 9 hours with Him just because you want it to be more than your 8 hour work day. God however does expect you and I to do everything for His glory and with joy. To do everything obediently, according to His will.
  11. Thanks for reply Chad.Most of the things that brought joy to me in my previous life were sin and I guess I associate anything I enjoy to sinfulness.Sometimes I catch myself lookning in the mirror seeing if I have any new cuts or better definition,which makes me feel like Im being conceited,vain and pridefull,and if it sounds like to any of you that are reading this that I am please reply,dont feel like your are judging me or anything like that,we all need some good Christian critiquing every now and then.
  12. I treat the body like a work of art. Its a challenge, its beautiful gift from GOD. It is meant to be a holy temple. I do believe there might be a fine line between looking in the mirror and being joyful of the hard work you've put into keeping yourself healthy and the other motive, wanting to look "sexy" to show off at the beach for example. I don't believe wanting to look good, attractive is a sin. I think that itself is vain thinking, but who are you trying to be attractive to? Sexually, should only be your spouse. Generally, we all want to look attractive. It makes us feel good. Why shouldn't it?

    I think its best to ask GOD to comfort and guide you. You obviously need comfort about your past so that you don't assume everything joyful is sinful. We must care for ourselves, why not be happy about doing so? We should enjoy caring for ourselves and having good confidence, good self esteem.
  13. I have my own gym in my basement so I work out there alot. I dont normally go to gyms because they cost so much money and I probably wouldnt use my membership enough. Having a gym in the basement is the way to go..Its a good hobby to have.
  14. Kinda want to revive this thread and trade thoughts and ideas on lifting.High rep vs low rep,useful supplements,dietary ideas,etc.I am currently doing Max-OT.Its a high intensity low volume approach.Usually work out 2 body parts a day,total of 6-9 sets per muscle,in a 4-6 rep range.If I cant get at least 4 reps on every set its too heavy,and if I can get more than 6 its time to up the weight.

    Usually take a week off every 8-10 weeks for recuperation.Any of you other lifters out there Im always curious to see others methods of training,dietary guideline,etc.
  15. Currently this is what I do (this is probably too much for newbies, but I've been weightlifting for 7 years)...

    3 Sets per workout type
    4-5 sets per body part
    6-8 reps per set
    6 days per week
    body part workout 1-2 per week
    1 day rest
    6 hours rest a day average

    I'm trying to push for cardio (running specifically) half mile each time I workout. So far, only 1 time a week I do this.
  16. Looks like a real good plan,especially if you are going to hit bodyparts twice a week.I usually only get 4 days a week hence the higher amount of sets I do to pretty much cook the desired bodypart.

    Im not much on cardio,dont really like it but no time even if I did.I hit everything except calves and abs.I know a good core is important for big lifts like squats so I might add some ab work in eventually.

  17. Defenitely!

    I love lifting/running

    In fact Im about to graduate with a degree in Kinesiology!
  18. 4 times a week

    I lift at least 3 times a week , most of time 4.
  19. #19 Runninggirl, Apr 23, 2007
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2008
    Yes it's so on.

    I have been lifting for 10 years now. And loving it.
    I love the whole eating clean, working hard and the asethetic aspect of it. I always like to give people the verse 1 Cor 6:19.
    That looking after your temple verse and "Let your moderation be known unto all men." That is the key.... if we want to go overboard on something , let's make it the Lord. Moderate those baser things. And packaging is important to the world, so maybe i can be a better testimony by staying healthy and buff. But keepin it covered(modest).
    All the best you BBs!
  20. Yeah man, I weight-lift but my doc made me stop for 2 weeks b/c my ac joint in my shoulder got injured somehow. Just be careful don't push your self to hard. Just a pointer- listen to Christian metal during your workout, it will give you an adrenaline rush with a positive message. Try WAR OF AGES.

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