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Unless you repent

Discussion in 'Bible Chat' started by B-A-C, Nov 29, 2017.

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  1. Greetings Dave M,

    may I be so bold as to suggest that the love your neighbour as thyself can be seen in the light of the passage being examined here in this thread?
    God is no respecter of people, and we are likewise taught by Jesus and the Apostles that we should not judge others, especially putting ourselves into some greater or more blessed position of favour with God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. If we think or believe for a minute that our sins are forgiven, that we have hope, that Jesus is our Saviour, our salvation (as His name means); if we might appeal to His mercy and grace, if we might have any confidence in His promise to us, then we must also have similar love for others, in that He is the same Lord and Saviour to all.

    I think it not too presumptuous to suggest that most, if not all, highly desire such for themselves from the mercy and grace of God in Christ Jesus His Son, which, when push comes to shove, equates to me, you and everyone having a real interest, a very keen love for myself, yourself, themselves.
    I DON'T WANT TO PERISH!!! I am quite sure you don't want to perish either! Why? Could it be love? For who? For ourselves. No one else (when it comes to our own salvation at the hands of the Judge.
    If I can be forgiven, what of the next bloke? There is no difference and if we were honest about ourselves, the next bloke probably deserves (if it were possible) forgiveness more than us, but in God's eyes, all have sinned.... all.
    SO, to love your neighbour as yourself....

    do you see what I am saying?

    And, yes. We are to love one another with a pure heart. Sometimes we can get a bit messy with that. I thank God for His Mercy, His Grace, His Promise, found in His Son alone, and never never never in my merit or lack of it. I know I need His Mercy and Grace and I want it. How about you?

    The minute we consider another to deserve to go to hell (more properly put, to perish) we are rejecting the forgiveness granted to us. We become unjust stewards. We don't want that. Why?

    Simply put, we love ourselves.... we care very very much about our eternal condition, though often not enough to put away things that might keep us from shipwreck.

    Of course, there be some who declare they only want to please the Lord, but I say that that position is only possible AFTER repentance and forgiveness and renewal, after adoption, and never before.

    Another way to say all the above is that we are not to consider anyone unworthy or less worthy of the Grace and love of God and His forgiveness than ourselves. Some people dramatically change and the Apostle Paul is a very good example of that. If any would doubt or deny our worth, well, God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whosover believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting, eternal life and if we consider the worth of the Blood of His Son to the Father... that begins to show us how much we are worth. Such is grace. Can I add to it?

    Grace and Peace to you as much as I want it for my self,

    Bless you ....><>
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  2. This is disturbing why would every single one of us fail in this commandment everyday?

    Jesus commandment is not grievous. Don't you want to live. Do we hate ourselves? I dont want my neighbour to perish. We do good to others even if they dont appreciate it, even if they arent believers...cos God loved us even while we were yet sinners.

    Maybe you dont feel like loving your neighbour but you wouldnt treat them horribly would you. God can help us in the areas where we fall short.
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  3. Amen!!!

    Now I can't say I'm perfect by any means... but I would certainly say I don't break this commandments "every" day.
    At the risk of "bragging". I contribute to the food bank, I visit people in jail, I visit old people in retirement homes.
    I (sometimes, with discernment) give to beggars and panhandlers on the street corner. I donate to the Union Gospel missions.
    I donate to feed the hungry. I'm sure there's hundreds (thousands? millions?) of people I miss everyday. Does that mean
    I'm not keeping the commandment?

    I think the problem with "oh we all sin all the time anyway, what difference does it make" is you take on the attitude that sin
    doesn't really matter much to God. He forgives you, so why worry about it.

    (I'm not saying this to Lanolin, just some Christians in general). It seems to me (and it is born out on this thread even)
    Those who say... "we all sin everyday anyway" are those who take a casual approach to in.

    Those who say "I'm not perfect, but I still sin sometimes" seem to take a more serious view of sin. Yes, both people are forgiven,
    but some make a more conscious choice to avoid sin as much as possible.

    To me, this is the biggest problem with OSAS.... "eh... we all sin everyday anyway.. so what difference does it make? I'm
    saved anyway". To tell the truth that's what I read in some of these posts.

    For those who say "we sin many times everyday anyway..." I ask where is your testimony?
    Some of us don't sin that often.
  4. Well brother, even if you're not speaking for others, you're speaking for me. Sometimes it's the little things that determine our neighbourliness and I'll admit I'm not as good with ''you shall love your neighbour as yourself" as I should be. And I don't think the fact I absolutely hated myself for as long as I did during my intensely chronically depressed days will be justification in the Lord's eyes.

    My husband is the closest ''neighbour'' I have, and when I'm impatient with him or snap at him, I'm not loving him according to Mark 12:31. Which means I'm not loving God according to Mark 12:30 because if I was, I'd be obeying Mark 12:31!

    When I go in the house to avoid the neighbour across the road, I'm not being very loving. If I was, I could at least smile and say ''hi.''

    When I make sure I have plans to be out of the house when my husband's ex comes by (even though she doesn't come by very often), I'm not being very loving. If I was, I'd be more willing to suck it up and be in her company, regardless of what's happened between us in the past.

    When I, um, complain that someone cut me off in traffic when the lane they were in ended, I'm not being very loving. If I was, I'd just let them in ahead of me and do my part to try to keep traffic moving smoothly.

    I think the people in these few random examples qualify as my neighbours in the Lord's sight and I know I don't always love them as I ought.
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  5. I am trying to think of a single significant moment in the past week that was not somehow tainted by sin....

    Haven't come up with anything yet.

    As a believer, what's most important for me are questions of attitude - how grieved by my weaknesses, failings and faults am I? How aware of God's graciousness and mercy every minute of every day?

    So I surrender my best efforts and most shameful faults to God.
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  6. Greetings Dave M,

    Please forgive me if i appeared to be personally singling you out and putting the hard line questioning on you!
    I most certainly was not.

    I got carried away and excited by what I was writing as it came out and obviously forgot to remember that you might not know my way of writing. I often press peoples buttons unintentionally and again I ask your forgiveness for not communicating my reply in a way that you would understand my intent towards you was in love and in order to share what I see/saw was a beautiful insight, spurred on by reading your post, which is a blessing to me.

    Sorry Dave.

    Bless you .....><>

    P.S. if anyone else got the idea that i was being harsh or wronging Dave M in what and how I wrote, PLEASE tell me. I don't ever want to offend my brothers or sisters but... I do.
    I know what i was trying to say, but my ability to say/write it is in need of improvement if i am to communicate the things I want to, for the blessing of all. Please excuse me if i tone down my postings for a season. Probably best that i stick to moderating and let everyone enjoy fellowship without me putting a spanner in the works!!!
    (I am probably pretty useless offline, too)
    Grace and Peace in Jesus Christ the Lord to you all ....><>
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  7. I think we still learning and not perfect yet but the important thing is we have the right attitude and ask God to help us when we don't feel like loving. For example, I live with my mum and its often hard cos she's not a believer, yet I will still make the effort to be kind to her - even though times are when its just so difficult but I haven't run must be God's grace am still here.
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  8. Just to encourage, it's actually easier to be loving than it is to be hateful. If you keep at it, God can show you His way and keep practising it. There will be times when to be truly loving, you have to say no and stand your ground though.

    And also, sometimes the one God wants you to have compassion on is the ones God shows you, its not always EVERYONE who needs compassion. Some will throw it back at your face. Shake the dust off your feet and move on. Even God doesn't have mercy on every single person all the time - He chooses. But the more you show mercy the more God can work through you.
  9. Hi , I believe Jesus Christ as Saviour gives repentance to some Acts 5:31

    31 Him hath God exalted with his right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, for to give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins.

    Acts 11:18

    18 When they heard these things, they held their peace, and glorified God, saying, Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto life.

    This repentance doesn't come naturally to men, its a Salvation Gift ! God should be Glorified for it !
  10. Does God give "half-hearted" or "partially effective" gifts?

    Because there are certainly "Christians" who "sort of" or half-heartedly" repent. They repent today
    and sin again tomorrow. Is that God's fault? Have you ever sinned since you became a Christian?
    Is that God's fault?
  11. Maybe they need to stir up the gift as..sometimes the gift needs to be hands on (literally). You cannot operate a gift if you dont really know how to use it.

    Eg a friend of mine her son has a healing gift but he wont use it. She knows he has it cos when he prayed fervently people got healed, but hes been laying this gift aside and pursuing the world instead. He needs stirring up and to stop being so complacent about something God has placed within him.
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  12. bac

    I dont understand the question. Would you like to discuss the scriptures I provided that shows that God gives repentance ?
  13. Absolutely! We should be growing closer to God. As John the Baptist put it:

    "He must increase, but I must decrease." John 3:30

    As we move along toward God, the new man in us is growing stronger and the old man in us is growing weaker. This is the way it should be happening for as long as we have time. When this is not happening, as I see it, it is because we quenching the Spirit too often instead eating more of His flesh and drinking more of His blood.

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