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Under attack

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Staff member
Pardon me for saying this but your ex sounds like a complete fool. To have the audacity to walk out on your own family hits rock bottom there. No man should pull such a stupid stunt like that. There are no excuses for such a uncalled for crime

I will pray for you sister. Don't worry about nothint. There is something you have that he doesn't. Its called dignity and godliness. GOD loves you (and him too) but will grant you the favor for being a righteous woman and respectful mother who did not walk out on her child.

God bless you
New Member

Thanks for asking Sapphire.

Last Tuesday my attorney and I went to court on an exparte hearing. We tried to work out something between us but we could not come to an agreement. My soon to be ex wanted one week with him and one week me and while he has our son for me to leave our home so that he can stay in it. My attorney said absolutely not. We ended up having to let the judge decide. I got physical custody and he gets every other week from Thursday until Sunday. This truly concerns me. This is the first week Christopher has to go and I've been trying to get him excited about visiting his dad but he seems traumatized by the whole ordeal. He insists he does not want to stay with daddy. I had a hard time dropping him off last Thursday for a 4 hour visit. He's scared. I'm hoping his father will see that, and work with me so that we can gain his trust again. He needs to be convinced that that daddy will not keep him from seeing mommy. In his declaration,his father made alot of false accusations against me. He claims I'm mentally unstable and that I sleep with our son in underwear only. I wondered what he was going to come up since I don't have any vices. I've never done drugs, don't drink, don't smoke, don't party etc. I'm scheduled for mediation this week. I'm hoping we can come to an agreement. Meanwhile he continues to liquidate assets and pay what he wants while he leaves bills in my name unpaid or pays them late. Please keep my son in prayer. He needs peace in his little heart. Please pray that his father's heart is touched and that he not force him to stay if that's not what he wants. I don't want to keep my son from his father I merely want to slowly get him used to spending time with him. Prior to him taking our son, Christopher looked forward to visits with him and he was almost ready for an overnight, now it's hard just getting him to visit him for a few hours. Again, thanks for your continual prayers.
New Member
I will keep praying. Your situation sounds an awful lot like a friend of mine. Her daughter is 3 & the visitation she has with her father has the same pattern of frequency you described. She had a hard time at first also & really still dreads it (mom does...daughter is slowly doing better), but we cover that baby in prayer each time she goes. We pray a hedge of protection around her & the Blood of Jesus over her & that nothing other than what is of God be allowed in her presence. Let's agree to that same prayer with your son, ok?

Your lawyer stood up for you - that's good. That was a ridiculous idea of you leaving your home on his weekend...I'm glad that was nixed quickly.

I'm curious how he can leave bills in your name - there is surely a way for that to be stopped since he is your ex-husband.

As far as him saying things to question your character (ie...only sleeping in your underwear with your son present), ask him how on earth he would know unless he is stalking you & spying on you.

Things can surely get ugly sometimes, but God can & will hold you in the palm of His Hand during all this. I'm praying He will be your strength during all this & give you the words to say each time you have to deal with your ex-husband.

Keep in touch....we care.
New Member
Matthew 23:9

Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven.


A true "dad" does not use his child to manipulate and torture the child's mom.

This is pure evil, born of pride and selfishness.


Romans 12:19

Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, "VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY," says the Lord.


In time all things are made even >>> By THE LORD GOD HIMSELF

Dave :'(
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New Member
dear sister,
You and your son and your ex are in my prayers. Please stay in the Lord He will not let you down. He knows your pain and hurt and wants you to talk to Him always! :love: your sister in Christ~ Bobbie
New Member
heart breaking

My son had to go with his Dad yesterday. It turned out to be everything I dreaded. My poor son screamed and tried to pull away from his dad. Meanwhile he's trying to talk to me about bills. He quickly went through the mail I gave him and than gave me a bill (credit card) that he thinks is in my name only. He said he's not paying it until I release a hold on a joint stock account. I tried to tell him ok, don't pay it, your name is on the account also and your credit will also be ruined. He started tellin me he has no money. I told him you have income, I don't. At this point Christopher was really yanking and pulling. Even though we were keeping our voices down. I told him I think he senses the vibes lets stop talking. I kept trying to calm him down and tried to convince him he was going to have fun with daddy. He was so scared he cried and clung to me and begged to please not make him go. My heart just broke (what ever pieces were left). To hear my son so desperate and scared. I tried to walk him to the car and hug him, at this point his father was just trying to block him from me. I didn't resist much I figured Christopher is going through enough I just waived at him and told to not be scared. As soon as they left our son called me and kept crying to please pick him up. He cried like I've never heard him do so. He sobbed and screamed. I asked his dad how can he sit and watch his son be in so much torment. He obviously did not want to be with him. He kept saying "I don't want to stay with daddy, I don't like staying with daddy, I want to go with mommy. I like living with mommy". His dad told me to sign something saying he could have him other hours not covered on the order. I told him I considered his request blackmail. To hear our son in so much torment and still be thinking about himself is just unbelievable. Of course he said I was being proud and thinking about myself. Ok, I guess I could just go on and on. Please, please, please, keep my son in prayer. I keep pleading to God to please give his little heart and mind peace. To somehow comfort him and for him to know that mommy is not abandoning him.
New Member
Oh Hon...I pray God's peace for you & your precious son. I am praying the protective hedge around him also & that nothing be allowed in his presence other than what is of God.

Don't sign anything unless it's reviewed by your lawyer. You know, wouldn't it be great if these judges who order visitation had to be present when these children leave crying & begging not to have to go??

Oh, it makes me angry. But I will use that anger to keep lifting you up in prayer. God will REMAIN in control....your baby will be protected. Chances are...his father does all this mainly to upset you & he most likely calms down when it's just him & your son.
New Member
Thanks for the support

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to post updates. The ex is on a warpath. He froze my cell phone on Friday (again) and disconnected my sattle light dish,and canceled my email account. I believe he will soon disconnect my internet access. His cruelty even surprises me. I miss my son terribly. I haven't been able to talk to him since Thursday. I'm so looking forward to seeing him tomorrow. At times I feel there is nothing else he can do to scare me. Than the thought of losing my son and the mean spirited actions he is taking against me overwhelm me. I don't understand why he is so bent on hurting me. I'm not the one that did and continues to try to harm the other. He says that I do because I refuse to give up my right to be represented. I feel so tired and I find myself asking God for vengeance by His hand. My heart breaks everytime I think of my little son. I find myself wondering what damage this is causing to his little head,heart and emotions. Again. I'm not sure when I will be disconnected. My heart felt gratitude to those of you who kept me encouraged and in your prayers.
New Member
Anonymous2, even if you don't get to post for a while...remember this....you have FRIENDS who are regularly lifting you & your son up in prayer. Praise God for the opportunity you have had to bring this before other believers.

I will also be praying for your ex-husband's heart to soften that he may be convicted of God & that all his ugliness will be revealed to him & he will find it so repulsive it makes him sick to think of it. Every evil thing you see.....imagine God cleaning that up...then it will be the total opposite of what it has been. Praise God for hope, that He is the final authority.

I know it's hard to praise in the midst of pain, but it draws you nearer to God & gives you comfort. You need that strength to get thru this. God Himself will be your strength. Pray over your son before he leaves...lay hands on him & pray a hedge of protection around him & that the Blood of Jesus will cover him & every step he takes.
New Member
still Praying for you i will be i wish i could also say some form of somethgin to ease your thoughts and pains... i have not been in that position so i cannot offer Empathy or give out my adives... to serious. but your still beign Prayed for..

Love Simon!!!
New Member
pray for tired Mom

Just wanted to ask for prayer. I'm so tired. The ex is really attacking me. He canceled my atm card. Changed my address on several bill to his mistress po box. I'm sure the internet is next. I feel so attacked and weary. Please pray for me. I'm tired of crying. I would have thought my tears would have dried up by now. cry:
New Member
Me Again, desperate!

I am sorry to keep pleading for prayer. But......I'm so overwhelmed and feel so attacked. I keep running to people that will uplift me. The ex is being so cruel. He is even attacking my family members when they go drop off my son for a visit. I learned him and his sister recently issued a subpoena for my medical records. He is desperately trying to find something to make me look bad. I just want this attack to end. I'm pleading with God daily to please deliver me from this trial. I so desperately need peace. I just want to be left alone with my son and concentrate on what my calling is. I want to apprehend, what I've been apprended for. I don't understand why this trial has lasted so long. I'm pleading with God for mercy. Please help me to be strong. I also learned that he canceled my internet.......I don't understand why I'm still able to access it. Maybe it will be canceled in a few days. It was suppose to be canceled as of the the 22nd of July. I'm am so sorry my son has a father like him. I desperately need encouragement.
New Member
Anonymous2, I was checking this thread to see how you were & realized my last post was one of the one's that was lost the nite Chad had some type of glitch happen. I'm sorry I didn't notice it sooner. Lemme try to remember what I said.

First, I am still praying for you & your son. I also said that unless it is EXTREME circumstances, your medical records cannot be obtained without your permission. I'm questioning your source of information...is it your ex himself? He seems to be using scare tactics, knowing he can't really do half of what he threatens.

Remember that satan is the father of lies & he is pouring them onto you right now. Let's agree in prayer that nothing other than what is of God will be allowed into your presence or your son's presence. We'll continue to pray the Blood of Jesus to cover you both & that satan will be burned trying to cross it.

Please keep in touch if you still have internet access. We care for you very much.
Father---I cry out to you right now on Anonymous2 and her son's behalf. Please release her from this pain and give her complete custody of her child, in Jesus name, Amen.
New Member
I will be praying for you, your son, and your husband. I pray the Lord will give you guidence and strenghth in this difficult time. Remember that with God, everything is possible.:love:

your sis in Christ, Julie.:girl_hug:
New Member

the law is on your side sister use it ... and do what ever you are allowed by law to protect yourself and your son... Get yourself free for you sons sake. and yours . Procrastination will only bring pain and suffering ..

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