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Unanswered Prayers: The Most Common Reasons Why

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by hadirfuss, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I have been praying a lot and it doesn't seem answered, I may have to make sure I am doing the right thing.
  2. Thank u so much. I am feeling down and having a hard time and i really needed to read this. Its seems like it was written specifically for me.
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  3. I have been praying for so very long that my daughter find a godly man. Can you please pray with me?
  4. I was wondering how Jobe felt when he was in a bed of ashs because of the boils that covered his body...and his wife would tell him curse God and die..and his friends ..said you must have done somthing wrong ..God's mad at you ..but we know that wasn't the case..God was happy with Jobe and even more so after the Devil tested his resolve. .God allow it Iam sure Jobe wonder what was wrong why God didn't answer his prayers ..and that God had forgotten him ..but it wasn't the case at all. .the point is sometime we really don't know why God answers prayers..God has his reasons
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  5. Praying with you @Rose
  6. Praying with you.
  7. Thank you. I know God hears.
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  9. Hi I pray that God touch your daughter's heart and mind..that he would fill her with the holy spirit. .bined Satan power over her ..and give a new direction and have a desire to please the Lord in the name of Jesus. .find her a follow believer to fellowship with and grow in the Lord with I ask this in the name of Jesus christ amen
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  10. I think sometimes prayer is unanswered too because God isn't ready for us to have it - we must grow spiritually grow, mature and come to this point of harvest and I'm sorry to say no amount of prayer can force his hand. Mentioning His will is important, because being predestinated before the foundations of the earth indicated there was purpose for those chosen and elected by Christ. Therefore, the things He wants to do in our lives is not always the way we've envisioned, likewise vice-versa.
    It's interesting the mentionables (on the list) subjects the Christian at being the one to falter (which for the most part is true), but sometimes God may not answer pray because he has something better up his sleeve and bigger.
  11. Did I miss it? What about your confession? The words you speak will produce results or block those results...Can you discuss that? As an example of what I'm saying....We pray for someone who is ill...Someone asks "How is what's his name? We've been praying for him." And the answer comes.."Oh, hes getting worse." So we have one praying for healing for a person and another person speaking sickness on the person.....As with nature, a positive plus a negative equals......a negative.
  12. Agreed...I know people who have gotten the answer to their petitions twenty years later...I know a man who expects his answer and he's been waiting forty years...But he KNOWS its on it's way.

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