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Unanswered Prayers: The Most Common Reasons Why

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by hadirfuss, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Thank you so much, hadirfuss, for these words and verses. I have been going through a very rough break off of an engagement that has lasted within a month of two years. My very best friend, my love, showed me how selfish in our relationship I really had been and how I was not there for him when he really needed me. This caused so much strife and hurt us both. We were not living the way God would have us, and when our families found we were living together it was like a reminder that no matter what God blesses us with, if we don't treat it as a BLESSING and mistreat it we will be repremanded like any other child of God.
    I truly know that God spoke to my heart and showed me that this is the godly man He wants for my family and my future, but also that I mistreated him and disobeyed God. Now I have moved back home, and am waiting for God to heal my love's heart for the pain we have caused each other. God speaks to people's hearts in many ways, through people, through prayer, whispers to your heart, or even a random Christian internet site. I am so blessed to have found these words by hadirfuss. It was as if God was reminding me not to loose faith in His words whispered to my heart, even though my love is hurt and confused and wants to be alone right now.
    I will not loose faith. I have, without the knowing of my love, have begun the Love Dare, and will take this day by day, keeping my faith in Christ Jesus. Thank you hadirfuss, so much. You really are helping lost and confused souls with spirits willing but flesh that is weak trying to follow the walk with God. No matter how long it takes.
    Thank you eternally.
  2. Many from there Heart {spirit] Want to OVERCOME! but try from there flesh thinking and fail!
    Fasting causes us to live from our spirit! Then we SEE Victory!
    Takes some effort! I found three days water only!
    Not hard but few will give that effort?
  3. This information is very helpful. thank you very much. I will use this big time..

    God Bless
  4. j:

    It's good when prayer issues are informed and based on Bible content...
  5. Prayer

    It says in verse 8 that the Father knows the things you need before you ask Him. I have been asked to pray for individuals for there problems and I have a huge list of people. I also see people struggleing all in my family. How do I know how to pray when it will take me a long time to complete and God said he already knows but how will they become answered if you don't ask?

    6. Don’t know how to pray

    Luke 11:1 "...Lord, teach us to pray...”
    Some lack effectiveness in prayer simply because they don’t know what the scriptures teach about prayer. Jesus gave His disciples an outline for prayer in Matthew 6:9-13. Take the time to study it.

    Other passages teach that prayer is primarily to be a private, intimate time with the Lord (Matt. 6:6), to be intermingled with praise and thanksgiving (Acts 16:25, Phil. 4:6). Times of fasting with prayer are beneficial to strengthen our faith and power in prayer (Acts 14:23, 1 Cor. 7:5). Jesus often went to secluded places to spend prolonged periods in prayer (Luke 6:12, Matt. 4:2).

  6. Thanks alot for this message. It has helped me to increase my faith. I am feeling so good nw. I understood now y am i so unhappy in my life.
  7. Chad, I hope you don't mind me adding.

    Isa 56:2 I will bless those who always observe the Sabbath and do not misuse it. I will bless those who do nothing evil."
  8. WOW

    Hadirfus that is awesome. I know I'm new here but wow I havbeena christian since I was 20 I have to admit im not a bible basher, you have so much knowledge about the bible, it is an insperation to me, yeah I typo more than type lol.
    Okay its to early for me to be here lol. One more thing, thanks so much for talking to me and Kitt and treating us like humans.
    God bless the ppl of this chat, the mods & th owners in Jesus name amen.
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    1. Lack of Fellowship with God and His word

    I am having problems with not knowing how much time to spend with the Lord during the day. I have these small short prayers at night and that is about it. I thank him durning the day along with the nightly prayer but I feel like I am missing someting here. I should feel a little bit differeint if I am having fellowship with the Lord i would believe. I pray and ask for things and its not for me its for other family members but there are still stuck with the same problems. Am I doing something wrong. I learn to follow with what the bible says and follows his commands.

    Other than that I think that this word that you wrote is awesome and ty and God Bless you.
  10. My friend, the only thing you are missing is the understanding that God does not live by a clock...God lives in you...

    Gods greatest work with humanity lies in changing us...from the inside out...and thats what changes everything...dont despair if you dont see the changes...God is a wise master builder...He has foundations to build in our lives life ...and though He listens with the utmost attention to our prayers, He must not waver from His plans for us...God will build His house, only trust Him ♥


    Joh 7:37 Jesus stood up and cried out, "If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, 'Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.'"
  11. I need help in my walk with Jesus, I have been failing miserably, this kinda woke me up, for lack of a better term. I need fellowship, i need to be able to talk to other Christian people, I dont get out much, i am not really "social"
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    God has to give no reason at all and thats love ,yea?

    :helppc: that says it all , Ask anything of my father in heaven and he will give according to his riches . Then there must not be one nickel there for me why would I say that : Because this is reality not a dream or heaven and to HOPE for his blessing is all we can do, not pretend in whats not here . Yes with Jesus all things are possible but some of us it never turns out that way, and is it because we dont believe or not christian enough or have patience enough or trust him enough ? No I believe that their are those people God loves more and favors more than others the bible is filled with such cases when the lords favor is on someone more than others . Imagine, you had no Identity at all no name ,no family , no one at all ( in human form) and you truly see this world the way god himself does and you ask one single question : why am I here? you could not answer it and when told by people you need to ask, God and still, no answer (the next thing to be said by people is : be patient wait on the lord) and 49 yrs go by waiting for the lords answer. There does come a point when day light hits your eyes and tells you, there is no God ! Is one persons life supposed to take all of their life to have one prayer answered or our lives just for God to make sport of ? And who are you to speak for god and what he wants for someone else -you take on to much assuming you know his will for others . would you leave a loaded gun on a coffe table and just tell your child not to touch it ? Or out of love take it out of harms way, seems simple doesnt it but unless you take the action your child will remain in danger . And yet we are in a world of such danger even greater and I plead with my Father for his help and the answer is ( ) just like all of my life has been -nothing . I know something of life and death because it happen to me and no great answer or trip to heaven . So the only question I have ever had is WHY? I`m not even worth that answer . so see it from this side a person can go all through life with no reaching out from god So I ask him now ,is he real ? My life is the answer : No, he is not! And he chooses it that way
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    So many people wants to serve God on their conditions, and I tried it as well.... I said: "Lord if you do this for me then I will do that for you" How silly can I be? Firstly the Lord did EVERYTHING for me and He owes me NOTHING! But then... what can I do for Him? I mean He is perfect, and that means He NEEDS NOTHING FROM ME!
    With this knowledge I begin to understand, if I ever get ANYTHING from Him it is PURE GRACE AND MERCY from Him to me. Then I only start to see how GOOD GOD IS.
    He does not have to answer any prayers, He owes us NOTHING! But because He WANTS TO BLESS us, we can pray IN HIS NAME, and recieve. The trick is to ask it IN HIS NAME. Just saying the words...."Lord let there be peace in Jerusalem, in the Name of JEsus Christ, I ask this" Does not mean that at that moment there will be peace in Jerusalem. It is silly to ask for peace in Jerusalem without knowing why there is no peace in Jerusalem at the moment. Jesus said that HE will restore peace in Jerusalem the moment they say: Blessed is the One.... And we should know what it is to ASK IN HIS NAME... It is to Live in Hid Name... His NAme is holiness and perfection, and Completely in His will.
    So if Father called us, and we follow the LEAD of the Spirit to the place He wants us to be... IN HIM, then we are In His Name, and then He hears us and give us all YES on ALL we ask. Like He did with Jesus! This is God's way He wants us to worship Him....
    23But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. 24God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. To get to this stage is to obey the first Teachings of Jesus... REPENT AND BE BAPTISED.... Just do that!
    May the Lord have mercy and grace on me, and may His will be done in my life! May I also repent and be baptised, with His Water He talked about at the well with the H2O in John 4:13,14! That is His Water and His Baptism....
  14. That is though Our Spirit and the TRUTH we have!
    WE cannot trick GOD!

    Isa 46:10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

    He sees the end at the Beginning!
  15. Thank you B. Jakes for your reply The lord has shown me he has something Mighty in store for me and the enemy is trying to confuse me but NO LONGER for thou art with me and he is my shield and armor and his power will always prevail and to let go of pain and anger and roll forward and use the one voice he has given me for his absolute glory oh my bretheren he is with me in full confidence (and I truly know it now !!!!) all words to his glory and almighty power for his praise alone . I truly know where I stand in his eyes this day on a mountain high and I know the value of his sacrifice his love is filling me to over flowing and he will not for sake me ,EVER!
  16. Abba Father and the little lamb

    :wink: I love You my Lord And glory and much praise to his mighty name Jesus the christ the lamb of Abba Father who has taken away the sins of the world For Gods un-ending Love for us all and he does know me when I was dieing he would not let me leave just yet for he has a great task for me to perform for him . To tell you all that in 1981 onevoice was dieing in a tank of nitrogen gas and his great big hand held my spirit firm to the Earth and I watched as angel lifted my arm up so I could be pulled out of that tank just so I could say this all to you and all who read this message(I HAVE SEEN THE FACE OF GOD IN PERSON AND FOR TRUE AND ONE OF HIS ANGELS TOO, AND TO GIVE ALL THE GLORY ONE VOICE HAS TO MY LORD ,MY KING AND MY FRIEND JESUS MY ETERNAL AND FOREVER GOD OF GLORY AMEN AND AMEN ) holy ,holy ,holy ,holy ,holy ,holy There is none like thee my Father !
  17. I know the lord But new to blogs and threads etc.

    :wink: I`m sorry brothers and sisters but OneVoice7 is a novice when it comes to using this media and understanding postings, blogs, threads and anything else that comes along . OneVoice7 is from a different time when the telephone was the only way to -reach out and touch someone reach out and just say Hi . So if any kind hearted christians are of the mind to see my view and help me get with the program I would greatly appreciate . Because OneVoice7 would like to let you all see what a 49 yr old looks like by posting a picture or 2, blessing everyone and the Lords covering over you
  18. reminder in prayer

    thank you for the reminder that we do not know the big picture as does our LORD. I have prayed for things believing it was what I needed at the time. My prayers were not answered in the immediate action, nor was it exactly what I asked for...........but God knows what is best for us and in the end it was far better than what I would of dreamt of.................thanks again for the post
  19. Wow! This is exactly what I was praying for!! I knew most of them but there are a few I had not even thought of, thank you so much!
  20. Thank u very much for ur saying. It is really True. Be blessed. I have so many unanswered prayers. Now I understand.

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