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So Very Upset

Discussion in 'Parents & Couples' started by Arabhorselover, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. Oh, and look up the term gaslighting, it sounds like that is how he avoid you addressing the problems. My husband used to do this to me. It helped me to understand what was happening so I didn't fall into a neverending arguments and end up feeling horrible. Stand firm through Christ, you can do this!
  2. Thanks to everyone for writing, and for your suggestions. There is no way I am giving up on him. We truly love each other with a love that I know comes straight from God. There are issues from our past that we both bring to the marriage. We have VERY different personalities that make communication difficult. At this point I am very happy to say that even though he doesn't think it will make any difference, he has agreed to try counseling. This is a miracle.
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  3. Good morning ArabhorseLover. I'm so very glad to hear your good news and I sincerely wish you both the best. Jesus is known as the Prince of Peace. Seek his will for you. Also, Phil 4:8. God love you both, John.
  4. Thank you, John. Trying not to get my hopes up too high, but am feeling hope.
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