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Smelly smoke problem

Discussion in 'Counseling' started by Fragrant Grace, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Ps I live alone so I don't see my family my gran died of emphysema last year. You see I would say I am a slave to smoking this young lady maybe should think about what she is asking the wrath of addiction is not a good one I agree my attempt to quit lasted one day I will also admit I need gods help to help me get over my attraction and lust for female smokers perhaps if I was died I could relieve myself of the pain and be with jesusn
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  2. Please help me get over this constant feeling of lust dear lord It's never been the same since my ex leaft that's when my addiction to smoking really started to kick in and I fell in love with smoking I can see myself dead soon I smoke so much grace you are correct I put the grip it has on me above everything else the bible saved me from a dark period and that's what I should concentrate on more addiction is not a good thing and my bipolar and not leaving the house makes its worse please help me prey for me fragrant grace blessings
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  3. David
    praying for you to be released from the chains of bondage that restrain you in Jesus Name
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  4. Thank you brother people must relize I will carry on smoking it's the lust that bothers me more than anything I don't want that anymore I just want it to go away it is a. Terrible sin that I am chained to a bit like my addiction to smoking but worse it's been two year now and I can't get my ex out my head
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  5. @David holton

    The Lord is able to deliver you from all these struggles David.
    He loves you.

    His power and strength are far above any worldly addiction.
    Empty yor heart before Him in prayer
    He will not fail you.

    Blessings grace and peace
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  6. Thank you grace I am getting ready to prey I know I can't quit ciggies but the lust and temptation of girls needs to be forgotten my ex is in the paSt I need to let her go and all jezabelles like her and find a good Christian lady that would help me put the bible before smoking and all addiction I need the lords help to stop me falling for these chain smoking. Cursing lustful women if any one can help its Christ are lord
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  7. Smoking! The trickiest of all my demons, yo. Since I don't know the guy, I won't bother calling him out. Of course, even if I did know him, every addiction and everybody's personal struggle with it is different anyway, so instead, I'll call myself out.
    I've used the old "justification" technique, myself. I smoke, but at least I'm not a violent alcoholic anymore. I smoke, but at least I don't freebase cocaine anymore. I smoke, but at least I'm killing myself, not anyone else. I could never drink a couple 40oz's of malt liquor, slam a half-pint of tequila, smoke some cocaine and then go drive to my kids' athletic events. I can, however, smoke a cigarette and go. The list goes on and on.
    I'm also a realist. I know that, God willing, should I live to grow old, I will probably die from smoking. I mean, I could get hit by a bus this evening and die in a way that had nothing to do with smoking. Unless I dropped my cigarette and it started rolling and I chased it into the path of an oncoming bus, but still. Ha! But seriously, knowing the chances are high of me dying from smoking, and still not being able to quit? That's sad. It is also a testament to how powerful the addiction is. Someone telling me to "just stop" is like me telling someone who suffers from depression to "just be happy." I've never struggled with depression, so I cannot relate to what they're going through, but I believe it's real, and really hard. No doubt.
    We don't get mad and yell at people with cancer, which is a disease, but we do tend to do that with people suffering from addiction, which is also a disease. It may be one we don't accept, or agree with, or understand, but we should still treat it the same way. With compassion, love and prayer. You know how everybody knows who the drunk is, except for the drunk? In his or her mind, they're not even the one with a problem, everyone else is. I know. I was the drunk for many years. Alcohol led to drugs led to crimes led to prison. Funny how that works.
    Now? Now I have caffeine and nicotine as my last two vices. Am I any better than the drunk I see on my block every day bumming change, or all these kids I see smoking marijuana out in the open since it is now legal to do so? Nope. I'm just better than the me I used to be. Will people being mad at me, or saying I'm letting them down, make me quit smoking? No. Only Jesus Christ can break my chains, just as he broke all my other ones. The cliche is true;Jesus hates addiction, but loves the addict. Amen. So I will pray that the guy this post refers to will quit smoking, and I would ask that anyone who reads this reply would pray for me to quit smoking. Sometimes that's all we can do, but all the time it is the first thing we should do. Peace
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  8. Thank you so much for that very meaningful response @rhymarhyma
    And for sharing about yourself too.

    Praying for you brother
    And praising the Lord for all He has done for you.

    Blessings grace and peace
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  9. Thank yooouuuuu!!! God is good. So, so good. Peace
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  10. I get where you are you are from unlike you I don't have plans to quit my addiction to smoking just. Yet as I have more important problems. But I can't argue with you I am a very heavy smoker I also suffer from bipolar disorder a terrible form of depression I know one day my nicotine addiction will kill me as I am like a pack a day smoker but I do believe God can definitely help and make us happy
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  11. Wouldn't you be happy being delivered from both of those?
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  12. I would rather be delivers from depression first it's a terrible thing I spend. Most of my time in bed the other with a smoke in my mouth
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  13. I am ready to give up smoking but I don't know how to I think I shall prey first please help any advice would be good
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  14. You have already taken the first step, praying. Another good thing would be to get rid of ALL smokes in your house. Then understand that your cravings to smoke will literally hurt you inside. You will have to accept that hurt and know you will live through it. Your will with the powerful will of the HOLY SPIRIT can help you deal with the pain, and see you through it. Eventually the desires for smokes will fade but it will probably take weeks if not months, and the desire to smoke may not ever completely leave you. Yet the longer you go without, the more you will realize the addiction can be fought successfully. Be a good soldier of the Lord, and dont give up, the rewards will be a strength inside you that will take you through many trials life has.
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