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Programming the Bible (Feedback Requested)

Discussion in 'Water Cooler' started by Jesus_is_LORD, Dec 28, 2017.

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    Greetings WNL,

    You must have posted some of the above posts while i was typing mine because i missed them, which is probably a good thing. I might still be trying to respond fully. I will go back over them as i can.

    Regarding the video tag, can you somehow put two or three different formats up? Reason being that Safari (Apple), IE etc (Windows) and Opera need different formats. I know you can make the browser look and check using code but not sure if you can simply put two or three different formats up so they can choose the one that works?
    Unless it has been updated, for rxample
    H.264/MP4 for Safari and Internet Explorer
    WebM and Ogg/Theora for most others
    I don't know if it possible or not.

    How to Use HTML 5 Tags to Embed Videos for Dispay in Modern Browsers
    These include:

    • You have to encode your video in at least three different codecs
    • You have to include some JavaScript to ensure browsers that don't support HTML 5 will work
    • Your server has to be able to handle the bandwidth requirements of hosting videos
    This may be out dated?

    Something to put on your list.

    Bless you ....><>

    Have you read this?
    HTML video Tag

    Next EDIT: The FIRST, LAST and BACK buttons are much better now. I was reading and copy pasting and didn't even notice them and when I did, I was not distracted by them. Much better.

    Also, I don't think I have explained it properly so far, but with my Browser (Opera), the video, so far, is inert. There is no difference between it and a blank part of the page. No message, no anything. Some OS's and Browsers have some recognition but mine has zero response to the frame the video is in. Thought that might be of help? ....><>
  2. Greetings,

    Yes! Thank you LORD.

    You are doing really well to get all those things done so quickly. I'd still be scratching my head a few pages back! Please make sure you get enough rest. You have other commitments. You don't need to work overtime on anything I suggest. I am only doing as your OP asked and giving feedback. Please don't feel pressured. I have been enjoying the little I have been able to do and it has been a challenge at times to get even that done, but if it is for the glory of God in helping others then let us praise Him and praise Him again.
    So, please Brother, don't over load yourself on behalf of me. I know I keep adding things for your list but honestly I am not expecting you to jump to and do any of it in any time frame.
    Let's pray that others will be able to look through and offer any advice on any of it, especially the video part. I imagine you will find a solution before too long but I think i am right to say that the LORD enjoys it when we as a Body work together. That does not mean that anyone should feel compelled to help but I am only sharing my personal prayers that in this, the saying of, many hands make light of the work, might be realised. it is good fun and I also want readers to know that they are welcome to join in. A couple of other Browsers (users) would be handy to work with.
    I think you understand me? For me it is rewarding to know that i have been able to help a bit. Thank you for the opportunity!

    the Men's names alphabet is good. I did a search on Luke, Lucas and no results as yet. I might have missed something you mentioned regarding this. Not even a mention of results. (You probably haven't got that far yet)
    Women's names looks complete and works well. I didn't realise that there are no UVWXY Women's names in Scripture. See how your work has helped me learn something, Brother! And no WX&Y in Men's either.
    • You left out 'Q' in the result list of Women. So when you click on the Alphabetical 'Q" nothing happens. There are no names in Q but neither in F but F does go to F when clicked on. This one for your to-do list. The 'List' Button is a good idea.
    • When you click the 'List' Button, the word, Reference flashes on Men's search as do all the little black circles next to each name. An observation but probably nothing in it? Also, at the bottom of the Men's list there is a 'spare' red dot/circle which flashes all the other preceding black dots red when clicked on. I notice the Women's search doesn't have the black dots/circles.
    • In the Men's search list ABCDE results the red line next to the Letter is the same spacing as the Women's but in men's, from F onwards, the spacing is a lot further away from the results. See below:
    FG spaces.png
    DE spaces.png
    FG spaces.png

    All the other letters in the Alphabetical in Men's and Women's & Places go to the selected letter. It is only the Q in Women's.

    In the Men's list you have put the V results with the WXY results which are empty:

    V WXY selection.png
    • If you go to the Read section and click through all the Next Book entries, you will notice different 'reactions' especially with the FIRST, BACK and LAST Buttons. Most of them 're-load' (?) Some don't. A couple only 're-load' the LAST Button. One or two do only the LAST and BACK buttons. If you keep clicking the Next book Button/link on Revelation, the page re-loads each time. EDIT it could be a 'cookie' thing. Going over them again a couple of times the reloading stops being so noticeable but I think it is interesting that there were different Button 'relaods' on some pages. Try it and see.
    • I notice you don't have a Previous Chapter selection button/link. Only Next Chapter.
    • Most of the Books (results of Previous Book) the Previous Book Button/Link is in the same place under the mouse pointer. From Jonah back to Obadiah the difference is quite big and depending on where the mouse pointer is, I need to move the pointer to select the Previous Book Button/Link. No big deal but worth noting for whatever reason it only does that on that one 'move'.

    So there are a few more for your list, Brother.

    I'm giving my eyes a rest now,

    Bless you ....><>

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  3. Hello Brother,

    Yea I think I was updating some of the code while you were typing.
    Regarding some of the letters, when I pulled my research there ddn't any names listed under those letters. I fixed the Luke, Lucas search.

    Sometimes ideas just come and I get so excited. I'm telling you God has definitely been providing the energy because some of the
    things that i'm doing, would take teams of people to do this.

    I decided it would be cool to add audio. That might take a week or so but I've already added the first five books of the Bible.
    Take a listen. I think that feature will make the site such a blessing to many being able to hear the WORD.

    I also updated the home page check it out.
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  4. Yea, I enjoy doing the work. I'm also pacing myself. For now I'm going to take a break from the reference page.

    On the todo list now is finishing up the audio files, red letter New testament, and when it is all done update the intro video.

    Trying to get things wrapped up this coming next, next days as I have some other non programming projects coming up. It seems like the Lord sends me these different ideas and it helps me stay productive and keeps my mind from wandering and focusing on things I don't need to focus on. But I definitely know that balance is the key and one should never work too hard or allow that to take the time of real fellowship with God and spending time with those around you. Actually getting ready to go out to the company dinner get-together at the Olive Garden should be nice God bless.
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  5. Meant to say next 7 days not next days.
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  6. Actually my projections tell me it should be more like next two weeks to finish up the rest of the audio. One way I could have done the audio was there's a Google translate service but I have problems making the code work so what I do is I go to a text to speech website that's quoted on the homepage I paste the chapter information in there then I convert it then I saved the audio file and upload it to my server so I'm doing that individually for each chapter.
  7. #67 Br. Bear, Jan 6, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2018

    I was going to suggest audio but didn't want to overload you or your site. I had looked at a couple of sources for audio Bible and thought you could somehow download and add the audio files, somehow, to the chapter results with an option to listen while you read.
    For the same reason as you said, it would be and is good to listen to the Scripture.

    I wasn't sure how much adding audio might bog down the whole site and what sort of server strain it might place on you. One thing I appreciate is the speed everything loads but as Brad suggested, while it is not being used much it will be faster. Don't know all the ins and outs of that but it makes sense.

    • One thing comes to mind. If you can pause the audio if you pop over to another chapter of the Bible and then return. will it/can it resume from where you left off? Or will you have to re-start the audio from the beginning of that chapter? yes
    Same as if you had been listening and called it a night and went to bed, can you then go back (turn on the PC) and resume from where you left off - as in will the cookies etc hold your place? This might be a tall order and probably not feasible but I thought I'd ask anyway.

    • Can you adjust the speed the audio plays? Slow readers and fast readers may get frustrated if the speed is not the same pace as their reading speed.

    I haven't looked/listened yet but will do as soon as possible.
    EDIT: guess what? Same inert audio as with video! I'll use Firefox and see how that goes.

    Enjoy your dinner and keep the faith, Jesus is Lord.

    Bless you ....><>
  8. Greetings,


    • Works well in Firefox.
    • Not working in Opera
    • Safari (Apple) the audio plays but the Play 'button' has issues. The Play/Pause and Speaker buttons are grey, not white like in Firefox. There is no sliding progress bar button. Instead there is a ¾ circle with 30 in the middle of it. When clicked it takes you back 30 seconds. Also, no minutes seconds showing. Without the progress bar you can't go to a certain place or fast forward the track to a place you want to listen from.

    Everything else appears to be OK using Safari Browser. (I was able to access an Apple for short time - no sign of a windows set up yet but you might already be using one.) I'm glad to have been able to check the Safari features.
    Let me know if i need to re-borrow the Apple for changes.... unless anyone reading this has one and wants to get involved in this Bible reference project?

    Did you move the FIRST LAST & BACK buttons? They appear to be up against the edge of the open window. They were better in a bit. I use a left hand side bar in my workspace by choice (I can have it left, right, top or bottom but prefer it on the left). When I go to the FIRST LAST & BACK buttons if i overshoot a little it opens my sidebar which then doubles up the click-able features. Your buttons and my workspace buttons. Can you move them back in if you did move them? You don't have to do it for me but I'm thinking if anyone else uses a similar feature on their computer it would be annoying.
    The Sidebar I use pops out when I go to the left of the screen with my mouse pointer. I can use it and it automatically hides when I 'leave' but sometimes I have to manually hide it by going to it again. Handy feature! In it I put shortcuts to applications on my PC/computer and there are buttons to different workspaces that I use regularly and I use that sidebar a lot, so getting rid of it isn't an option. If you don't understand I can try to send a screenshot. Like I said, I can live with it but for audience usability it might be better if those buttons were in a bit from the side of the window/screen.

    Have you considered a notes feature for taking notes with? Either a pop up or a permanent feature if used or a button to take you to your notes/journal? You would have to be able to go back to where you were working or else have it on the same screen as your current one. Say you were reading and saw some passages that you wanted to copy/paste or to make a note about, having a note/journal feature would be useful. It could be either 'copy to' or 'copy/paste' or an option to 'save selected text to notes/journal' when text is selected. Sorry if this suggestion is too much. I don't mean to overload you or your already useful and well made site.

    Bless you ....><>
  9. Hey brother,

    I don't recall moving the buttons today. I made have adjusted them earlier.
    The dinner was a blast. It was great fellowship with co-workers to the glory of God. .

    I uploaded 3 different video formats to the home page when you get a moment take a look and see if any will play.
    How the code works it will play through each one and stop at the one that works. I have mp4, ogv, and avi file formats.

    Concerning the pause feature, if you use the Back arrow button that I added it will take you back to where
    it was paused. However if you use the next and previous chapter links it will not.

    I considered a note taking feature somewhat. Actually it was more like a comment section kinda people could add comments on the Bible
    verses in terms of interpretation. Kinda like a commentary section sourced by the users, but I decided against it.

    In light of time I probably won't add the note section. But it is very tempting, and I can see it having a lot of potential :nerd:.
    I kinda have the similar problem you do. When I start a project I want to make it near perfect and I keep getting great ideas :love:
    and I just want to add them all. After a while I had to slow myself down because if I don't I'll be working on them forever, :wink:.
    I'm loving the recent additions you've suggested I can tell you have some computer background.

    I normally don't work on Sunday so I won't be doing updates Sunday. I observe Sunday as my day of rest. Not legalistically
    but I've found it helpful to take a break as the Bible encourages use to recharge our batteries and take time to reflect
    on the blessings of God.

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  10. Okay now I remember, I think I did move the arrows on the left of the window. I think I remember someone commented and said that they were having problems viewing it on a mobile device such as a cell phone and the buttons were overlapping so I had moved them further to the left so it wouldn't overlap on their platform. So I did that to increase compatibility.
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  11. Greetings WNL,

    I'm glad it was good.

    YIPPEEEE!!! it works now, Well done brother. I knew you could do it.
    You'll have to do the same for the AUDIO now. Another for your 'To-Do list'.

    I understand. I figured you had probably already thought about it but added it in case you hadn't yet considered it. Most internet users have access to other native note taking features so using one that is working with the device one is using is not too much trouble, anyway. Adding it to your site would get more complicated and the simplicity can be lost so quickly, so it is probably a wise move on your part.

    yes, the compatibility is most important. I had been thinking about how your site was looking on a phone. I hadn't got around to looking.

    Yes, taking time is important and often we can discover that we have neglected that. Some people think the Sabbath was for legalistic purposes but I have always seen it a blessing for man, in order to do as you say, taking time to reflect on the blessings of God; to consider and praise The LORD. The bonus in doing so is that our batteries recharge too.
    It would probably do me good to have some time out as well.

    Grace and peace in Jesus Christ the Lord,

    Bless you ....><>
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  12. Hello again brother.

    I'm glad you can see the video. YEAAA :) :) :).

    So tell me now about the audio. Is it the same issue with the Opera browser?

  13. Greetings,

    Yes I think it may be.

    From HTML5 Test site
    HTML5test - How well does your browser support HTML5?
    (that page you might find useful)

    Results for my browser
    audio test.png

    I thought it was interesting that, despite the problems i am having - or the problems we are having regarding the video and audio, Opera actually outdoes all the other browsers. Chrome is there but according to the test site,as far as current versions go, Opera is top of the list.
    broeser scores.png

    You may have to do the same with the audio as you did with the video and put two or three there so each browser can choose the one that it can play?

    If you go here
    HTML5test - How well does your browser support HTML5? you can also see the different devices etc which gives a fairly good estimation of the compatibility of the files and formats to use.

    Bless you ....><>
  14. Thanks for doing that.

    I have 260 more chapters to convert with the audio, starting with having 1,189 chapters in the Bible to do.
    Almost done that part.

    I think the OGG files for audio will work on your browser.

    I know that there are reconvertors available but I have one that I used for a trial version NCH swtich Audio File Converter and
    I think I will buy it. It is under $30. The process would be to convert the 1,189 audio files over time and upload them to my server.
    The coding part is actually easy. The code is just getting one more line to the file but the conversion will be a sit and forget process
    that I will just have run in the background as my processor does the work.

    About to tackle these last 260 chapters for now to create the audio files.

    On a side note, you talked about the note system. I'm not sure if I will do it, but I was curious.
    What exactly did you have in mind and how would it work? Would users have to have some type of account
    so each time they logged on their notes would come up?

    Also if you could do a visual setup of how you might envision it I could take a look and if I feel inspired I might
    tackle that.

  15. Greetings brother @Jesus_is_LORD

    I am so. very pleased that your site is progressing and I love its simplicity and ease of usage.

    I am keen to keep looking and trying it out
    Perhaps all this technical stuff you could do by pm with Br. Bear and then post the finished examples for trying out ???

    That might inspire a greater interest from the community to look, comment and thank the Lord for what He is doing in your life. The technical stuff although essential for progress may be better on a one to one level.

    Blessings grace and peace
  16. Greetings, WNL,

    The audio is working. Listening to it now. Well done!

    Regarding the Note idea. I shall have a look in more detail. I think you may be right about not doing it. As discussed earlier, it is something anyone can do with the operating system they have, so adding it is not needed to what you have already put together.

    Thank you for putting all the time into making a useful and easy to use Bible Study and reading/listening site. May it be used and help others and be part of bringing glory to God.

    From what I see, it looks like it is all ready to go (once you have finished all the little bits that you are currently doing.
    I would like to ask reading to take a look around and give any feedback to you, Brother @Jesus_is_LORD
    For those interested in this please go here:
    Jesus Speaks

    I'd like to thank Chad @Chad for allowing us to work through and test things and for this site, TalkJesus where we as Christian brothers have been able to work together on this project. Thank you Chad.
    Maybe it could be used as part of TalkJesus? I don't know how or if that would be possible but from what I have seen of this site, I can recommend it to anyone.
    @Fragrant Grace , if possible I shall go through this thread and merge some posts to make it more compact, taking up fewer pages. I realise it is not everyone's cup of tea and that I have been interacting with Jesus_is_LORD throughout it and again, I invite and encourage anyone and everyone to give some feedback especially from their ability to use the features on the site and i am sure that our Brother would be happy to hear any suggestions and be happy for anyone who wants to help out in any way possible.

    I have enjoyed being able to work together with my Brother on this project of his Jesus Speaks and to be able to do so in this safe environment at TalkJesus. It is a refreshing change to be able to post happily away with no dynamics coming between posters and to be able to work together to try to do something that can bring honour to the LORD, especially as a Bible and Scripture based project. I thank our Lord for the blessing He provides and for the help He gives and for the wonder of His Word.

    Bless you ....><>
  17. Hallo everyone,

    may I encourage you to try Jesus Speaks ?

    It is a really easy to use site and has enough useful features, like being able to listen to the Scriptures and read them, search for words in Scripture and several reference sections that have some interesting Bible based information on them. I probably haven't covered it all but have a look and see how easy and pleasant it is to use. If you bookmark it and give it a few go's, you will discover it is a good Bible site, with no frills and ads at all. And QUICK.

    I have started using it for finding Scripture for copy pasting here. I also use it for my own personal study and listening to the word. It works well and I am glad that our Brother Jesus_is_Lord has made it.

    One of the things that I really like, too, is the name... Jesus Speaks

    Goes well with Talk Jesus.

    thanks for reading this,

    Bless you ....><>
  18. @Jesus_is_LORD


    I noticed that Acts 26 is all red letters.

    Thank you again for providing this Bible look-up and read/study tool
    Anyone interested in using it, I recommend it thoroughly as a very quick and easy yo use online tool
    Jesus Speaks

    It has a dual word search as well as the whole Bible to read via Book and Chapter selection complete with audio if you like to use it. Ideal for gong through Scripture and for looking up Scriptures containing any words that you search for.
    I usually have it open in another tab and go to it often when composing posts here at TalkJesus both for keeping things in context and for copy paste if I want to do so.
    Included are some interesting lists of Bible people and places, and timelines in the reference section.
    it is a very simple but easy to use program that doesn't use a heap of resources, no ads and the like. Excellent little study help.

    Check it out!
    Jesus Speaks

    Bless you ....><>
  19. Thanks for letting me know, I'll update it. :smile:



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