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Programming the Bible (Feedback Requested)

Discussion in 'Water Cooler' started by Jesus_is_LORD, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    Hope everyone is doing well. I do programming as a hobby and I felt led to program a Bible website. It
    started with trying to create my own search for words in the Bible then it went off from there.

    I'm not an expert programmer so there will be some functionality that this page will lack. However I'm just seeing some general feedback as so functions that I could add to the site to make it more helpful if by chance it was a resource that you would use. LIke I said I may not be able to program the desired features but I'm just getting some feedback and going from there.

    Currently the search is word specific instead of searching for full phrases. And the OR function allows you to run two searches at the same time. For example, if you are searching the Book of Revelation and want to find references to The Dragon who is also referred to sometimes as the Beast, you would search Dragon OR Beast.

    Another feature that I added that I didn't see on other sites is the ability to search via groups of books in the Bible, instead of just one book.

    You can also click on the link of the Bible food and chapter in the search results and it will take to you that section in the Bible with the search verse highlighted. But remember you search by individual words not phrases unless you want it to make all of those words.

    My Website is here Jesus Speaks

    Take a look and thanks for the feedback .
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  2. Its nice. One aspect you can advertise is to expectant parents who want a biblical name. The only thing I didnt like was that my name isnt on the list (I already knew this, but it was just a reminder), as a matter of fact there is no names starting with a B. ::(
  3. You coulda been Benjamin, Boaz, Balaam or Barak :)
  4. Ah ha, so it doesnt have all the names then. Benjamin would have been great, I think slingers were pretty cool as a warrior type. But they did so well as slingers, it went to their heads, and their pride came before their fall. Thats me too, talented as a spiritual warrior, but prone to far too much pride about it at times. I have many times told the Lord to bring me low, when I get too proud, so that I dont follow in their footsteps.
  5. @Brad Huber @B-A-C

    Dare we forget the Apostle Bartholomew?

    So instead of "Brad" you'd be "Bart" :)
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  6. @Jesus_is_LORD

    Very good.

    Simple and easy to use.

    Thankyou for sharing

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  7. You're welcome.
  8. Thanks, I did some research and found a like of people in the Bible with the letter B, :) .I will add it to the webpage.

    It actually was a programming error I found that it was there but a certian code was stopping it from shwoing, along with some of the other letters. Great work, spotting that. Anything other errors you picked up on? Thanks.
  9. There you go, I'd be Bart (glad my last name isnt simpson) :)
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  10. No, @Jesus_is_LORD that was the only thing I noticed that was off, it looked very professional.
  11. Cool Thanks, I also added a home page with a tutorial.

    Let me know if I should take it off. Jesus Speaks
  12. Greetings,

    the 'Read' function is FAST! So many sites are slowww. I know that when I am foraging I like to keep up with my thoughts and nab them before another comes in, so a super quick search is a welcome feature, for me.

    The search for words is also nice and speedy! I like!!
    An up/down function would be handy (like the green one on this site at the bottom right corner. Or a 'top' button to go to top of page.

    I put 'salt OR 'light' in the search. At the bottom of the result page:
    Search Error: Search Result Over 200, try narrowing search criteria
    Psalm 37:4 was the last result shown. We know there are more.

    Another criticism is that the black chapter and verse on the blue background is hard for me to see. Perhaps white or yellow or similar would be better?

    May I ask which version is used? Are other versions in the pipeline? I can't see any options for other versions.

    I'll post this and keep looking.

    Bless you ....><>
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  13. Greetings again,

    I put in 'fish' Old Testament. At the bottom of the search results
    "Total results: 35"
    Can you also put the results amount at the beginning of the results, perhaps under
    "Search Term: fish AND FOUND IN The Old Testament"

    The page is easy on the eye, with the colours and layout you have chosen. That is a bonus when spending any time reading and searching.

    When you've got nothing else to do (in other words, plenty of time!) you could make the results in the Bible Reference section, live, as in, clickable to take you to search result(s)? You'd only need a week or two or three or four....

    You have done a great job and it is now on my 'speed dial'.

    Bless you ....><>

  14. Thanks for the feedback awesome. Glad you found it fast and glad you were able to find some things I can improve upon :).
    Currently I'm only using the King James Version. That is likely why the search is also very fast. I'm assuming a lot of those other besides have
    very big databases that have many translations in the same table which may slow down their search results. But if they were good at programming
    they would just code each translation on a different table to allow for faster searches. Perhaps my searches are fast because I'm only using the KJV or perhaps I don't have as much traffic to my site like the big names so when you are searching my site there is like a 99.9% chance that you may be the only one searching at the exact time which makes for some serious speed.

    I did program a cap on the search to 200 but I can remove the cap and set the cap to maybe like 1000 words. I didn't want someone to
    do like a search for like the word "the" or "a" or "be" or "can" and end up pulling like 10,000 search results. So I figured I would do a cap instead
    of having to try to program to recognize all those simple words that might lead to a super large search. I'll increase the cap.

    Great idea about the linking to the bottom and top. I actually had that before on the reference page, with like the links of the letters, A,B,C,etc and when you were browsing the list of names for example, if you clicked on C it would take you done to the C list instead of you having to scroll down. I'll add that again and try to do the same concept for the search page.

    For the comment about the black chapter and verse and blue background, I'm thinking you are talking about the Read page from the dropdown menu where it has "Genesis (50), Exodus (40), etc , correct? If so I'll play around with different colors and see what works. Thanks for noticing that.

    Good idea on putting the total search result at the top,

    and with the clickable in the references I actually had that before for a few, but got lazy about doing all of them, since there are hundreds of terms. But I think it is a cool feature to have, so I'll put in the time and get that done.

    Thanks again for all the good criticism. Time for some updates :), programming time.
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  15. Greetings again,

    I'm glad and honoured if I can help in any way. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity.

    I have already used your site to copy/paste for a post i did a short while ago. I can see i will be using it for some time.

    Here is a screenshot of what I mean by the black writing on blue:


    Bless you ....><>

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  16. Wow cool I put in 'lamb' and it was very fast coming up with verses! Suggestion maybe a bigger font perhaps and different colour, not sure about the grey background?

    Also are you able to put the words of Jesus in red?

    I think keep it KJV because its so much faster than any others I have used and doesnt get all complicated giving you a dozen other versions, which you then have to sort through. Compared to biblehub and biblegateway.
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  17. @Jesus_is_LORD

    I wanted to see the flexibility of spelling on the searches. If either one or the other is spelled wrong, you get negative results. However, it doesn't tell you this.


    Maybe, adding a heading that says "Check Spelling" or "Correct Spelling needed" with the one or both when a search comes up empty.

    I don't know the difficulty involved in adding something like this or even examples of possible spellings (spell check) to choose from into the search engine.

    However, I do know just enough PC to be dangerous and can come up with a lot of possibilities, but few solutions in that regard! :(

    Nice job! I will be using it!

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.

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  18. I started working on putting the Words of Jesus in red. I'm able to do that. Thanks for the feedback.
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  19. Thanks, I can definitely add a check spelling memo , I'll do that now. Thanks for the feedback.
  20. I added a tutorial video also to the home page. If you click on at the top, you can see it there.

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