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Praying for The Voice of the Martyrs

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[COLOR="Black"][COLOR="Red"]But He said to them, 'Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?' Then He arose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm." (Matthew 8:26)[/COLOR]

Prayers for February 22
From The Voice of the Martyrs

[COLOR="darkgreen"]NIGERIA One Dead, 60 Injured in Muslim Attacks on Christians – VOM Sources[/COLOR]
On February 2, one Christian was killed, 60 others injured, and churches, businesses and homes set on fire, in the latest Muslim attacks on Christians in Bauchi state, Nigeria. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts in Nigeria, "One Christian man was killed, over 60 people were seriously injured and five churches were damaged." This latest attack took place after two friends, a Christian lady and a Muslim man, had a disagreement.

VOM contacts report, "These two were said to be friends of some sort until they had a disagreement on February 1. The Muslim man claimed that the Christian lady made some blasphemous utterances against the Prophet Muhammad. They were said to have parted ways that day without much trouble, but with a threat from the man that he would deal with the lady in his own way." VOM contacts added that the following day the Muslim man ganged up with Muslim extremists and started searching for the lady.

"The lady was alerted of the attack and ran to the police station. The gang traced her to the police station and insisted the police release her. When the police did not release her, the attackers set the police station on fire. After the lady and the police escaped, the Muslim extremists attacked Christian homes, churches and shops," VOM contacts said. Believers who lived in the damaged and destroyed homes have not returned because of fear they might be attacked again.

[COLOR="darkgreen"]Pray for Christians in this state. Ask God to comfort the family of the deceased and those injured. Pray these believers will be encouraged to remain faithful in their walk with the Lord. Psalm 23:3-5 [/COLOR]

[COLOR="darkgreen"]ALGERIA Christians Under Increased Pressure – VOM Sources/ Middle East Concern[/COLOR]

Christian leaders in Algeria have asked for international support following recent incidents that threaten human rights, especially religious rights. According to a February 7 report from Middle East Concern, believers are under pressure because the local Algerian media has been running an intense campaign against the church. Seven Christian fellowships are known to have been closed by the authorities and several believers have been arrested and formally charged.

[COLOR="darkgreen"]Pray that the closed fellowships will be opened, those arrested will be acquitted and for God to turn the negative media reports and use them for good. Ask God to encourage believers in Algeria and for the officials persecuting them. Pray they will hear the message of Jesus Christ. Romans 15:3-5 [/COLOR]

[COLOR="darkgreen"]CHINA Women Detained and Treated Indecently by Police – China Aid Association[/COLOR]

On February 2, two Christian women, Meng Xiu Lan and Zhou Cheng Xiu, were detained by police in Jun Tun County, Yunan Province, after they were found distributing Christmas cards. According to China Aid Association (CAA), the two women, aged 55 and 53 respectively, were "threatened, mocked, stripped and frisked violently." CAA added, "Police then handcuffed the two women and escorted them back to their homes. After searching the homes, police illegally confiscated CDs, handouts, Bibles, song books and calendars, without proper documentation."

[COLOR="darkgreen"]Pray the Lord comforts and encourages these women after this difficult experience. Ask God to use their testimony to draw nonbelievers, including their persecutors, into fellowship with Him. Isaiah 53:4-5 [/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkGreen"]EGYPT Egyptian Court Recognizes Faith of 12 Converts to Christianity – VOM Sources[/COLOR]
Praise God! An Egyptian court has recognized the faith of 12 converts to Christianity. The decision overturns a lower court ruling which said the state need not recognize conversions from Islam because it constituted "apostasy," an act often treated as a capital crime in the Muslim world. A lawyer for the 12 Coptic Christians described the case as a victory for human rights and freedom of religion that will open the door for hundreds of other Copts who want to return to their original faith from Islam. There is concern, however, over the ruling's mandate that the converts' former religion must be noted in their official documents, as this could leave them vulnerable to discrimination. Thank the Lord for this victory.

[COLOR="DarkGreen"] Pray that these individuals will not be subject to further discrimination. Pray that those who were born into Muslim families and convert to Christianity will also have their conversions recognized by the Egyptian government. Psalm 103:1-5 [/COLOR]
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Yes indeed!

Praise God and bless His holy name.

Let us continue in prayer for our brothers and sisters who suffer, for those who are bound for the gospel's sake.

We have much to learn from their loyalty to Jesus in really bad circumstances. Living stones in His temple, not made with hands.

Yes, Praise God.... and please Him...remember those in bonds as if bound with them. (Hebrews 13:3)

Bless you,

Br. Bear
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*** Voice Of The Martyrs Prayer Alert 4/3/08 ***

IRAQ: Kidnappers Demand Huge Ransom for Chaldean Archbishop

Kidnappers are demanding a huge ransom for a Chaldean Archbishop abducted last week in northern Iraq, sending fear through the country's Christian community, a local priest said.

Since the Friday (29 February) kidnapping in Mosul, Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho's captors have refused to decrease the amount of money they are demanding for his release, according to Father Najeeb Mikhail. "They want money, but in addition they want to break all the Christians in Mosul," the priest said in a telephone conversation from Erbil.

Unknown armed men stopped Rahho, 65, at about 5:30 p.m. as he was leaving the Holy Spirit parish in Mosul, 225 miles north of Baghdad. The bishop had just finished leading the congregation in praying the Stations of the Cross and was returning to his home with his driver and two bodyguards.

According to Christian Iraqi website Ankawa.com, eyewitnesses said that four cars blocked Rahho's vehicle. Armed men shot and killed driver Faris Gorgis Khoder and the two guards, identified only as Ramy and Samir, before making off with Rahho.

A Christian who attended the funeral for the three men the following day in the village of Karamlis, 15 miles east of Mosul, said that the corpses had been shot in the face. "All their faces were gone when we saw them," he said. "They were without eyes, without noses and without mouths."

Each of the three men left behind a wife and three children, Father Bashar Warda, dean of St. Peter's Seminary in Erbil, told Compass.

The Chaldean priest said that no one had been able to speak with the kidnapped archbishop since his abduction, making it difficult to know whether he remained alive. "His health is one of the issues that concerns us because it is not good, and his medicine is not with him," Fr. Warda said. "Prayer is needed."

Fr. Mikhail said that when he saw the bishop two days before his kidnapping, the church leader had only been able to stand for 10 to 15 minutes at a time due to heart problems, for which he was taking medication. According to the priest, one of the main reasons for Rahho's bad health was the stress of constant threats from militant gangs demanding extortion money.

"One day before his kidnapping, they attacked the bishop's house in Mosul and broke many things," Fr. Mikhail said. He added that the attackers demanded a payment but the bishop refused, telling them that it was against his religion to pay money that would be used to finance violence.

A special task force has been formed in Mosul to work for the release of the archbishop, a senior police official told Agence France-Presse on condition of anonymity.

From the Vatican Saturday, Pope Benedict XVI launched an appeal for the archbishop's release. Yesterday, he again raised the issue of Rahho's kidnapping before a crowd in St. Peter's square, entreating that the "beloved archbishop, who is in precarious health, may be freed quickly."

From: Compass Direct

Please join the Christian community in Iraq and around the world in praying for Archbishop Rahho.
Pray he may be a witness for Christ to his captors.
Pray for the entire Christian community in Iraq.

Bless you...><>
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*** Voice Of The Martyrs Prayer Alert 17/3/08 ***

IRAQ: Archbishop Found Dead

An Iraqi archbishop kidnapped and held for ransom for 14 days has been found dead in northern Iraq in what appears to be an attempt to force Christians out of the city, church leaders said.

Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul Paulus Faraj Rahho's body was recovered Thursday 13 March in Mosul, Kirkuk's Chaldean leader Louis Sako said. Mosul Christians discovered the archbishop's corpse buried in a cemetery.

Italian Catholic news service SIR broke the news of the Rahho's death. "The kidnappers had told us already yesterday that Monsignor Rahho was very ill, and yesterday afternoon they told us that he died," SIR quoted Baghdad auxiliary Bishop Shlemon Warduni as saying.

Warduni said that the kidnappers had indicated where to find the body but clarified that it was still unclear how Rahho had died. A medical examiner at Mosul's morgue told The Associated Press that the archbishop's body showed no signs of being shot.

Prior to his abduction, Rahho was taking medication for heart problems and could only stand for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, said a cleric who saw the archbishop just days before his capture. Rahho did not have his medicine with him when he was kidnapped.

Rahho is the highest ranking Christian clergyman to be killed in Iraq.

A priest in Mosul told Compass today that the real motive for impossible ransom demands and the archbishop's killing was to push the Christians out of the city.

"They are pressuring us to leave Mosul and leave our church," said the priest. "And many families in Mosul are afraid, because if they killed the bishops and priests, then."

Two other Christian clerics have been murdered in Mosul. Most recently Chaldean priest Ragheed Ganni and three deacons were gunned down while leaving the Holy Spirit church last May.

The biblical city of Nineveh has traditionally been home to Iraq's indigenous Christian population. But in recent years it has gained a reputation as a hotbed for fanatic Islam.

"Really, we ask for prayer itself," the Mosul priest said. "The Christians do not do anything bad, yet still they provoke us, just because we are Christian, nothing more."

An Eastern rite denomination in communion with Rome, the Chaldean church is Iraq's largest Christian community.

Compass Direct

Pray for the protection of Christians in Iraq.
Pray the Church will be an effective witness even in these circumstances and that God will add greatly to their numbers.

May God bless you as you pray...><>
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Easter is near as most of you know.

Please remember the many members of Christ's Body around the world throughout this Easter period.
I pray that the Lord Himself will make known to you a greater depth of His joy and revelation of truth as you consider and remember those who are in bonds as if bound with them, this Easter.
Please also pray....

(for Jesus, it was to be broken and bruised, to be taken and slain... to do the will of His Father......
whatsoever you have done to the least of one of these my bretheren, you have done unto me.... is what Jesus explained clearly about His body)

*** Voice Of The Martyrs Prayer Alert 19/3/08 ***

SRI LANKA: Dramatic Increase in Violence against Christians

Christians in Sri Lanka have seen a "dramatic" increase in violence within the last month, according to reports from the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka.

On 3 March the Zion Mount Prayer House in Mulaitivu District was set on fire. The pastor, his wife, child and two other people were inside at the time, although it is believed they were able to escape. The previous day ten Bible School students in Lunuwila, Putlam District, were attacked by ten masked men on motorbikes. On the same day a mob of 200 people surrounded a local pastor's home in Udugama, Galle District, and told him to leave the village or face death.

These attacks are the latest in a series of incidents since the beginning of February. On 17 February Pastor Neil Edirisinghe was shot dead. His wife was also shot and wounded, and she remains in a critical condition. On the same day, a mob of 50 people armed with rods attacked King's Revival Church in Mathugama, Kaluthara District, and assaulted a 10 year-old child, one man and two women. On 14 February a Christian home in Weeraketiya, Hambanthota District, was stoned while the local pastor, his wife and two children were inside visiting a sick parishioner.

In addition to violence, Christians are facing other forms of harassment. On 3 March, the 'Pradeshiya Sabhawa' (Provincial Council) in Kelaniya, Gampaha District revoked approval for the construction of a new church building. The Foursquare Gospel Church had received approval for the new building, but was then ordered to stop construction immediately. No reason was given.

Please pray the authorities in Sri Lanka will take action to prevent further violence.
Pray the persecution suffered will serve to strengthen the Church.
Pray for those who have been affected by the recent attacks.

Bless you...><>
[COLOR="Black"]Father I lift up all these names to you, give them strength and let your will be done.[/COLOR]
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Yes Lord....yes.


*** Voice Of The Martyrs Prayer Alert 25/3/08 ***

AZERBAIJAN: Baptist Pastor Released from Prison [COLOR="Purple"]THANKYOU JESUS[/COLOR]!!!

On 19 March, Baptist Pastor Zaur Balaev was released from prison in Azerbaijan. The release was part of a presidential amnesty on Novruz Bairam, a holiday marking the beginning of spring.

Pastor Balaev was met outside the prison by his son, and Ilya Zenchenko, head of the Baptist Union. "When Balaev was released, journalists asked whether he was feeling grateful to Azerbaijan's president for his release, Zaur answered that he always in everything feels grateful to Jesus only and no one else. Journalists immediately quit shooting (footage) of him," VOM contacts said.

Pastor Zaur Balaev was arrested in May 2007, for "conducting an illegal religious meeting" in his home village in Aliabad, Azerbaijan. In August, he was sentenced to two years in prison under Article 315, Part 1, for violence against a state representative. The original charges accused him of holding "illegal" meetings under the guise of religious activity without concrete authority and registration. He was also accused of attracting young people to worship services and playing loud music at services. Azerbaijan's authorities later changed their accusations while Balaev was in custody, initially claiming that he set a dog on police during a raid on a Sunday service. After more than 50 people signed a written statement testifying to Balaev's innocence, the dog disappeared from the authorities' claims and Balaev was instead accused of attacking five policemen and damaging a police door.

The Voice of the Martyrs featured Pastor Balaev on the group's Christian prisoner web site, PrisonerAlert.com. Visitors to the site composed more than 3300 letters of encouragement to Balaev.

"We rejoice with Pastor Balaev and his family upon his release," said Todd Nettleton, spokesman for The Voice of the Martyrs. "We rejoice in his faithfulness, and we thank our readers who wrote letters of encouragement to him in prison. Our prayers and our letters do make a difference for persecuted Christians like Pastor Zaur!"

The Voice of the Martyrs encourages Christians to continue praying for protection and wisdom for Pastor Balaev as he returns home to his family and congregation.


Yes Lord...yes
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Something we can pray about......

*** Voice Of The Martyrs Prayer Alert 27/3/08 ***

INDIA: Intolerant Hindus Attack Easter Services

Hindutva (Hindu nationalist) extremists stormed two Easter Sunday services and beat at least 16 Christians, including two pastors, in Karnataka's state capital of Bangalore and in Shimoga district. A mob of more than 150 intolerant Hindus on Sunday (23 March) launched an attack on a Pentecostal church in Karnataka's Shimoga district at 9 am, and a group of more than a dozen assailants struck Christians of an independent church in Byapanahalli on the suburbs of Bangalore at 11:45 am, reported the Global Council of Indian Christians.

Accusing the Pentecostal church of "forced" conversions without any evidence for the charge, the attackers beat 35-year-old pastor Mandya Nagraj and five others, besides vandalising church property. In Byapanahalli in Bangalore, at least 12 extremists led by a Hindu priest and an associate attacked the Grace Almighty Full Gospel Church. The assailants beat Pastor P. Isaac and nine believers, including a 17-year-old girl.

Following the attack, the assailants tried unsuccessfully to register a complaint against Pastor Isaac for "forced" conversions. But police brokered a "compromise" between the attackers and the pastor requiring him to leave the area.

Compass Direct

Pray the Lord will heal those who have been injured in the attack.

Pray these incidents of persecution will serve to strengthen the Christians in the area and encourage them to unite and support one another. May they be an effective witness.
Pray God will move in a miraculous way in bring many Hindu's to know Christ.


May God bless you as you pray.

I just want to share with you ....

Our brothers and sisters who are persecuted for their faith are deeply touched and moved to discover that folks, who they have never met, pray for them. When you pray, please realise that you are blessing your very own brothers and sisters in Christ and the value of this blessing can not be measured..... so please pray with all your heart, with enormous value. Remember that you pray to the Lord and your love for your brothers and sisters blesses Him with unspeakable joy as you show your love and call out in love for those you love to the King of Love, Jesus Christ the Lord

Bless you...><>
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Dear brothers and sisters,

please read this report and pray for our brother Amiel..... please?

*** Voice Of The Martyrs Prayer Alert 8/4/08 ***

WEST BANK: Pastor's Son Injured in Bombing

On 20 March, Amiel Ortiz, the teenage son of Messianic pastor David Ortiz, was seriously injured when a bomb delivered to the family's home in the Jewish settlement town of Ariel went off in his hands. The explosive was reportedly delivered in one of the gift baskets Jews exchange on the Purim holiday. At last report, Amiel was in serious condition, unconscious and breathing through a respirator. Local Christians suspect the Ortiz family was targeted by militants angered by the family's evangelistic work. Christians in the region face frequent opposition from authorities, Orthodox Jews and Muslims for their efforts to share Christ.

[COLOR="DarkGreen"]*Pray for healing for Amiel.

*Ask God to give comfort and protection to the Ortiz family as they serve Him.

*Pray that their passion for Christ will be the light that draws others to Jesus.

*Pray for those responsible for sending the bomb to the family.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Purple"]in Jesus name,[/COLOR]

Bless you...><>
[COLOR="Black"]Some are shock to hear a "jew'' wanting to bomb a christian. But this story was shared at church during the Ressurection service, The brooklyn Tabernacle Church NY took up an offering for the Ortiz Family ( Known by the church )L.

Lord we lift them up to you, give them strength. I pray for peace near their home.

Lord let your will be done. He's alive and I praise you.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Black"][COLOR="darkred"]"Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should." (Ephesians 6:19-21) [/COLOR]

Prayers for April 16, 2008
From The Voice of the Martyrs

Assyrian Orthodox Priest Killed - VOM Sources

On April 5, Father Youssef Adel (40), an Assyrian Orthodox priest, was shot dead by unknown assailants in the district of Karradah, Baghdad. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts, "At approximately 11:30 a.m., Adel was driving to a church when gunmen in another car sped past him and opened fire. Adel was the director of a high school that was attended by both Christians and Muslims. He had been the target of threats and intimidation intended to drive him away from his post."

[COLOR="darkred"]Pray that those who mourn for Father Adel will find strength, courage and peace in Christ. Pray that believers in Iraq will set Christ apart as Lord and not be controlled by fear despite severe persecution. Also pray Christians in Iraq will forgive their persecutors. 1 Peter 3:14-17 [/COLOR]

Christians Attacked, Children Beaten for Distributing Bible Tracts - VOM Sources

On April 2, pastors and members of the Manna Ministry in Krishnapuram, Andhra Pradesh, were beaten by a group of 20 Hindu extremists. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts, "Believers were returning from an evangelistic outreach when their car was stopped by the attackers. One of the ministry's leaders, Pastor Gopal, sustained serious injuries. The militants also tore up the Christians' evangelistic tracts." Ask God to heal Pastor Gopal. Meanwhile, on March 17, school children from Toopran School in Telungana Village, Andhra Pradesh, were threatened and beaten by Hindu extremists while they were distributing Bible tracts in the school compound. VOM contacts report, "A group of Hindu extremists stopped the school children from further distribution of tracts. The extremists beat the children and threatened them."

[COLOR="darkred"]Pray believers in Telungana Village will be encouraged and protected. Pray that Indian Christians will continue to share the gospel with boldness despite increased persecution. Ask God to use their testimonies to draw nonbelievers into fellowship with Him. Acts 4:29-31 [/COLOR]

UPDATE: Christian Bookstore Owner Released from Prison - China Aid Association

Praise God! On February 19, Zhou Heng, a well-known house church leader and manager of Yayi Christian Book Room in China was released from prison. According to China Aid Association, Heng was released after a court determined there was insufficient evidence to prosecute him. During his imprisonment, Heng was reportedly beaten severely by inmates and prison guards. He is now recuperating at home with his family. Thank the Lord for Heng's release.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Pray for strength and healing for him. Pray that he will be emboldened by the fact that God commends those who suffer for doing good. 1 Peter 2:20-21
i often think how lucky we are, at times i am frowned upon because i left the catholic church and it does get me down from time to time, hearing these stories make me aware of just how blessed i am, i will keep these people in my prayers sister :girl_hug:

God Bless and Much Love xoxoxoxoxox
Least amongst the Best
Staff Member
Execution For Owning A Bible

*** Voice Of The Martyrs Prayer Alert 28/4/08 ***

NORTH KOREA: Report Details Targeting of Christians

In a report released this month by a U.S. government body, refugee testimonies confirm severe persecution of Christians throughout North Korea.

In the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom's report, refugees said that Christianity remained a key factor in the interrogation of people repatriated from China to North Korea.

Border guards reserved the harshest punishment for those who admitted having any contact with Chinese or South Korean Christians.

The report, released 15 April, found that consequences are harsh for those found violating state policies on religion. "For example, recently many North Korean refugees have Bibles with them when they are repatriated," one refugee said. "If you get caught carrying a Bible, there is no way to save your life."

Refugees interviewed said that punishment for owning a Bible could include execution and the imprisonment of "three generations" of the owner's family.

Compass Direct

~ [COLOR=darkred]Pray for the Christians in North Korea, that they may be able to practice their faith even with such restrictions.[/COLOR]

~ [COLOR=darkred]Pray many North Koreans will find freedom in Christ.[/COLOR]

~ [COLOR=darkred]Pray the Lord will bring comfort to the estimated 100,000 Christians in prison.[/COLOR]

~ [COLOR=darkred]Pray for those who attempt to flee North Korea into China.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred][COLOR=black]Thank you for caring and praying for our brothers and sisters in Korea. May you know the joy of the Lord and may His joy be your strength...[/COLOR][/COLOR]
[COLOR=darkred][COLOR=#000000]Bless you ...><>[/COLOR]

Least amongst the Best
Staff Member
Attacker Shoots Two Pastors and Wife

*** Voice Of The Martyrs Prayer Alert 2/5/08 ***

PHILIPINES: Attacker Shoots Two Pastors and Wife; One Pastor Killed

On 15 April, Pastor Vic Vicera, his wife, Beth, and Pastor Noli Saturnino were shot at when an unknown assailant stormed Pastor Vic's home in Mindanao, Philippines, and started shooting. Pastor Vic was killed in the attack.

According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts, "Pastor Vic and his wife, Beth, and Pastor Noli were having a conversation early that evening. They were talking about their plans to minister in a Muslim tribal area, when suddenly the killer came in and started firing at them." VOM contacts added, "Pastor Vic got four gunshots, two at the upper part of the knees that went through his navel and two shots to the lower part of his knees, the bullets remained in his stomach. Beth, his wife, got two gunshots, one in her palm and one in her leg. Pastor Noli got one shot in his leg; the bullet went through his leg." Pastor Vic was killed, and Beth and Pastor Noli are being treated by doctors.

Even though VOM contacts could not confirm the reason for the attack, they reported that Pastor Vic lived among Muslims who wanted him to join Islam, but he refused.

~[COLOR=darkred]Pray for believers in the Philippines who face persecution because of their faith.[/COLOR]

~[COLOR=darkred]Pray especially for the family and congregation of Pastor Vic, who have lost a father and pastor.
~[COLOR=darkred]Ask God to heal Pastor Vic's wife, Beth, and Pastor Noli.
~[COLOR=darkred]Pray the testimonies of these faithful believers will draw their persecutors into fellowship with Christ.
[COLOR=darkred][COLOR=black]Thank you and bless you ...><>[/COLOR]
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Christians Threatened

*** Voice Of The Martyrs Prayer Alert 8/5/08 ***

TURKEY: Armed Men Threaten Church

Three men, one of them armed with a gun and wearing gloves, threatened a Protestant church and its pastor in the Turkish capital city of Ankara on Tuesday. The culprits fled in a car before police could be summoned. The men drove up to Kurtulus Church in Ankara's Cebeci district, and a heavy-set man about 45 years old went up to the locked church building and began to ring the doorbell repeatedly. He threatened to "get rid" of the pastor, and moments later one of the men in his car began walking toward a nearby church member, shouting and waving a pistol at him. The attempted attack marked the seventh incident in the past four months of threatened violence against Turkey's tiny Protestant community, most of whom are former Muslims who converted to Christianity.

~ [COLOR="DarkRed"]Please pray for Gods protection for these Christians.[/COLOR]
~ [COLOR="#8b0000"]Pray also for the men who may wish to harm them.[/COLOR]

Thank you and bless you ...><>
Least amongst the Best
Staff Member
Pastor Released ... thank you Jesus

*** Voice Of The Martyrs Prayer Alert 7/3/08 ***

INDONESIA: Pastor Released

On 7 March, 2006, Abraham was visiting relatives in West Java when he was attacked by a group of Muslims who beat him severely. They rolled over his van and helped themselves to its contents, including the new clothing merchandise. They were joined by other Muslims and began shouting, "Burn him!" They set fire to his van before police arrived just in time to rescue him. Originally, he was detained in the Tasikmalaya Police station for security reasons, but was later charged with blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad.

Praise God! On 27 April, Pastor Abraham Bentar was released from prison. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts in Indonesia, "Pastor Bentar was released two days ago; because he had served two-thirds of his sentence, he could be paroled. His wife received more than 10,000 letters and photographs from families around the world who were praying for them. The family is thankful for the support they received and rejoice in the pastor's release." VOM rejoices with Pastor Bentar's family and thanks believers around the world for praying and encouraging him.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Continue praying for protection and wisdom for Pastor Bentar as he returns home to his family and congregation.

Ask God to protect believers in Indonesia[/COLOR]

Thank you Lord .... thank you
Least amongst the Best
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*** Voice Of The Martyrs Prayer Alert 12/5/08 ***

BANGLADESH: Pastor's 13-year-old Daughter Gang-Raped

Muslim villagers in Mymensingh district eager to rid the area of the Christian work of a local pastor have gang-raped his 13-year-old daughter. Pastor Motilal Das of United Bethany Church said that at around 3 am on Friday (2 May) the villagers sexually assaulted his daughter, Elina Das, and left her unconscious in front of his house in an attempt to drive him and his Christian ministry out of Laksmipur village in Fulbaria sub-district, 120 kilometres (75 miles) north of the capital.

Local residents have long been angry with him for his ministry and evangelism, he said, and he has received death threats. "I did not pay attention to any of the threats or hindrances - I continued evangelical and pastoral activities with prayer," Das told Compass. "When nothing stopped me, then they wanted to leave me scarred for life, so that I would be upset and not be able to show my face to the society for shame, and therefore I would leave the village."

When Das initially went to police to file charges, he said, police were reluctant to register the case. "Police told me that it was a false case," Das said. "They also said that it was a fabricated drama. Police spoke with my daughter in filthy language and showed prurient interest in the details of the incident in front of us rather than filing the case quickly."

Area Assembly of God (AG) Pastor Sento Mir requested that the local denominational chairman encourage police to file charges. Following a phone call from him on Friday (2 May), police immediately agreed to investigate the incident and filed a rape case in the afternoon.

Compass Direct

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Please pray the Lord will bring physical, emotional and spiritual healing to this young woman.
~ Pray for protection for her and her family. May there be some satisfaction from the police investigation.
~ Pray for all Christians in Bangladesh who are under constant threat of persecution.
~ Pray the Gospel may start to impact all levels of society in Bangladesh.

Bless you ...><>
[COLOR="Black"][COLOR="Red"]"And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry," (1 Timothy 1:12) [/COLOR]

From The Voice of the Martyrs

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Iranian Police Arrest 12 Christian Converts, Four Remain in Prison - Compass Direct News[/COLOR]

On May 12, Iranian police arrested 12 known Muslim converts to Christianity and confiscated their books, computers and printers in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz. According to Compass Direct News, "The arrests began at 5 a.m. on May 11, when two couples were taken into custody before boarding their flights at the Shiraz International Airport and sent directly to jail. All four were subjected to hours of interrogation, questioning them solely 'just about their faith and house church activities.'" Compass Direct News added the detained Christians had been identified as: Homayon Shokohie Gholamzadeh, 48; his wife, Fariba Nazemiyan Pur, 40; Amir Hussein Bab Anari, 25; and his wife, Fatemeh Shenasa, 25. Although the two wives were released the same day, Anari was detained until May 14, and Gholamzadeh remains jailed.

"Two hours after the early arrests of May 11, police authorities invaded the home of Hamid Allaedin Hussein, 58, arresting him and his three adult children: Fatemah, 28; Muhammed Ali, 27; and Mojtaba, 21. All the family's books, CDs and computers were hauled off as well. Hussein, his daughter and one son were released later the same day, but [his] son Mojtaba remains in prison," Compass Direct added. On May 13, local police also arrested two more former Muslims involved in a separate house church in Shiraz as the Christian converts were talking together in a city park. Both men, Mahmood Matin and a second man identified only as Arash, are still in jail. Yet another arrest incident was reported last month in the northern city of Amol, in Mazandaran province near the Caspian Sea. Two of the arrested converts to Christianity, one a pregnant woman, are still imprisoned with no news of their whereabouts. Psalm 91

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Prominent House Church Leader Arrested - China Aid Association[/COLOR]

On May 19, Pastor Lou Yuanqi, a prominent house church leader in the town of Qingshuihe, Xinjiang province, was arrested by police. According to China Aid Association, "After being interrogated for an hour in the township police station, Yuanqi was transferred to a detention centre and charged with 'inciting separatism.' The pastor has been previously arrested several times. This is the first instance, however, of him being placed under criminal detention which means that he will likely face a serious indictment in court."

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Pray for Pastor Yuanqi to experience the joy and peace of Christ while he suffers. Pray for Chinese house church leaders to stand in God's grace as they continue to face pressure from the authorities. Acts 5:40-42 [/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Teenage Girls Kidnapped By Muslims; Rescue Incites Violence - Compass Direct News[/COLOR]

On May 12, the police rescued two Christian girls, Mary Chikwodi Okoye (15) and Uche Edward (14), kidnapped by Muslim militants three weeks earlier in Bauchi state, Nigeria. According to Compass Direct News, "The kidnappers initially took the girls to the house of a Muslim leader in the town of Wudil. Okoye's foster father and a group of believers heard where the girls were being held. When they arrived at the home, however, the girls had been relocated to the residence of a Muslim leader in Ningi. When the team went to this home they were told by the leader that the girls had converted to Islam and could not be released. The police then stepped in and evacuated the girls to eastern Nigeria where they were reunited with their biological parents."

Compass added that the following day, Muslims associated with a paramilitary arm of Kano state's Sharia Commission went on a rampage, attacking Christians and setting fire to local churches, in protest of the girls' release. Six church buildings, the Deeper Life Bible Church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, All Souls Anglican Church, Church of Christ in Nigeria, Redeemed Christian Church of God and the Redeemed Peoples Mission, were destroyed in the attack. The Muslims also attacked shops belonging to Okoye's foster father, looting and destroying goods worth over 50 million naira (US $430,198). Thank the Lord that Mary and Uche were found safe. Ask God to strengthen those affected by the mob attack to enable them to remain steadfast as they suffer.

[COLOR="darkred"]Pray that young Christian girls in Nigeria who have been kidnapped by Muslims will remain strong in faith and be freed. Revelation 2:10 [/COLOR]

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[COLOR="Black"][COLOR="darkred"]"Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers." (1 Timothy 4:15-16) [/COLOR]

Prayers for June 11th, 2008
From The Voice of the Martyrs

Pastor Beaten; Churches Attacked - VOM Sources

On May 27, Pastor Rampal Kori was beaten by two Hindu militants in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, India. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts, "The militants repeatedly struck the pastor, who was returning from prayer meetings, with an iron rod and accused him of forcibly converting villagers to Christianity. They also robbed him of 3000 Rupees (US $70). Pastor Kori sustained serious injuries that required stitches in his head." Meanwhile on May 26, in an unrelated incident, militants demolished a thatched church in the district of Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh. On June 1, another group attacked the Masihi Mandir Church in the district of Oriya Para, Chhattisgarh state, during a morning church service. VOM sources added, "At approximately 11:00 a.m., the militants barged into the church building and destroyed the facility's furniture. The attackers accused the believers present of forcibly converting people, and threatened them with dire consequences if they continued to worship Christ."

[COLOR="darkred"]Pray for healing for Pastor Kori. Ask God to strengthen the believers whose churches were attacked as they continue to stand in His grace. Psalm 37: 3-6 [/COLOR]

Christians Arrested - Compass Direct News[/COLOR]

On May 28, Eritrean police arrested 34 evangelical Christians in the city of Keren, Eritrea. According to Compass Direct News, "The Christians, who are members of the Berhane Hiwet (Light of Life) Church, were meeting in a private home for prayer and fellowship. All 24 men and 10 women present in the meeting were taken to prison, with their children left behind. The next day security officials transferred the women prisoners to the Adi-Abeyto Military Confinement facility on the outskirts of the capital city of Asmara."

[COLOR="darkred"]Pray for the release of Eritrean Christians who are imprisoned for the sake of Christ. Ask God to strengthen and comfort their families, especially the children. Pray that the Eritrean government will respect the rights of Christians to freely worship their Lord. Ephesians 1: 19-23 [/COLOR]

UPDATE: Christian Converts Released from Prison - Compass Direct News

Praise God! Homayon Shokohie Gholamzadeh (48), an Iranian Christian convert arrested on May 11 by police in the city of Shiraz, was released from prison on May 22. According to Compass Direct News, Gholamzadeh was taken into custody with his wife and another couple before boarding a flight at Shiraz International Airport. On June 2, Mojtaba Hussein (21), another Iranian Christian convert from Islam arrested on May 11, was released from prison. According to Compass Direct, the authorities demanded valuable property deeds as bail collateral for the release of the two believers. Praise God for the release of these believers.

[COLOR="darkred"]Pray God encourages them as they live their lives for Him. Pray for other believers who face challenges for practicing their faith. Psalm 34: 1-10 [/COLOR]

Christians Detained for Helping Quake Victims - China Aid Association

On June 1, Chinese Public Security Bureau (PSB) police officers disrupted a house church meeting and forcefully detained seven believers during a Sunday service at Taikang county, Henan province. According to China Aid Association (CAA), "Approximately six PSB officials disrupted the house church meeting and forcefully detained seven of the participants. Police officials did not state the reason for the detention. During interrogation, police officials questioned the members as to who would be taking donations to the earthquake disaster area. One woman and her child were released; however the other six remain in detention under a charge of sending money to a disaster area in the name of a house church." According to reports, PSB officials have said they will not release those detained until they paid a fine.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Pray for believers in China who are facing difficulties practicing their faith. Ask God to give them boldness to serve Him and for Him to give them the ability to forgive their persecutors. Psalm 34: 17-22 [/COLOR]

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