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Obsessive thoughts about people

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I suffer from (pure o) OCD, so I can sympathize with how distressing certain obsessive and intrusive thoughts can be. The key I've found, is not trying to fight them when they come into your mind. No matter how provoking they're, just work on accepting them and not having an emotional reaction. This is easier said than done of course, but entirely possible. You see- when a person reacts angrily or worried about the thoughts, it sends a message to your subconscious brain that ''this is a big deal!'' and so the thought will continue appearing until they're no longer worrisome.
I got hammered by evil intrusive thoughts yesterday and was quite beside myself in grief because of them. I did eventually get some peace when I read Psalm 18, though.
I'm starting to think I may have some form of OCD myself, but not certain of that. But you're right, the goal is to not have an emotional reaction to bad thoughts, and you're even more right that it's easier said than done!
Focusing on the poor, sick and hopeless was Christ's obsession to show the world that his supernatural love for people is far greater than human love - or Satan's wrong or misleading kind of love that involves those on-and-off sometimes carnal thoughts. It's a learning continuous life experience to know the difference between countless wrongs about sin and countless rights about our Jesus Christ. Christ's healing is always constant and always fighting against the power of Satan's detrimentally cruel sin from weakening our Christian faithful hearts. I believe Satan's hunger for God's giftedness to know our future, including his own future defeat when Jesus returns in the future, is tremendously desperate for such God's supernatural power - which unfortunately, he cannot undo the future by turning back the clock, or reverse time to avoid the future coming of our victorious Jesus Christ.
May Christ's victory rule our Christian lives including those who are yet to become Christians from a non-Christian background, before the coming of Jesus.


Ah yes thank you Quasicentennium! That indeed looks like the solution to my thought problems: I should have (much more) of a heart for the poor, the ill etc. (I've long had a heart for the hurting, depressed or lonely at least).

But yes, to have Christs' obsession for the poor and lost. That is a good thought pattern to have! I notice my obsessions, temptations, and so forth, sins etc lol, dissapate, and my thinking is more 'sound' lol, if I am focusing more than usual on Christ.

My bible studies are helping me be in touch intimately with Christ, which I notice does help a lot with obsessions (I don't want to go into it, but it seems like I have tricked my brain into an associative or brainwashing type habit)! To have an obsession with Christ, I love it, makes things easy seeing as I'm single too, lol.

Lord Jesus, let me focus primarily on you. You are the answer.

(Thanks to everyone for your assistance. I often think to myself that people can tell what I'm thinking sometimes, but maybe I'm just imagining it, and perhaps I should just tell those silly habitual thoughts to go away, lol.... they're not important). :shade:
Brighthouse said:
Do you know how many hills we climb in growing in our Jesus? We reach one hill,to us it is a mountain! Yet we look from this hill, or mountain to us,we are on,and we see something! We are not done...We have reached a place of rest for the time being is all. A time to gather our wits about us,and set sail for the next hill we see... Overcoming!
Focusing on the poor, sick and hopeless was Christ's obsession ...
The quickest and simplest way - indeed it seems the only way - to deal with self -is to climb over self and focus on someone else. There is always someone around us who can use a helping hand. It is a law God has written in our natures that in helping others with a hand up, we will find we have been lifted up also.

(of course if one has OCD, self might then become a stalker, but we won`t go there...kidding!)

I am very familiar with OCD, so I know how crippling it can be, and I also know if one gives in to it, it will quickly take over their life.

I used the word 'climb', because self is the biggest mountain any of us will ever have to deal with. If we allow it to, self will dominate us all the live long day, and when a new day begins, self will be there to confront us again. That forces us to make a choice. Do we want 'lived for self' to be the story of our lives? We must use our mustard seed to speak to that mountain of self and cast it into the sea of forgetfulness. If we do this every day, (every hour if need be) in time our mustard seed can grow into a tree in which others can find shelter. Then the story of our lives can be, they died to self, so others might live.


The good part is, as we pour out, God pours in... He continually supplies us grace for the journey.

Always empty your cup.

Thank you all, I'm quite excited about the direction God is moving me towards - more away from MYSELF and onto others, that's quite a feat for me, lol! Even though I've been Christian for years now. I've been studying the Bible since last year ,and have only recently learnt (I'm a bit slow, lol) that God actually commands (COMMANDS - good word for me to hear) His followers to help others especially the disadvantaged. I always thought it was an option depending on my feelings or needs. This knowledge has actually been making it easier for me of late to let go of my own frivolous desires more when they clash with immediate needs of those around me, and I'm finding I can't pass even one homeless soul without a hello (and some coins of course). God's working on me and I love it! I just need more people skills now, lol :/ In fact I'd like to get on with people full-stop! Just anybody I come across, and to not have silly obsessions about people, or other wrong thinking, or get upset with them, or bitter or unforgiving, or judgmental, or etc.. (I'm not perfect I'm afraid, lol) when it comes to relating with other people, anyone at all, crop up EVER AGAIN, in Jesus' name. Amen
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