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New Site

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Chad, Sep 15, 2006.


Feedback on Site

  1. I Love It!

    39 vote(s)
  2. I'm happy either way uncle Chadi

    8 vote(s)
  3. I just woke up. What happened?

    7 vote(s)
  4. Its ok

    5 vote(s)
  1. I only managed to see the new site today, and I must say I am blown away Chad, literally, the speed is awesome, when I click something it opens. Great job, may you be blessed for your hard work. It payed off ;)

    Love you
  2. Some good news since the new Talk Jesus v3.0 rolled out:

    - statistics show that about 5-8 more registrations are done daily on average
    - approximately 40 more users logged in daily on average
    - about double amount of activity in shoutbox
    - so far approximately 40% more daily posts/threads

    Let's pray for blessings to all and glory to GOD in Christ Jesus. Talk Jesus is special, different from the other Christian sites. Let's bless Him and His children.

    God bless!

    Don't forget to share feedback in the feedback & suggestions forum (inside Press Stand)
  3. Just a quick update:

    The journal is back to normal now, fully functional. Thanks for your patience.

    To get to journal: click on journal on top navigation menu (any page your on)
  4. Thanx 4 ur patience!

    Sorry, i keep askin questions, but i don't really get it...
    How do u acctually post your own posts without having to choose who will see it...
    i meen i want my post to be posted in the " New Posts" file
    thanx a lot Chad!
  5. cannot do that. Only in the journal you can do something like making your journal either public or private.

    The forum is all public
  6. Hey Chad,
    I just came into visit today and seen all the changes. I think it looks great. I expecially love the music in the chat room! May God continue to Bless you and guide you.
  7. I recently started visiting TJ again after a period of absence, as the Lord convicted my heart that I was spending too much time on the computer and not enough time doing other things including taking care of my home, praying, studying and being alone with Jesus.
    I love TJ and reading all the posts, and the wonderful fellowship and I certainly learn from this site, but this is just my personal thing, guided by the Lord that its important for me to keep a balance, and be careful as not to make this an addiction:eek:mg: ... I know its not necessarily the worst kind of addiction to TJ is spirit filled and Christ focused. But I think some of you may know where I am coming from and understand what I mean.

    :sun: Anyhow I went way off track. My point it, I really like the changes and choices you made Chad. :love:

    :shade: Calluna
  8. Welcome back sister! Glad to see you again :)
  9. just popped in and think the new site looks good and has lots of good stuff on it.

    I can see that Chad has done right by listening to God before making this big decision and being open about it to us all which he need not have done and a humble beginning can have faith filled results .

    What matters is not just a new chatroom, forums and arcade but for God's Spirit to be present.

    God bless
  10. Dear Chad,
    I'm pretty new at this, forums and all, but I feel so "safe" in here. I've been telling all my friends about this site and how this can be used as a ministry tool for the Lord. Again, I thank you for your obedience to the Lord and for all the hard work you put into this. May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands.
  11. chad,

    I want to say thank you for all you do to try to make this site so special.
  12. hi chad i love the new look site and love the new games. i had a problem with the typing game which i absolutely love playing as i had a score of 99 but it just says submitting score and does not actually go any further so there are no high scores there. i pray this will get resolved so our high scores will be added to the game like the others. God bless you brother
  13. Glad everyone loves the new site :) Your words are kind and encouraging.

    Just an update:

    Added 9 more songs in the live chat mp3 player, totalling 37 now. Good stuff!

    Enjoy the new site.
  14. New Updates:

    Now, on every post you will see at the bottom left (of each post) 4 new colorful icons. These are for:


    I'm sure most of you know what these 4 are. I have my own accounts at Digg and - great sites and clicking these icons will help share threads/posts on Talk Jesus to the world. Results? Reaching out to the lost through mass (Internet) exposure. End result: Glory to GOD!
  15. I for one have never heard of any of those sites before chad but keep up the good work promoting Jesus to the world and looking after this wonderful site many thanks for what you do. God bless you richly
  16. Been gone to long....

    I have been out of touch , and away from my computer for along time and I have missed being able to log on to this site. I think the changes are wonderful, and I also want to add my name to the long list of people who appreciate and feel you and your work here is a Blessing!:shade:
  17. Good to see you back sister. Thank you for your nice words also and glad you like the new site.
  18. You know what station id like to here on this site? Yes Fm. :shade: Mostly rockish stuff but its all christian and good stuff.
  19. Awsome chad i love the site now so i bet it will be super cool by the time you finished
    God Bless xxxxxxxx
  20. Hi Chad

    Very Nice Very Nice!!!

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