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Staff member
Talk Jesus v3.0

Please welcome Talk Jesus v3.0. I felt it was time to move forth to a new fresh design, less clutterred and optimized, faster. A lot more features will come shortly.

So what do you think of the new site's theme and layout? Share your feedback!

What's New?

- vBulletin upgraded to 3.6.1
- site theme
- layout (less clutterred)
- optimized speed/page loads
- security & spam protection
- podcasting / rss feeds "Today's Best of the Web" in the News Feed Forum
- additional new radio stations
- live chat updated, built in mp3 player
- integrated spell checker

Coming Soon

- email (demo webmail here)
- scheduled bible trivia in live chat
- special contests (free Christian books, Bibles, t-shirts, etc)
- additional new arcade games
- additional new radio stations
- refer a friend credit [repuation noted]

Under Construction

- journal
- arcade

Uncle Chad would like to recommend readers to visit this thread as well for optimal and safe web browsing for you and your family. Click here

Enjoy the new design!
New Member
Hi Chad

I just want to appreciate the effort you are making to add value to the site. Only wish you God's blessings in your endeavors.

Bye for now,
New Member
this is the LORD's doing.

hi chad,

this is lovely and i pray to GOD for u for more knowledge and understanding to creat a better journal section just like u did this.

GOD bless u brother,
from itua
New Member
Chad I love the work you are doing here not only with the design and features of the site but the spiritual side of it most importantly. I know that God has His hands on this site and I am lovin' it!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!
Staff member
Thank you for your kind words brothers/sisters. I appreciate that.

I would like all to please suggest worship music to be added to the mp3 player in live chat. Simply reply (click here) with your suggestions.

I'm working to make the live chat defaul theme match the forum theme. I'm stinking at it right now but asking the developer to help me out :smile:

[ edit: live chat matches forum theme now, only thing left is mp3 player :smile: ]
New Member
This "new" look would take me away to find another site cause i can't find anything. it was less cluttered before i thought. the format i think is ridiculus, i like the color. i likd it to where the side stuff was on the left. my personal opinion as not to offend anyone else but i hate it.
Staff member
This "new" look would take me away to find another site cause i can't find anything. it was less cluttered before i thought. the format i think is ridiculus, i like the color. i likd it to where the side stuff was on the left. my personal opinion as not to offend anyone else but i hate it.
Your entitled to your opinion however, I'm not here with the intention to attempt to make everyone happy. That's impossible.

What exactly is "ridiculous" as you kindly put? Could you try to be a little more humble in your response instead of using words such as "hate" and "ridiculous"? It only shows a complete lack of consideration for the work put into this place.
New Member
Hey Chad,
I just wanned to thank you for the work you are doing to keep
this site safe and up to date, i appriciate it...
God Bless you
Last edited:
New Member
Hi Chad,
I appreciate all the work you've done here in the past. And it looks like you made great efforts to streamline and improve this site, as you always have done.
My only complaints are that the arcade and chat cannot be accessed anymore, I cannot seem to log out no matter how many times I try, and the shoutbox(if it's still in the upper left area of the main site entry area) isn't visible to me either.
Whatever suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
God bless and take care.
Staff member
The arcade / journal are under construction. Had difficulty upgrading arcade and journal was not updated to vbulletin 3.6.1 by the developre (but is working on it).

The shoutbox is a 3rd party component by, he's down apparently but it was working fine all day until a while ago. It'll be back up again.
Fantabidobla, as my friend Fred Flintstone would say. This site is now so clean.........I ought to wash my hands before..........I jest

I am pleased. 'talkjesus' is head and shoulders above the rest, who would think to be something in the realm of 'Christiansites'

Bless you Chad. Lets just keep 'Jesus' as the main theme.

In Calvery Bonds
Staff member
I'm very pleased with everyones' responses. Thank you for your kind words. I would like to point out something important...

I debated heavily with myself for about one year whether or not I should completely redo the site's theme. I'm telling you it was a full year estimate it took to finally feel the "go forth" inside of me. If that's not enough let me clarify some interesting 'obstacles' during the upgrade a two days ago. While I was upgrading and Talk Jesus was down for maintenance for 24hrs, I felt the annoying urge to "turn back" per se, meaning the endless hours I put into I began to feel doubts but guess what? Jesus swept right in and comforted me with His Spirit. GOD is awesome and its just amazing how He works. GOD blows me away every day.

The night I started, before I did I was at the local bookstore (I'm a bookstore fiend by the way, for all you single bookworm godly women out there possibly interested LOL) at the bookstore reading a small mini book called Prayer of Jabez by Charles Stanley. One of the most popular Christian books that I'm sure most of you heard and/or read before. I was only halfway through when I felt this phenomenal Heaven sent burst of faith, leap of faith, rekindled burning fire for GOD inside of me. It was a million times prayer finally answered! After a long trial, struggle in my walk with Christ, I finally got a kick in the Spiritual side and GOD lifted me up to push forth. It was a tremendous blessing by His grace and I came home with a free in Christ, full of faith attitude to go ahead with the changes I've been longing to accomplish here on Talk Jesus. The long endless strugle (debate), the long spiritual struggle (stagnant growth, bit of backsliding), the long winding road finally ended with GOD's grace pounding in full on my heart to press forth...FAITHFULLY!

Amen! Praise Jesus Christ. This site is an endless blessing to me, many others and I pray for many more to come til' I kiss the dirt (hopefully not quite soon)

New Member
Thank you Uncle Chad for taking the time to upgrade the look and stuffies of Talk Jesus. Totally appreciate it and i Thank God for giving you that creative spark. May God's perfect will be done in your life.

Thank you

Be totally blessed

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