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Moderators Wanted

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New Member
At the present time I do not want to be a moderator so I won't go into detail mentioning what I believe.I am a Bible believing Christian and my doctrine is sound.
What I lack is comparer skills.
I'm just a one finger type person and it would take me too long to write a long post.
I f one what's comparer or advice just email me for I'm ready to encourage anyone.
New Member

I would like to be a Moderator. I have experience in that area.
I am an Admin on My own site and a friend of mines.

My Beliefs are non-Denomination. And I believe in the whole word of God. :smile:
Staff Member
I would like to be a Moderator. I have experience in that area.
I am an Admin on My own site and a friend of mines.

My Beliefs are non-Denomination. And I believe in the whole word of God. :smile:
You didn't bother reading the requirements, therefore there is no reason for me to select you as a moderator. You've joined last week and made 6 posts and you expect to be a moderator?
New Member
But here's my Information:

Brief but clear detail of what you believe in, your personal statement of faith.
- Non-denominational
- Unconditional Invitation
- Unlimited Atonement
- I personally read out of the Geneva bible.
- I have a lot of knowledges about the word of God.
- I believe that without Jesus in your life you will not make it into heaven.

- your physical location (Country / Timezone) Orange, C.A. USA & pacific time.

- your computer and Internet skills.

-I am home schooled and do all my work on a computer…. I am pretty good, and I was self taught.

- how often do you visit Talk Jesus? ---

A few (4-5) times a day.

- your views, motives and goals on Talk Jesus ---

To help people with Problems and to Motivate and encourage people using Gods word.

- explain why you feel you should be a moderator. ---

I Believe I have experience in that area.

- your age –


Cody Hartman
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New Member

I am of the Baptist faith,but i beleive in Jesus and i'm a Christian first and foremost.I live in LowGap,Nc in the USA.I can type on the computer and can use the internet good.I visit TJ often about ten times a day or more.I think TJ is a great site to hopefully encourage Christians and hopefully reach lost souls.Some goal i would like to see is more members and hopefully reach some lost souls.My motive in wanting to be a mod is just to be here to help such a wonderful site.I love Jesus and i want to show His love through TJ.I am 32 yrs old married with two wonderful little girls. God bless and thanks again
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Staff Member
Well i'm 32 yrs old.I visit TJ often during the day.I have been saved 11 yrs now.I teach the teen Sunday school class at my Church.I think i could help TJ out alot.I like to help others and pray for others.Hope this is all you need to know.If not let me know.Thanks God Bless
Please do read the first post. Thank you.
Hello Brother Chad..

Here is the information I spoke with you about. I would like to be considered for a moderator position. I am a youth pastor here in NC, I love seeing how God uses people to change the lives of others. I have a heart for lost people, I have met so many wonderful people here. I have a degree in Biblical Studies and am currently working on one in Christian Counseling from Liberty University. I live in Elkin NC which is in the Eastern time zone. I am a Telecom Tech for GMAC, I am responsible for all telephone and computer systems for over 3000 users. I visit TJ well over 10 times a day. I hope to help others come to Christ and to assist others with their daily walk. I think my skills can be put to use here. My main goal here is to assist this wonderful ministry by helping others, that has been God's call on my life for a long time. I am 36 years old. I realize at this time that I am a little short on a few of your requirements, I am around 175 posts and about 9 months here on the board, I humbly place my facts here for you to pray and think about dear brother. I would consider it a honor to assist you in this wonderful ministry. Thank you so much for your time. In Christ, NC
Staff Member
Thank you brother NC. I will pray on this as usual. I appreciate your full resume. Its nice to learn about someone on a more personal level.

GOD bless you.

PS: the requirements are flexible generally speaking, but the Holy Spirit has final say no matter what.
Thank you Chad for providing such a wonderful place of love and fellowship, it's hard to imagine my days now without speaking to someone from this website. It has been a real blessing to me. If you have any other questions please feel free to let me know.
New Member
NC, I will pray for this as well. You have helped and encouraged me on more than one occasion. Although we joke around a lot, I know that you are a man of God and have good intentions. I will keep you in my prayers about this!

God Bless
I admire all the effort Chad and all mods put into this website, it's so much hard work and so much responsibilty, and yet you never disappoint us or ignore any request, counseling or a prayer.

I'm really amazed by it,

Honestly.. God bless you all! We truly feel home and we appreciate it alot.
New Member
Chad said, I ask God to guide me with His Holy Spirit in all my decisions. Do not feel offended if you are not chosen. Please do not ask me to make you a mod either. The sole decision comes from the Holy Spirit and I have my heart and ears open to GOD's guidance.

I dont want the job but the reason for my reply is I was blessed Chad when you wrote this and I was so encouraged that you wrote this I thought I give you a reply telling you this. I was just going everywhere on this site when I came across this thread. Take care and God bless you in your decision, decisions.