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Moderators Wanted

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Staff member
I would like to add some more moderators. Please read the first post carefully and respond if you are interested.

God bless.
New Member
I doubt I'll get the position because of my post count... But I'll still apply... I pray you find the right people for this job...

- brief but clear detail of what you believe in, your personal statement of faith
I believe Jesus died for me... And now He's sitting next to the Father and awaits my return. I love Him more than any worldly possession and will continue falling in love with Him till I meet Him :smile: <He Rocks!>

- your physical location (Country / Timezone) Trinidad/GMT-4

- your computer and Internet skills
I've been around computers since I was probably 7 or so. I can write ok algorithms, and use Pascal programming. Been around the internet probably that long too :smile: I had a Christian forum much like this one, but my friend wanted a forum, so I gave it to him. And I have a Christian group running on a poetry site. I created it :grin: And it's flourishing!! :grin::grin::grin::grin: (props to God)

- how often do you visit Talk Jesus? Almost everyday.

- your views, motives and goals on Talk Jesus
Views: Talk Jesus is a great place for Christians alike to come in, and talk about everything. It's a great place.
Motives: To help anyway I can :smile:
Goals: Well, I'd like to help people :grin: and be a mod

- explain why you feel you should be a moderator
I think I'd be good for the job. I've been a mod at many different forums, and admin as well. So I'm good with the CP's... And I think I'd work well as a mod, cuz I have respect for everyone :grin:

- your age
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This was a mistake, Am greatful that I have been given enough time to think this through, and now am definately sure without a doubt that am ready to serve but not in Blue colour:wink: I am sure that this is God's will.

What a humbling and difficult experience it has been for me. .but it was worth it. there is an article i posted about "Others May, You cannot" by --G. D. Watson in the Lounge Forum some time back. How true this article rings in this Journey of mine.

Anyways, thanks to those who inspired me to apply :star:
Remain Blessed, F.
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My application, as Chad knows I didn't think I fit the requirements :wink:

- brief but clear detail of what you believe in, your personal statement of faith

I believe in a living God, that consists out of 3 unique individuals, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I belief that Jesus Christ is the Champion of salvation and that every human on earth can be saved by believing in Him. I believe Jesus died for my sins and was raised from the dead three days later. I also believe in a living Word of God, I believe the Bible is the only book anywhere that is truly alive. I believe in baptism by water and baptism by the Holy Spirit, I believe every Christian needs to experience both baptisms. I believe in eternal life and the only way to receive it is by being saved, through Jesus Christ.

- your physical location (Country / Timezone)

South Africa, GMT 02:00

- your computer and Internet skills

I am good with computers, I don't have any questions really about computers, the same goes for my internet skills, I am quite comfortable with a computer, I spend hours a day in front of the pc and internet.

- how often do you visit Talk Jesus?

I would say in general I visit Talk Jesus every day, that's to say if I don't have any internet related problems. I spend about 2 hours a day on Talk Jesus, although it has been less the last couple of months, I was more active when I registered.

- your views, motives and goals on Talk Jesus

I believe Talk Jesus has taught me a new kind of discipline, something that I thank this site for. The rules that are in place may be a bit harsh to others, but it has really stuck with me since day one, especially the no links rule. The rules have been a blessing to me, the reason is that God's Word speaks more truth than a link, or another persons perspective.

My motive and goal is to help people with their Bible questions and or questions about God, I don't always know the correct answer, but if I read my Bible and study more things become clearer, and it has a strange effect of being needed by fellow members. Things I learn are asked by other members, that way I am able to help them.

- explain why you feel you should be a moderator

The idea of being here, starting off as a Christian with the strangest questions, then a few months later, to have a clearer view point about Christianity and God has totally appealed to me. I think that it would be a good step in my relationship with God and my relationship with Talk Jesus. The best thing is that God decides, based on that I can't say anymore, God will decide what's best.

- your age

I am 22 years old.
Staff member
Thank you very much for your application sister. I will pray on this. I know you've been a member for nearly 6 months only but I believe you've proven your faith here publicly and your motives. I will get back to you after a few days. God bless you.

Brother teraside, thank you also for your application. I will respond to you shortly as well.

Thank you!
This thread is still active, and if members feel that they could be of assistance at Talk Jesus, read the requirements on the first page and feel free to apply.

God bless you
Much love
I don't think you qualify dear brother, these are the basic requirements.

Basic Requirements:

* Computer skills
* Commitment (time)
* One year as a member (give or take a few months)
* At least 200 forum posts

Maybe try again if you have more posts and are sure that this is what God wants. You can read the requirements on the first page.
Please read the original first post of this thread, from Chad. The requirements include: computer skills, one year as a member, and at least 200 posts.
New Member
Something New to Do

Dear Chad, the computer skills are not so great. However, I can type and love to talk about the Word and theology. I love to teach and share the Word of God. I believe that the Bible is God's Word throughout Genesis to Revelation and that it is inspired and inerrant in all that God intends to teach. I graduated from a Christian College in 1981 with 2 degrees ie. Biblical Studies and Psychology. Through God's grace I obtained a Master of Divinity in 1989, but never found a church which was a good fit, though I tried for 5 years. At the present time I am in the process of retiring on disability because of a bad back which was brought on by injuries sustained during an auto accident while I was on active duty in the Marines in 1969-1970.

I live in Massachusetts which is on Eastern Standard Time.

As I said above, my computer skills are not so great. However, I worked as a Window Clerk in the Post Office for 7 years and that job entailed using an IBM touch screen computer. Years ago I was involved with a number of internet chat rooms and occasionally would go online looking for different rooms to witness. We would pray for one another, share the gospel in teams, and had a few Bible studies. My idea of fun is still exercising spiritual gifts and helping others to do the same. I have seen miracles happen.

It has been a while since I first got involved with TalkJesus. I do not know how I got sidetracked. The reason I came back is because I reponded to an e-mail you sent me asking about "where have I been". I have not established a regular routine yet but have time for something every day.

I am looking for opportunities to be salt and light wherever I can. I do not leave the house much because of my medication and physical limitations. I have had broad experience in the church--have a lot to share. Currently my wife and I are members of an independent Congregational Church which already has 2 pastors. One of them, Rev. John is 87 and been a Methodist minister for several scores of years; the other is Dr. Doug who is a baptist minister, a seminary professor, (at the place I attended), and I believe he was on TV as an expert for the show MYSTERIES OF THE BIBLE. This church does get me out the door at least once a week.

I am 56 and have known Jesus for more than 35 years. I have been happily married for 32 years. We have one son who is in the Navy.

If you would like to know more I would be happy to share it via e-mail. If you want to wait a while longer then that would be fine, too. May God Bless you with His wisdom in all your endeavors. InChrist Mike
Staff member
Thank you for your reply brother but generally you do not meet the requirements you are a brand new member with only 2 posts. I have to get to know the members personally before assuming trust and stewardship of a moderator position.

GOD bless
New Member
Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate it and understand. It all boils down to a verse the Holy Spirit gave me many years ago. It was from the gospel of John 15: verse 16. God knows me and I am looking forward to getting to know you. InChrist Mike
New Member
May the Lord Bless You

I just read all the post regarding moderators. What a wonderful idea to have 12 "apostles" moderate for TalkJesus. I myself, don't think that I am qualified, I just don't feel a spiritual conviction to moderate, but I praise TalkJesus and I pray to You Lord Jesus, that Chad will meet his goal and have his 12 moderators and may they be completely devoted to this ministry oh Lord.
God please bless this site and the wonderfully dedicated members and moderators, who work hard keeping the Scripture as it was meant to be.
May you all be blessed in the Lord for your work and efforts and Lord Jesus, please allow the Holy Spirit to guide Your moderators, in the wisdom of our Father.
I really love this site.
Amen:happy:ixie:love: :sun: :rainbow:
New Member
Dear Chad,

I would really like to be a moderator, however, I realize that I do not fulfill the requirement of the number of post and the longevity of my membership. Maybe in a few more months...we'll see what God has in store.

New Member
Potential Moderation

Dear Chad

Sorry if it appears that I "jumped the gun". It just seemed right because presently I have the time and the inclination. We do not know precisely how the Lord Jesus selected His apostles but of this we can be sure--the Father and Holy Spirit were involved in the selection. I will be praying that God guides your hand, Chad, not only with this selection but with all your endeavors. May God guide us all as we seek to glorify His Son in this world. As Solomon said, "Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain." (Ps. 127:1) InChrist Fitzman
Hi brother Fitzman, let me give you some background information.

There are many trouble makers that walk the roads of Talk Jesus, members get banned for not adhering to the rules of the site and they come back with alternate usernames. This is common practice.

The main reason Chad has these requirements is to make "humanly" sure that the members that request to be moderators are truly who they say they are.

Let me tell you this, with enough faith and dedication, walking your Christian walk and partaking on the forum, you will surely be considered by brother Chad and the fellow moderators. The main reason brother Chad can't accept a user with 4 posts is that he just does not know that user, like he said before.

Yes, the disciples of Christ was called with the help of both God the Father and Holy Spirit, but Jesus also had basis and knowledge regarding these men.

A post count is not your only drawback, try to ask questions and partake in discussions with a Christlike attitude and manner, just like you walk and live in your daily life.

I can for sure say, at first I wanted "really bad" to be a moderator, but God showed me new avinues and direction for my life, I was approached by brother Chad at a time when I least expected it, just like God works.

Sometimes we can't know for sure if something will happen, but if it happens it is surely the will of God, if we asked for God's will to prevail in our lives.

Don't give up hope brother, but don't toil and trouble over the fact that you could be a moderator on this site. You can easly increase your post count to at least 200 in one month, with constructive and usefull posts, then you will surely be considered.

God bless you
Much love
Staff member
Teraside said it well. I notice a lot of people increasing in their posts with fruitless responses sometimes. This may sound harsh, but I'm not blind. They do this because they have a thing about high post counts yet their responses are "amen", "I agree!", "cool!" and other things that really do not edify or even share an actual input into the thread topic at matter.

That is where "one year" requirement comes in as well. Its a matter of getting to personally know someone as a member and see the light of Christ in them through their posts and the way they respond to others.
New Member
We walk in the Light

Dear teraside

Thank you for your response, and I appreciate Pixie's words, too. I am not offended, not one little bit because I believe that Chad, monkeys and Dreamer all speak from the heart. We must walk in the light as He is in the light. (1Jn.1:7) I love the apostle John, but my tendency is to be more like Peter who wanted to walk on the water like his Master--and who tried to chide the Lord Jesus for talking about dying. I have my footprints all over my face. But I want what God wants--not just for me, but for everybody as it says in the Lord's prayer.

After all is said and done, we are all family and that will be the case until the end of time.


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