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Mental illness. Demons. Jesus.

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Sue, no doubt it sounds like you have a nice loving “Assembly” I am not against the assembly of God’s people far be it. Have you ever notice, people always tell people you are to find yourself a good church. If a person is lost or saved but “biblical illiterate “ how would they even know what a good bible teaching church is? Would it be the Reformed church on the corner, or the Presbyterian across the street, the “Congregational” next door to it, or maybe the “Episcopalian” just a little south of you, then there is non- denomination beside it, , the Jehovah Witness, my sister in law goes to. Then there is that person at work, the 7 day Adventist, Then there is the “Mormon” church who left me so much information a couple of days ago.
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No one lives in a vacume -- you're suggesting that born again or Not -- a person needs to have a good knowledge of Bible in order to find the Correct church. So, you're suggesting that Until a person has a good knowledge of the Bible, apparently on their own -- to not make any decisions about a church to go to. Well --for One thing -- what is that person's background. I, for instance, grew up conservative Baptist in a good Protestant community. People usually come from all sorts of backgrounds and hear the Gospel unto salvation and get into a good, Bible=teaching church. that's how churches grow. And, really, there's nothing Horrible about a Presbyterian church or some of the others -- Reformed for instance. It depends on the preacher. So -- visit with the pastor of the church - 1st. Ask questions.

We already know that a Mormon church isn't going to teach correct Bible doctrine. Neither do the J.W's. And the 7th Day Adventists tend to believe that a person has to worship on Saturday or you're probably not saved.

And, yes, there are a lot of different churches available -- we live in a country of freedom Of religion. People are free to read their Bible and decide what church they want to go to. Or they are free to be curious and go to the church down the block and hear God's Word and decide if they want to continue There or go else where.

And 'we' are free to share the Gospel with 'whomever' and invite them to Our church or Not. And we are free to be in our house reading and reading and learning and learning and associating with not many people. And in the process get side-tracked into some 'different' beliefs that are a bit off. then we Do get into a study group and find other's who find truths in God's Word that we agree or disagree with. So -- we start learning from Others.

I guess 'this' amounts to -- we are always going to be searching for 'just the right fit' in a church. Every church has it's pros and cons. Some people prefer 'Praise and Worship' and some prefer hymnal singing. And some have both Sunday evening and Wedn evening church activities. Some Don't. Some do 'small groups' - some don't. And they can All be teaching good, sound Bible. So , some end up going to a couple of different churches. And Then there are Also Precepts Study groups and CBS study groups.

As long as a group is teach Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that salvation is through Jesus Christ's shed blood on the cross and His rising on the 3rd day and that no good works on our part are needed in addition To the shed blood of Jesus Christ -- and there is a missions outreach. That group is probably a good one to be with. THAT interaction is Needed.

No one is going to 'slip through God's fingers' -- He already knows who will accept and who won't. No one will accidentally get 'left behind'.
This is the counselling forum. Better to use the Bible study forum to work through issues such as the nature of the church.
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