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Let's share a testimony of praise and thanks daily

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Today, I am thankful to God for my life - without going into details I had a shock this morning and it was upsetting but also very revealing in that I did not for one second feel alone - even though no other person was with me - God was there with me.

Lord, Thank you that through difficult times you are here, sorry for the times when I take you for granted, please keep meeting me where I am and help me to know you more everyday, Amen.
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I want to praise God and His infinite Wisdom for showing me that it is His time and not our own. So, be patient and allow Him to Work!!!

I went to church today and as our Brother Paul likes to say Kuriakon, :smile: which I have agreed with for some time. For we as the Body of Christ are the Eklesia, church of which Christ Jesus is the Head. Anyway.....for the first time ever, I heard this very same thing preached from the Pulpit!!! Emphasis was that this building that we are in is not really the church, but instead showed that we are! As awesome as that was it's not the real joy that I feel, and overwhelming gratefulness to the Father for working in my life and the life of my wife.

As many of you know my wife has physical problems that are ongoing. These have been difficult for her. She gets depressed, and it becomes quite difficult at times to lift her from these places of darkness. I prayed for a couple of days, that in going to church today that since her handicap does not allow her to go into the Sanctuary for service, that while sitting outside on a bench that fellowship would make its way to her there. It was like God moved the Body of Christ to just start finding their way to her. Greeting her with hugs and kind words! This happening I could see just brought to her a Spirit of Joy that had lately been missing from her.

So, all I can say is Thank-you Heavenly Father for hearing my prayers and moving the hearts of your children and bringing joy to my wife during these trying times!! All Glory and Honor and Praise to You my God forever.

Thank-you for listening my Brothers & Sisters in Christ.
I want to praise God for allowing me to see tonight a father teach his son how to ride a bicycle for the first time with out training wheels,

being a single person I have no children, and to be allowed to share in this joy was such a blessing from God.
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It is such a joy and blessing to read these testimonies of thanks and praise.

Thank you everyone for sharing. These types of posts are so uplifting.

It is early Spring here and as I write there is a wonderful chorus of bird song outside....Praise the Lord!
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