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Let's share a testimony of praise and thanks daily

Discussion in 'Devotionals' started by Fragrant Grace, Nov 8, 2017.

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  1. Greetings brothers and sisters

    Each day there are lots of helpful and thought provoking devotional posts copied and pasted onto Talk Jesus but.......

    It would be so good to hear personal testimonies of praise and thanks.......sharing the Lord's goodness in our lives with each other.

    Please post daily, weekly, monthly.....whatever suits you

    Lets get this community rejoicing, praising and thanking the Lord

    So are my simple thoughts and words of praise

    Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name
    Psalm 103:1

    Right now......There is a beautful sunrise here in South Australia....birds are singing, the sky is blue
    Thank You Lord for Your beautiful creation
    I am so blessed to have beautiful children beginning to rise on this glorious day
    And to live in a country where worship is safe

    Thank You Jesus
    Praise the Lord

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  2. Amen sister, I agree. This is encouraging to share what GOD has done in peoples' lives and it should be shared to glorify Him. Take it a step further and share these posts via social media to reach more people worldwide.
  3. Well, two and a half months ago the Lord moved me and my husband to a new location. This was not with a job, but totally a God-move. I knew God was sending me here to share his gospel and his love with the people here, so I have been praying about how to get out and meet the people of this community. I was reminded to do a search to see if they had a Newcomer's Club (women only), and they did, so I signed up. I went to a general meeting last week, and today I went to a ladies' luncheon, not knowing what to expect. So, I prayed that the Lord would prepare the way, and that he would place me next to the women with whom he wanted me to chat, and I believe he did.

    He placed me between two women who are both atheists and who are humanist celebrants, i.e. who perform or make arrangements for non-religious wedding ceremonies. So, I also prayed that God would direct the conversation and that he would open the way for me to share him, and he did. They had asked me why we moved here, and I told them I was a Christian, and that God had sent me here, so they ended up asking me questions about my beliefs and practices, and so I answered them, and they, in turn, shared their beliefs with me. It was a friendly talk, and I enjoyed getting to know these women. I liked them a lot. And, I think they liked me, too, even though we did not believe the same.

    One of the women asked me what I was the most passionate about, and I said, "Jesus Christ, and that he died on a cross for our sins so that we could go free from sin and from slavery to sin," etc. She didn't want me to be concerned over her soul, so I told her that if I liked her, which I did, but that if she was in a burning building, and I did not call out to her to get out (or to take the way out), then I wouldn't really like her, would I? Anyway, I told her I would pray for her, and I hope we have the opportunity to talk again sometime.

    And, I am praying about more ways to get out into the community to meet and talk with people, to get to know them, and to be able to share the love of Jesus with them in pure love and concern for them as individuals and in concern for their eternal destiny, too, basically to walk the walk that Jesus walked in how he ministered to people on a daily basis. He cared about them and their needs and their hurts but he also knew what they needed most, and so he shared that with them, because he loved them, and he knew what was best for them.
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  4. My sister in law, whom I love very much has been deathly sick for over a week and a half. She has been in the hospital for most of that time, mostly just not getting a lot worse but not getting any better. But the Holy Spirit tells me she will recover and I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit tells me things to ease my mind. I am thankful everyday for the Great Comforter!!
  5. There is so much to say but I will keep it sort.....I really don't care for long posts!
    It actually boils down to BC and AC...Before Christ and After Christ. I will just jot down just a few testimonies AC:
    • I immediately hungered for the word and praise music of the day ( Mercy Me )...still do and I am 69
    • I still cry ( good cry) with him on occasion but when I first invited him in, I cried like a baby; I could barely tell anyone what was going on without blubbering all over the place.
    • When it happened and I first got home, I finally found (?) my Grandmothers ( very old) Hymnal and it opened right up to Amazing Grace....I wept for and hour before I could read the whole song through.....still my most favorite hymn
    • I find much of the time the Bible is talking to me, whether I am in the OT or NT.
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  6. I like that song. We have it on a CD.
  7. Sometimes I find myself sitting alone and just thinking, and all of the sudden I bust out laughing and smiling because of what God has done to me, because I look back and see how he has changed me and I know that there is no possible way I could have made these changes myself, and I am in awe of God ever time, thank you Jesus !!
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  8. I like this! I relate to this so much. Laughing or tears of Joy. I smile to myself, spontaneously, all the time, can't really explain but I know where it comes from!
  9. I get that. I do something like that, too. :)
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  10. Yes amen @Dave M your post has led me into my praise and thanks this morning

    Thank You Jesus without You where would I be......

    Where would I be without Your great, great mercy
    Where would I be without Your deep, love
    Where would I go without Your light to lead me
    O my Lord, O my Lord,
    My Lord and my God*

    *beautiful song by Glen below

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  11. When I saw this thread this morning and went to gather scripture for what I wanted to
    praise the Lord for, the events of the day took over... providing another opportunity
    for praise.

    Isaiah 30:21~ And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee saying, This is the way,
    walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

    In context, the chapter is exhorting God's people to run to him for answers, help, and
    provision. It was a strong temptation for Israel of that time to place trust in the provisions
    of Egypt. Many times it's easy to run to the world, to the wisdom of men... and to trust
    God when these fail.

    Today I was accused of 'choosing things I can't see (God & HIS counsel) over those I
    love and can see' (family). But I have much cause for praise because the events of the day led
    to that moment, and to great conviction that, when this situation is finished playing out,
    I will not be ashamed for having trusted God... for waiting for HIM to act.
  12. Very wise words! Yes, it is hard sometimes taking a stand on what you know is from God, as is consistent with his divine character and will for our lives, and as is consistent with the teachings in his Word, in the gospel of Christ, because there will be people in our lives, even in our families, or within the church, who won't understand and who may even be offended by our walks of faith. So, it takes the strength of the Lord to stand strong during these times, and to not give way to the pressure of humans to go after what is of the flesh rather than after what is of the Spirit. So, we should not be ashamed for putting our trust in God or for waiting on him to act, even if we are mocked or criticized for it, or even if we are thought to be "crazy."

    Thanks for sharing this. It was very encouraging to my heart!
  13. Praising God this encouraged you Sue. I turned 60 this year. And in the decades I've walked with
    God, I've seen nothing quite like what's on the horizon now. I pray for all who are facing darts
    from the enemy, that God, who is the STRENGTH of our lives, is glorified to be just that... our
    strength. I love the scripture in Ephesians 3 (vs 10), that teaches that it is given to the church to
    teach the manifold wisdom of God to 'principalities and powers'. As God raises up in each of us,
    may we follow to the glory of His name.
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  14. I have been a believer in Jesus Christ for 60 years. I will turn 68 years old this Dec 31st. So, I empathize with you. Yes, we live in troubled times, no doubt. But, God is sovereign. Amen! He has a plan and a purpose for it all. Thanks so much for sharing what you did. I agree.
  15. I like to thank Him for changing me and giving me hope. God is good to me and He didnt give up on me when other people might think I was a write-off.

    One of my favourite songs is 'I am a friend of God.'

    Who am I that you are mindful of me
    That you love me
    When I call
    Is it true that you are thinking of me..its amazing

    I am glad I have a friend in high places!!! I may not be famous or wealthy or hobnob with the other half in this world but arent they so much poorer compared to the riches of His grace and abundance of Heaven. I didnt earn this either its an inheritance I treasure all the more.

    On the weekend I was on a garden ramble to a seaside place about 1 and a half hours away from the city. It had amazing views of the countryside. Many of the garden owners had sold up and moved there from the city and had great big or new properties they were showing off. Some gardens were very impressive and huge and they were only a few years old. All the houses were big and new too. Now most of the garden members of our tour group couldnt possibly maintain some of the gardens on this scale well not on their own strength and many are elderly. So there might have been some cases of garden envy cos wouldnt it be wonderful to have your own piece of land to do whatever you like with. How the other half live!!

    But I was reminded by God that money cant buy everything. He gives us his creation to enjoy, so whether we own a piece of land or not its really all His.
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  16. Thank you for sharing @Lanolin

    Yes, His creation, beautiful, glorious and free

    Praise the Lord
  17. Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings Thou hast perfected praise.
    Matthew 21:6

    Let us praise the Lord for our children who enrich our lives.

    Today my testimony of praise is simple

    My 7 year old daughter got up giggling telling me a funny dream she had about penguins

    What a cheerful way to start the day!

    My 6 year old daughter then got up and started singing "Jesus loves me this I know"

    Praise the Lord!
    Thank You for the joy You bring us through our children!

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  18. I am thankful for a hard tiring day at work today, my tiredness will help me to sleep better tonight. I am thankful that I dont have some office job like I used to, but instead get to work in the fresh air and sunshine working on vehicles.
  19. Lanolin - I hear you! I identify big time! I heard a song back in 1982 or earlier, and it brought me to tears, because it said the same thing. And, it was exactly what I needed to hear then and still need to hear from time to time now.

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  20. For me, this would be my grandchildren, all 13 of them, ages 22 mos. to 19 years. Some of them have such childlike faith in Jesus Christ that it just blesses my heart when I hear those declarations of faith lived out in their daily lives.

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