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How Do I Put on the Armor of God?

The biggest problem for me,is why do so many have different interpretations of scriptures? I am sure a are sincere in their beliefs. And very adamant as well by the way.
I listen though to different teachers. They all have massive degrees in Hebrew,Latin,Greek,Texican,you name it. But none can agree. One will say in Hebrew,this means this. The others you listen to on same subject, no....it means this.
Hi lentz,

I said I would come back to this....

To be honest, I find this to be a problem of language itself. (And then one of tradition.)

Think with me here.... Modern English has more words in its vocabulary than modern French, modern Spanish, and modern German... COMBINED !
(- Robert MacNeil, from the PBS special)​

This means that there is a single Hebrew word for which 60, maybe 80 English synonyms could be used, and some of these have nuance that give the exact opposite meaning.

I'll give an example here....

(Genesis 4:4 KJV) And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the LORD had respect (H8159) unto Abel and to his offering:​

But a good Hebrew lexicon (heck for all that matter you can check Strong's) will give you the primary definition of H8159 as "bewildered" or "dismay." Meaning, "and the LORD had dismay unto Abel and to his offering."

But that doesn't fit the narrative, now does it?

The same thing goes with Melchizedek and Abram, but I'm not about to bring that up here.

And that is why i seem to challenge people here.
And I think you should challenge away, but make sure you don't wind up crucified here, brother.

The core of everyones belief are all the same. God sent His Son, Jesus. Jesus shared His message for all. Jesus took our sins when dying on the cross, and opened the door for us to enter heaven.
I think I'll exercise prudence and caution.
That was exactly why i loved reading Corey Tenboom's book, where she talks about reading scripture is like eating a candy bar. You don't sit there and try to figure out the ingredients well you're eating a candy bar.
Maybe you should... instead of becoming diabetic (in doctrine).

( in reference to your comment "I find many doctrinal errors come from taking a single Passage speaking about a specific issue and then expanding on it into some General principle of which it was never intended")

Scripture was written in paragraphs.
If you'll note, I said Passage, which technically can be composed of a number of paragraphs. So... what's the concern here.

I feel that where it becomes dangerous is when a person changes what scripture has already established to fit their own thinking.
And what if some Pope or theologian or Bishop already did that, "change scripture to fit their own thinking," and that this has NOW become "established" belief?

There wasn't any "Rapture" until a fifteen-year-old girl in Glasgow Scotland had a vision in the early 1800's, a period already rife with the creation of JWs, Mormons, and Christian Science.

I'm not saying that you believe this, Bill, since Catholics don't, but I'm sure there are some on this forum for which the Rapture is as important a doctrine as communion.

(Oh, almost forgot the Millerites that became the 7th Day Adventists....)

And the more we spoke the more twisted it got, and he was absolutely certain he was right.
And can one be assured that you think you're absolutely certain as well?