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New Member
:shade: Hi everyone!!!
:embarasse i just realised I have been posting but I have never been to introduce meyself...ooops!!!
Anyways my name is scooby and I look forward to joining you all on the forum and growing and walking with you all in the journey of love and faith with Christ. :shade:
New Member
hey scooby :love: its really cool to meet you i have talked and chatted with your other half before . . .he was kinda makin fun of me watching a very good movie He should watch it with you some time . . .lol . . .it was really touching :love: however

Welcome to TJ sweet mommy of four rascals God bless you and restore your nerves daily :love: Thanks for joining your family online :love: hope to meet you sometime too
New Member
:girl_hug: :star: Wow i feel so welcome with all those lovley "hellos" :love: Thank you all so much and I can quite understand why Scrappy always enjoys visiting this wonderfull site. What a blessed place this is and I look forward to meeting many new friends as we all search and strengthen and deepen are faith in the love of Christ. :star: and i just love all these smilies as well!!!!! looking forward to getting to know you all. God Bless and Take care.
New Member
heya scooby..

welcome 2 TJ darlin!!! very happy 2 know ya..

glad u could join us.. i c ur otha half finally conived u in2 joinin us (good on ya scrappy!!lol)

so yea, i look 4wd 2 cying ya round

~God Bless!!~
New Member
i am glad your making your self known throught out the site... a question arises for me though... do you like Scoby Doo, at all?? LOL i do. thought the movies were funny. and all so yeah just HAD to ask you know...

Love simon!!!
I add my "Welcome!" to the others. I also love this site. I enjoy posting on these boards, but my heart is in live chat and the "at the moment" ministry that goes on there.

You can usually find me on live chat sometime between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. EST in the USA..
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