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Euthanasia. What the Bible says?

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality' started by Life49, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Ever increasingly in our modern society people are discussing the issue of Euthanasia.

    Here in Australia some people are lobbing to have our laws changed so that Euthanasia can be practised legally. There are those people who think people have the right to end their lives if they feel they need to, due to ill health etc... I, myself do not support the practise of Euthanasia, as in my opinion it is against the will of God. God only should decide when a person should finally die.

    Could you explain where in the Bible it states that Euthanasia is wrong? I know it says it somewhere, but am not sure in what section of the Bible it is explained.

    What is your opinion? Do you think that Euthanasia should be used under any circumstance?

    Just some thoughts. Fill free to comment.

  2. From

    Question: "What does the Bible say about euthanasia and/or having a living will?"

    Answer: This is a very difficult issue. There are two sides that are difficult to balance. On one end, we do not want to take a person’s life into our own hands and end it prematurely - euthanasia. On the other end, at what point do we simply allow a person to die – a living will?

    What about euthanasia? The overriding truth that drives me to the conclusion that God is opposed to euthanasia is His sovereignty. We know that physical death is inevitable (Psalm 89:48; Hebrews 9:27). However, God alone is sovereign over when and how a person's death occurs. Job testifies in Job 30:23, "For I know that You (God) will bring me to death and to the house of meeting for all living." In Psalm 68:20, we read, "God is to us a God of deliverances; and to GOD the Lord belong escapes from death." Ecclesiastes 8:8a declares, "No man has authority to restrain the wind with the wind, or authority over the day of death..." God has the final say over death (see also 1 Corinthians 15:26, 54-56; Hebrews 2:9, 14-15; Revelation 21:4). Euthanasia is man's way of trying to usurp that authority from God.

    Death is a natural occurrence. Sometimes God allows a person to suffer long before death is realized; other times, the person's suffering is cut short. No one likes to suffer, but that does not make it right for us to determine that a person is ready to die. Often God's purposes are made known through a person's suffering. "In the day of prosperity be happy, but in the day of adversity consider - God has made the one as well as the other so that man may not discover anything that will be after him" (Ecclesiastes 7:14). Romans 5:3 teaches that tribulations bring about perseverance. God cares about those who are crying out for death to end their suffering. God gives purpose to life even until the end. Only God knows what is best, and His timing even in one's death is perfect.

    At the same time, the Bible does not command us to do everything we can to keep a person alive. If a person is being kept alive only by machines, it is not immoral to turn off the machines and allow the person to die. If a person has been in a persistent vegetative state for a prolonged period of time, I do not believe it would be an offense to God to remove whatever tubes / machines that are keeping the person alive. Should God desire to keep a person alive, He is perfectly capable of doing so without the help of feeding tubes and/or respirators.

    As a person who has been through this situation, I truly feel for those who must make these life decisions. It is never easy to tell a doctor to suspend the life support of a loved one. We should never seek to prematurely end a life, but at the same time, neither do we have to preserve a life as long as possible. My best advice to anyone facing this decision is to pray to God for wisdom (James 1:5) in regards to what He would have you do.

    On a practical note, I believe a living will is an excellent thing to have. A living will simply states your desires in regards to this issue. A person with a living will can state that they do or do not want to be kept on life-preserving machinery. A person with a living will can say what procedures they do and do not want done to them to preserve their life. A person with a living will can state what conditions they do or do not want to be kept in. Most importantly, a person with a living will can save their loved ones from having to make these painful and difficult decisions.

    I personally do not think we should have the right to end a person's life. It's up to God to decide when we come and go!
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    Sister truly you beat me to it, lol.

    That site is great when it comes to answering questions.

    God is good.
  4. Thank you "rizen1" and "trulyblezze

    Thank you "rizen1" and "trulyblezzed" for your comments.Thank you for providing some of the Bible verses that clearly outline God's view on euthanasia. I will have a look at the web site, It should also be of some assistance on this topic.

    It can often be a very difficult decision to make when a loved one, is suffering or, and is on life support. Praying for God's wisdom and understanding is an excellent thing to do, when deciding to suspend the life support of a loved one. After all God always knows best for all who believe and trust in Him.
    My parents are now becoming quite old, and I may have to face a difficult decision or two, in the future. I know that God always gives us the strength to make these decisions, when they appear in our lives. Decisions, meaning....taking a person off life support when it appears that nothing long term can be done.

    Thank you again. You have been a great help!

    God Bless
  5. No problem brother! That's what we are here for

    Maybe you can have your parents sign a living will now before they get any older. I have a living will and I'm only 24! It's a great thing to have just in case.

    God Bless!
  6. Some people offered to euthanise Jesus on the cross, with vinegar mixed with gall or myrrh as he was suffering, but he refused. Jesus chose to suffer our sins, and bore in his body our pain.

    What a saviour! May we endure whatever suffering comes our way...because He lives.
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  7. If God wants to SAVE lives, hence the ransom of Jesus, thus putting him over life, so how can it be right to take a life even if its ones own?
    Revelation 21:4
    And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, . . .

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