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Empty and Uncertain...

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Thank you my sister!
I understand pain is part of the human condition and even our beautiful Lord in the flesh felt this pain, having not been greater or better ever than the Master, how fallible indeed I am. I'm so happy to have received your kind words and they affect me deeply and positively so thank you!

I am so sorry that your fellow "Christians" called you weak or one with little faith. How completely rude. I will say Melissa that what you are feeling is something that even the devout Christians feel at times. I'm so very sorry that you are going through such a tough time and I am praying that God brings you peace and strength. I have myself felt this way before and I find it helpful to surround myself with loving followers of Christ who will lift you up, rather then tare you down. Jesus knows your heart Melissa and he sees your pain. Let the Holy Spirit intercede and help you through this difficult time. Also I love listening to T.D. Jakes sermons when I'm feeing down. You can watch them on youtube:smile:
Look dude, it's not complicated to offer love - and that's all i wanted, love. Because money is temporal, but christian fellowship is something money can't buy but something the Lord wants us to have with other Christians. If you can't love someone, how are you light, and salt and an ambassador of Christ when you've made such callous statements?

I've since lost my need for repartee, but my brother i hope you know that sometimes what the world needs more is to be encouraged, and motivated, using scripture, using the experiences of your life to show people can move from darkness to light. As Christ has done in you, you'll do in others. I pray you'll have more of this.

Spiritual dryness and lack of money are different issues.

The OP specified the latter first. This would lead to the prior. If she had a job earning good money I doubt there would be spiritual dryness.

She needs practical business advice / donations more then prayers.

Melissa, at my church we have helped many members with business ventures. Feel free to pm me or discuss it here if you want.

Your spirituality is being tested, but I don't believe it is God's doing. I don't believe any of us are close to Job and will ever outside of our doing endure what he did.
Hello my sister,
Some of the Psalms have great suffering recorded from David - he went through what i called a peaks and troughs moments in his life - joy, belief, sadness, anger, depression. No one is infallible, not King David, not me, not you.

Your reply is stirring because I know you mean well, I know this because i read your reply on the other post i made. In my mind sister, you had a grand opportunity to speak life into me (the dead). Instead you used it to criticize me and so you spoke death into the thing that was dead. You can't be so quick to assume you know what's right. You know what's worked for you, and Jesus is so personal that that which worked in your season of maturity is not the same for someone else. Granted, we're all in different parts of our walk with the lord, I say this to not offend, but for you to consider what it means to come to a counseling forum and butchered, and what if someone had killed themselves because of what you wrote? Again, all in different parts of the walk is what I'm saying. My sister you have to be sensitive about what you say, and who you say it to on the other line.You can use all the scripture you want in this world, if it doesn't come from love, isn't said in love, through the one who gives it, it's used by the enemy as sin.

So that's it... in the end I'll see you one day in heaven, until then please keep me in mind as your sister

The psalmist went to God and worshiped Him.

He sang in psalm 51 create in me a clean heart, Oh lord and renew a right spirit in me.

This is what im talking about. We need to go to God and be FILLED. Sometimes repentence is in order. I know myself. I have been throught it and depression is not of God. I had to renew my mind and not give in to self pity. We cant cast our burdens on to others and expect them to carry us..,we need to go to Jesus directly. As I was saying. He is the wellspring. He says anyone who is thirsty to come drink. This is encouragement, I dont know why anyone would refuse what Jesus says. i cannot force anyone to drink. But I can lead them to the water and say well, try it.

Nobody is saying dont express your feelings. But you see fhe psalms always ended with worshipping and praising God. So praise Him. Even in your despair. It works it really does
Hey thanks so much for your kind words! I'm glad i'm not the only odd cucumber who feels pain.
I pray you be blessed and thank you again.

Lanolin, that's a very poor and unhelpful response. Read the Psalms. It is full of faithful people's struggles with despair and emptiness.

No-one on this forum except the writer of the opening post has enough information to be handing out unsolicited advice. What is more, she has made it very clear that the advice given so far has been hurtful.

Brad Huber was gracious enough to acknowledge quickly that his first post was clumsy, and

Many, many faithful followers of Jesus - spiritual giants even - throughout history have gone through long periods of spiritual dryness, depression or emptiness or uncertainty. i have been through it myself and it was an agonising, soul-searching experience. God alone knows the reason why it comes and goes.

I am grateful that when I was too weak and exhausted to walk the walk of faith, I had a few brothers and sisters who were willing to carry me. Prayer, compassion and gentle listening were a huge help. Well-intentioned advice felt like a kick in the teeth.

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