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Chad's Testimony

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by Chad, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. Wow! amazing.
    The bread guy really gave you bread! :)

    I'm sure God has more things in store for you as he has for each and everyone of us. How exciting to be part of it.
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  3. I see that this was a while back. Great testimony Chad. I hope the dry spell is over. This God's way. At first he saddles up real close and gives support. But after a while he'll back off to see what you are made of. Never forget in the dark what God told you in the light. By now I bet you could update this some.
  4. Chad,

    Glory Be to God in how your life has landed in the way that it should go. I was elated to get of the successes and your trials which laid why for you to prosper even as your soul prospers. Now you be bless! :)
    QUOTE="rizen1, post: 92469, member: 10619"]Chad, I praise God for your life.
    Hearing your testimony is one thing but reading it, left a good feeling inside. I'm happy to see the journey our Heavenly Father has taken you.

    God bless you
    A man after God's own Heart
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  5. Inspiring testimony. God is so good! ♥
  6. Wow what a beautiful testimony @Chad. God has truly been with you and guided you along his path. May he keep you close, and continue to bless you, both in your business and your spiritual life.
  7. Chad:
    Wonderful journey :) You are wise to allow God to choose your spouse.

    In 1993 my husband died from a cerebral hemorrhage, I had two young children and raising them on my own the following 12 years was the grace of God.

    When my son graduated from High School and was moving from home to go to College, I was 50 years old and wondered if I would be on my own the rest of my life, which was okay with me if that
    was the will of God. One day I was doing a Google search on non-denominational churches and in the sidebar "" came up. It was an on-line site for fellowship with other believers etc.
    I was not interested in a "dating" site. The Holy Spirit kept nudging me to open BigChurch, so I opened it. I read their Mission Statement and was impressed.

    So I prayed right then and said, "Okay Father, I give you 30 days to find my husband if he is out there, your eye roves the earth night and day looking for the righteous, so surely you can find a Godly man for me if that is your will. He has to love you as much if not more than I do"

    I paid the $19.99 for 1 month, completed the Personality and Spiritual Maturity testing and set back. I got 146 "hits" of interest the first 2 weeks, all over the world, Lima Peru, Australia, from all over.

    Out of them all, one man got my attention. He messaged me on the site and said my profile had been put in his mail box there. I didn't know at the time, if you have a match of 90% or better from the testing of
    Personality and Spiritual maturity, your profile gets placed in the man's mail box.

    He was a Methodist Pastor in Kentucky. We messaged, talked on the phone and he made arrangements to come to Florida to meet me. He was ready to get engaged :) A couple of days prior to his arrival he said he didn't want to get engaged, he wondered if we could get married while he was there instead. I know, I was thinking I have only known this guy for 3 weeks and have never even seen him, only photos, in 2005 there was no "Face Time". I prayed over that and what came to me was Jacob's well.

    You know the story, the girl waters the camels, then the servant tells her she is supposed to marry his Master's son. She doesn't freak out, she basically says I believe you and took the servant home to tell her parents. She had never seen her intended, no pictures, no phone, no letters nothing; but she trusted God.

    So, 3 weeks after we started talking, this 6'4" Godly man gets off the plane in Daytona Beach, Florida. He takes me to the baggage claim and takes a knee, he asked me to marry him and I said yes, he put an engagement ring on my finger.

    From there we went to the Courthouse and he purchased a Marriage License. We went to the hospital I worked at and the Chaplain whom I had known since I was 23, performed our marriage ceremony, with many of my friends and co-workers in attendance. So the very first time I ever saw my husband was the day he married me. Talk about an "arranged Marriage" :) My husband stayed in Florida with me 3 days and flew back to Kentucky. I stayed in Florida another month, worked out a 1 month work notice, so they could replace me.

    Then my husband flew back in, a moving truck arrived the next day and I moved to Kentucky. Tomorrow, September 2nd will be our 12th Anniversary :) Marriage takes work on both sides but if you are both wholly committed to God, it is a wonderful companionship relationship, best friend and lover. I would not change God's choice for me.

    So keep your eyes open for "the how" God works! p.s. God met my 30 day deadline early :)

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