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Chad's Testimony

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by Chad, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. Chad, i go back to read your testimony .. its quite great and awesome. The bread-man is a God sent to you. God used him for you that there's a purpose in your life that is capable. HE choose you no matter what HE knows who you are and has a wonderful plan HE has given you this site TALK JESUS. 1Corinthians 2:9

    At your age, you have grown matured in CHRIST. a strong foundation and spritual leader here. I praise GOD for that. God has many plans for you, one at a time. Its in his hand. He will give you the best in your life !!!

    To God be the glory!!
  2. Just thanks

    Wonderful testimony , you have changed your life completely God has given you the direction you so desperately needed in your life, You made the choice to except Jesus Christ as your savior, Wow!! I think what your doing for others is outstanding, You will and are forever blessed. Thank you for this sight. Kim
  3. A good example of how faith in God has turned hopes into reality. I'll keep you in my prayers so God will use you more and more each day. In everything you do, let Jesus's name be held high. :)
  4. Wow reading your Testimony gave me hope. I am not sure what to say .. I really relate to parts of it and others it's just good to know that God is always with people. Even when they dont expect it. Christ came out of no where for me really and turned me right around. Kind of like he did with you...and the weed thing. Except my drug experience was more colorful. Then the love life thing really hit me hard. I know I'm very young but I have been craving the comfort of a husband. And have actually just recently givin my love life up to God .. My preacher preached on being a good wife and told me that since I'm single and looking all I need to do is be the type of woman a Godly man needs and Christ will send him my way. so I gave it up to God and am focused on Christ which in turn makes me the type of woman a Godly man needs. As one of my guy friends struggling with it put it he wants his "centerfold to have christ as her centerfold" ..

    Anyways good luck! and keep praising God .. you are doing a WONDERFUL work by running this forum!

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    wow. very long..

    very cool..

    very nice...

    It's worth....

    I'm blessed and enjoyed reading.. hehehe

    Praise God for working so wonderfully in your life Bro. Chad.

    May you be blessed more of His bountiful blessings and unsearchable riches in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen

    May the Lord also continue to bless this site. Amen. Thank you Lord for blessing TJ always.
  6. Chad, i thank God for you. This forum is trully anointed - i am not saying this to make you feel good..... I am saying this to Glorify God and to thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit of God to have opened a forum like this. Every time i open it, i feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. God will continue to bless you as you continue to listen to Him and open your heart to Him. He is indeed faithful and as for your wife....God will give you your heart's desire. I have been married for 10years now and my husband and I are the best of friends. God is a true matchmaker, wait on Him alone...

    God bless you as you continue ministering. He knows your name, He knows your every thought, He sees each tear that falls and hears you when you call.
  7. Bro your testimony was good, Even I seek the presence of god and have got it at times but lost it too. I was browsing around the internet so that I can learn about god the fun way and make his presence felt in my life. And I found This site. Great work n this is an awesome site. God is working through you.
    God Bless
  8. Chad,
    have you noticed that you are gifted writer, and preacher?
    I would second the suggestion to write a book on your story.
    I'm really blessed. Would you update your status? It is no longer single :)
  9. Thank you for your kind words.

    Wherever GOD leads, His will be done. Book, movies, music or just a simple man in general ... His will be done.
  10. :)

    You are a blessing, this website is amazing!! I thank you for sharing your testimony. I would like to say that like yourself I have prayed for God to show me who he has for me and his will be done. When reading your testimony on the fact that these young women never call I bursted out laughing :)

    Our Heavenly Dad is fuuunnny !!! He does the exact same thing to me, I felt as though I was constantly being rejected and as if I had a plague or something, but he loves us so very much that he protects us. I praise you Father God!!! He has you in the palm of his hand !!! And yes, I hear that all the time "You will just know", and "It will come when you least expec it" Amen, I believe that for us both. :)

    I also felt convicted as you explained the "dry times" I feel that at this time, and you are very right when you say it humbles us. I can surely feel, and see the difference of a life with God and without. I don't like the dry times but it is building my Faith.

    I send you prayers, and love Chad keep on keeping on!!!
    Once again, thank you for your obedience to God and building this website. <><
  11. Chad,first I of course want to thank you so much,both for what you have done,and what you are continuing to do on this site! I have not only been blessed my your testimony,but indeed by all the bright lights for Christ on this site,it is like no other site, I have ever seen. As I was about ready to close for the night,the Lord gave me something for you,usually when I recieve what I believe to be something from the Lord,I only give it out in private,but in this one case, I am going to share it with all,as a real testimony not only to you Brother,but for all of us to look upon, and think about. Proverbs 3:1-12 I pray that it bless you Chad,and all others who may read upon its wisdom from the Lord. I have a most thankful heart to you,and all here.May Jesus ever continue to be praised,and may his love find all,who call upon him and follow him!! amen
  12. I LOVE reading testimonies .. every testimony is special, unique and shows us again how great God is!!

    Thank you for sharing Chad and may God continue to bless you!
  13. This is a great testimony...God is great!! I feel blessed and touched just reading it, but we thank God for the things hes done in your life and more things he is yet to do.Blessing the man who delievered bread to you. Thanks for sharing.

    Stay blessed!
  14. HI Chad,
    THanks for putting on your testimony, it was a pleasure & blessing to read it and all that God has done for you in your life.
    May God blessyou,
  15. Good testimonies! Praise God for the Bread guy, He had real love for the lost !
    I too went too yahoo chat everyday ,in about all the rooms at times! Still speak to some of the people ! used to be called everything at times! other times , i would see miracles take place on line ! Been watching as how some are growing in truth ! who used to talk bad to me ! Now listen and appear to even love me now ?
    I love seeing people accept the free gift of eternal life and grow in truth and understanding !
    The true church is the most mighty force on the earth ! They having the Holy Ghost of course!
    Time running out , i believe and so many need to have a relationship with the Lord ! Once the true church leaves it going to be hard on those left behind to live in love and truth or even get the truth ? Much less live it ?
    Life can be hard for people even in the USA! But what is ahead for this nation and the world is serious ! Now the time to reach out too as many as we can ?

    Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

    I never used to tell anyone my testimonies ! But God told me , i think in 2005 to start telling them ! So i do now !
    When the Lord told me that ? He told me to go to a certain church and i had been writting the the night before as the Lord reminded me of them ! I took one paper with me and gave it to the pasrtor ! For about two years after Him reading it ? He would turn His back on me as i came though the door !
    But now He kisses my cheek and hugs me ! It amazing how God changes people ! How i have changed , how each of us are changed as life here goes on !
    We tend to forget ? What evil we did in life , before coming to the Lord ?

    Luk_7:47 Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.

    We need to stay humble and forgive as much as we can ? Easy to hurt others or plant seeds that can cause some to Not accept the Lord or kind of fall away from the Body of christ?
    Many are weak in the Lord and need lifted up and Loved with His pure prefect Love ! Some are suffering lots ! just come here to be loved and the fellowship which they Need so much ! The can become mighty in the Lord with a little love !
  16. hello again Chad...

    Well its been many years, but I re-signed up again. read the story of YOU, and thanks for the many great efforts. Wondering what else do you do? or how do u support yourself?

    Yeah, you kept reminding me to come back, so many times I had to...LOL!
    so I will also try to help.
  17. Amen. Wonderful testimony. Praise GOD for HIS grace upon you. AMEN
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    this reminds me how I would always be in yahoo games chat back in high school. perhaps I may have seen or come across you and would not even have known it. I wasn't truly saved at that point so I just shrugged it off and laughed. l admit I even heckled them sometimes.

    God forgive me for years wasted.
    That's an amazing testimony Chad. It's never ceases to amaze me how God uses or fellow man to do his work in these days. Bless the bread man and yourself and all those wandering about online may they be brought to this website. @Chad
  19. I am glad you shared your testimony Chad. Nearly every single testimony I have read, always have a ring of faith, humbling, and trust in God, and yours was added into that good group. Keep up the faith!!
  20. WOW I unfortunately remember those club nights all too well. Very similar to my "younger days". Ugh I never want to go through that again!!! Your story is very encouraging and I hope I can find my purpose for His plan too!!! Thanks for sharing!!
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