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Can you be a Christian without loving your neighbor?

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Has love conquered satan? Pls no spiritual mish mash of an answer, has the love of Christ turned satan into a christian?
the difference is that satan can not repent, as long as a human being is alive they can repent and there is hope for them
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I was just reading of similar examples given by you, in a book called tortured for Christ, amazing to see the true love Of saints, more worried about the people that are torturing them, then they are worried about being tortured,
I know right? I am reading a fantastic book right now called " Jesus Freaks" that tells stories of martyrs throughout history including the Apostles about people persecuted and killed for Jesus. Some of these people, including children were very brave and glad to die for Christ, for they felt it they had to live their lives without Him then it wasn't worth living. I feel the same way.
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I was saying that to point out that love doesnt conquer all. Would you say that it does?
I would say if that it does. Loving Satan will not conquer him but God's love for us will. If God comes to hate Satan for what he has done, it is only because He loved him first. All emotions stem from love whether directly or indirectly. Satan only hates us so much because of how much he loves himself.