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Are/Were your parents believers?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Fragrant Grace, Nov 6, 2017.


Are/Were your parents Christian believers?

  1. Yes I grew up in a Christian family

  2. Yes they were saved in later life

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  3. No

  4. No they are part of another religion such as RC, JW, Islam etc

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  1. Wow! What kind of question is that? My parents were Romanist..what they call Catholic...They both served their church faithfully. I remember often being offended because my mother spent so much time working for the church and not being with us kids....though it was a relief too, because I was terrified of her....poor girl.
    I was at my dads side when he died but before, he was in his bed at home and I think it was the day before the big event..he wanted to sing 'How Great Thou Art' His favorite....This Romanist man sang weakly and we joined him, but near the end of the song he pointed upward, and the expression on his face....He glowed! Not literally of course but I've never seen such delight on his face! "Look! They're there! Waiting" Then the next day he died....I KNOW he went to be with the Lord.
    During his life, I've seen him cussing, falling down drunk, super angry, he almost broke my nose because I couldn't figure out a math problem...LOL; and I saw the good side of him too of course...but I rarely heard him speak of God.
    My mother....I was not there when she died, though I wish I had been. She spoke of God quite a bit..Well enough to terrify her sensitive little boy....I don't know, I just don't know....I hope she is in heaven....She went through too much hell as a child.....
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  2. Hmmm.. mine were "half and half". Mom was saved all my life. Dad didn't get saved until I was in my 50's.
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  3. That must have been such a wonderful see your father saved in his later years @B-A-C

    Praise the Lord
  4. Raised in a Roman Catholic Church, got saved in a Assemblies of God Church. Later I led my father to the Lord, but he never made Jesus to be his Lord. My mother had always believed in Jesus, and she forced me to Church, and even to become a Alter boy. She wanted me to become a priest,....I did but not the kind she wanted. :)
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  5. Hey Curtis are you a pastor??
  6. I am not a pastor, the Lord has called me to teach his Word. I would not want to be a pastor. Usually, pastors are also teachers, but this teacher is not a pastor......thank you Jesus.
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