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I know the Bible states that drunkereds will have no part in the Kingdom of God. It does not bother me if people drink, I just can't I am the one with problem with it. Maureen, I had a husband who was a drunk, he drank everyday. Then he would beat me and say he loved me, and put me donw everyday. It got to the point of me killing him or him killing me so I left. I was not a believer in Christ then. So that made a difference also. My prayers are with you Maureen. If you want you can go to the Lord's website hiprophet.net and read my story of what God did in my life.
God Bless,

in His service,
Ok people wake up alcohol is wrong full stop just do the biological study on it and you will soon see that it is bad. and please don't be shallow and say scinece says a little is good for you actually study it and you will see the lies we are fed. secondly friends the water into wine was not alcohol this is prooved by both length of the Jewish wedding. if they had been drinking fermented wine all that time they would have no idea weather it was good or not. and yes Jesus was called a drunkard and glutton but those people who said it where the same who said Jesus was the power of satan. hmmm remember that prophets in those days lived very simply eating minimal food and lots of fasting etc so they were wondering why Jesus eats and drinks like everyone els so to speak.

read the facts on alcohol one of the biggest causes of abuse violence death etc and you think Christians can partake in things that have this effect. your body is the temple of GOd so therfore glorify God in your body. God gave us our bodies so if we love Him we will look after them and alcohol even a little does the exact opposit. study it friends do not give the appearance of evil. be pure and love what is right. don't dismiss this just cause you like to drink study it.
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I have to agree with gotime. when you drink and then say you are Christian it is not setting a Godly example or a lot of things so called Christians do these days. You are right about abuse I lived with an drunkerd for 7 years married him and was abused everyday. Have had friends die from it. Lost my brother from drinking and driving. You can see the damage it does to all concered. Our bodies our the dwelling place for the Holy Spirit do we want to put posion in it.

Effects of Alcohol

Dear Friends,

Without sounding condescending or 'holier than thou' on the topic of alcohol, and i myself having taken alcohol for a short time and then quiting, i would not like to take for granted those of my brothers or sisters who could be struggling with alcohol or its effects.

I watched a documentary on google about the effects of alcohol and it is shocking to hear that a glass of alcohol kills as many as 1 million brain cells...among other complications.

In short, I agree with gottime that alcohol should be avoided. And for those who could be struggling with it, make a conscious effort to stop and preserve the temple of the Holy Spirit which you have been loaned here on earth.
[COLOR="Black"]I think it was great topic everyone shared their two cents, at this moment however, I'm lead to close this thread.

God bless everyone.

Everyone will be accoutable for their lives, we are called not to judge.
Its a new year.[/COLOR]
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