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10 End Time Prophecies

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Revised Roman Empire.

The AntiChrist will use the United Nations to control the World. He has already requested to be the king over Europe. His heraldic achievements literially bears the satanic imagery which is the "calling card" of the Antichrist, whose power, thone, and great authority literially derive from the "red dragon" or Satan. He will contol the world's false religions and cults as He will be the Head of the Apostate Church.. He has already received a tracible bio-chip implant which is now believed to be the very mark that will be used in being divine judgment upon all those who receive it...
I have read your postings and some of your ideas sounds wonderful. As you post what you beleive will happen needs the scripture, book, chapter and verse. If we are to study the ideas, we need to know how you received these enlightments. We need verification by our Lord Jesus. His word is the way to accomplish this.
Endtime prophecies.

Greetings to my brothers and fellow kings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You are right...Yet time and the sake of wisdom I will do as you request. I need to know if you would rather discuss the mark of the beast or whom fits the mechanics of being the coming Antichrist or the priesthood of the believer, the kingship of the believer. I have opened a couple of topics and will give you chapter and verse to any of the topics I can relate. I fully agree that unless we have precise verse and scripture, I would be made a false prophet or liar in which as the holy Spirit bears me witness, I shall speak forth the wisdom of God's word...I shall give the verses of scripture but for the sake of time, you must look these up yourselves. Now the coming AntiChrist of coarse shall not be called this by any means except to those who know the truth and have the witness of the Holy Spirit.

Shall we examine a kingdom that is now present and royalty to the hightest degree on earth, but in their heritage, exposes the total deception and falsehood even know to mankind. For the sake of knowledge and the errors being reveiled shall we know the truth of their deception and know that in these last days God is making known to His people, the Church and Bride of Christ, the Saints of glory, the time of prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes..But I have found that even so, that many even in the body of Christ will not believe the facts that are presented here and again, judge for yourselves and try the spirits to see, if the truth of God is represented here and if so, proclaim it on the roof tops and let not a deaf ear go untold, because as Ezkiel proclaimed, "Unless we tell them, their blood will be upon our hands!" I have made several points and I must continue these points because they lead up to the facts and are the facts to which has been made known, even as I write these words. We have now not just a group of people who make claims of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene being enspoused to one another but a whole nation.

They believe that they are actual decents from Jesus Christ and Mary, to whom believe that Jesus never died on the cross but was replaced allowing children to be born of them, when the Romans temporarily lifted their siege of Jerusalem shorty before the destruction of 70 AD, Mary the Magdalene fled with her children to France via the Mediterranean Sea, where they eventually married into the royal Frankish family..Such contridictions to the Word of God have been allowed, bestowing deception and spiriual deception to reign high in what these people have been lead to believe. Satan is going to use them in the darkest hour mankind has ever experienced or will ever experience again save the time at the end of the 1000 year reign of Christ on this earth. This nation to which the Antichrist is born is England. Until next time, Danny
Danny you stated that the Anti-christ geneaology links him with David and is from the tribe of Dan. Amazing! I would like to know who you think he will be and scripture to verify your belief. This will be a great bible study for me if I receive a starting point from you.
God Bless. Sonny
Danny, I have not received the scriptures to study yet. Will you post them or do I have to beleive that there is none.
My girlfriend and i believe that the end times are much more closer now. The points listed in this thread seem to be coming true, you dont really have to look that hard to notice the changes in the world.

There have also been occurances in the world lately that suggest that SOMETHING is happening, even if it isnt the dinfitive End Times.

For example; early on this year a pilot who was of no faith was taking off from Heathrow. During mid-flight he was described to have a "breakdown" and he was screaming the Lords name asking to be saved. He was in such hysterics that he had to be strapped down and taken away after the plane was landed safely.

Another thing yesterday happened which is highly unsual, last night there was a earthquake in England. I felt a small temor but Earthquakes in England are practically unknown.

Its things like these whcih tell me something is happening End Times or not. I have a strong feeling Jesus is coming closer then we think and i for one am very exciting about that prospect.
Another thing yesterday happened which is highly unsual, last night there was a earthquake in England. I felt a small temor but Earthquakes in England are practically unknown.

Its things like these whcih tell me something is happening End Times or not. I have a strong feeling Jesus is coming closer then we think and i for one am very exciting about that prospect.
I agree, when I heard this on the news I said to my husband that's a sure sign of the end times.
Jesus is waiting.
God's timepiece

Consider Israel as God's timepiece. The times (ages) of the world are measured according to what's happening in the Holy Land.

I am one who believes that "the times of the Gentiles" came to an end when the Israelis took back Jerusalem (I forget, silly as it seems, whether that was in 1967 or '68). The next age identified in the bible is what is called "endtimes", which include all the events, happening faster (like birth pains) leading up to "the time of the end". There are more, but let's just say that we are VERY likely living in the end times.

An excellent book to keep you informed as to Israel's place in prophecy, and what has been fulfilled in recent history, is "EPICENTER" by Joel C. Rosenberg. I highly recommend it! And of course, the Bible.
Timing of Gentiles..

Brother, to my understanding, The time of the Gentiles will continue during the full reign the the Antichrist, they will come against Israel until Jesus returns and redeems them and they will gladly receive Him as Messiah!
I've been attending a series of meetings lately,
the speakers mentioned on Thurs night something with regard to the end times.
He said although we have signs now, even that earthquake this week in the Mainland England.
but even so, it would still be 1000 years or more before the end.

I really wanted to enquire of him at the end of the meeting his knowledge for this, but it left my mind as we discussed other matters.
I guess each of us will have our own specualtion for this, but really only God knows when.

As I personally know a lady in her 70's who says she is not going to die she is going to be alive on this earth when the Lord returns.

I wanted to share this with him, and now I won't be back as I have other commitments at other meetings and won't be able to fellowship with him regarding this.
He spoke well the nights I heard him, tonight his text was 'Ye must be born again' John 3 v 7 and my husband went with me, praise God.

It was just lovely again to renew fellowship with all the one's whom I'd befriended through my Dad while he was alive.
As it was his wee church these meetings were held in.

Gave me a bit of a hunger for that church again, after 2 years too.

It's great when people let you know they're happy to see you again.
It gives you an all over good glow.
I'm leaving it with the Lord, He will show me as and where I've to be.
I have heard some folks say that they don't believe the church, the saints, will go through the 'Tribulation' that they will be caught away from it, but when you read the scriptures how can you not think it.

To give your life for Jesus, sure He gave His for us.
I would know of no better fitting way to die.
for He is worthy.
There's some faulty thinking in the belief that the church will have to endure the tribulation; scripture clearly indicates that we will be saved from this horrible time. The tribulation will be worse than anything ever seen. Also note that the words "church" and "churches" dissappear by chapter four of revelation and don't reappear until near the end. Don't try to say "look for the church" because by that time in the book, the church isn't mentioned from chapter 4 until chapter 18 or 19.

Taken from the Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible (KJV)

1. Both Jesus and the apostle Paul (under inspiration of the Holy Spirit) promised believers they would be saved from the "wrath to come" (Matt. 3:7; Luke 3:7; 1 Thess. 1:10), and kept from "the hour of trial that shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth" (Rev. 3:10). Such a "trial" has not yet occurred, and we have Jesus' unconditional promise to keep believers out of that trial (Rev. 3:10). Paul gave that same promise in Romans 5:9; 1 Thessalonians 1:10; and 1 Thessalonians 5:9. The Hebrew prophets referred to that future time of "wrath" or "trouble" for Israel over fifty times, and although Israel has suffered much throughout its tragic history, those prophecies will not be fulfilled until the Tribulation. (emphasis added) All the other interpretations have at least a portion of the Church experiencing all or some of the Tribulation period, which we believe, contradicts the above scriptures.

2. the pretribulational view is the most logical view of second-coming Scriptures when taken for their plain, literal meaning whenever possible. Many of the details of the Second Coming must be pieced together from various passages of Scripture, no matter what view you take. The pretribulational position finds a logical place for every second-coming passage. Like a completed puzzle, all the pieces fit.

3. The pretribulational position clearly and logically untangles the contrasting details of Christ's second coming. The Scriptures say that Jesus will come in the air to secretly to rapture His Church, yet He will also come to the earth publicly. According to the pretribulational view, the coming of Christ in blessing for His Church and His return to the earth in judgement are two distinct events separated by time. The book of Revelation and 2 Thessalonians 2 clarify what takes place between those two events.

4. The pretribulational-rapture position is the only view that makes a clear distinction between Israel and the Church. The lack of a proper understanding of the relationship between Israel and the Church in Bible prophecy is one of the major causes of confusion, as illustrated in the teachings of amillenialism and posttribulationalism. Pretribulationalism is the only position that clearly outlines the program of the Church.

5. Pretribulationalism is the only view that makes "that blessed hope" (Titus 2:13) truly a blessed hope. Few Bible doctrines have brought more hope to grieving souls during the past two thousand years than the doctrine of this "blessed hope," the teaching that Christ will return for His Church, resurrect the dead, and transport living believers to be with Himself while the world endures the Tribulation. The midtribulational position destroys that hope by forcing the Christian to anticipate the trauma of at least part of the Tribulation. Posttribulationalism further destroys such optimism in that it propels us through the entire Tribulation period. No proper reading of Bible prophecy gives credence to the idea that the Church will be on earth during that seven-year period. The judgement pictured in Revelation is clearly intended for Israel and the Gentile world. Keep in mind that the teaching on the Rapture was given to comfort those who mourn! The threat of experiencing the Tribulation is hardly a doctrine of comfort to the saints.

6. Pretribulationalism allows sufficient time for important end-time events to occur. The pretribulational view allows adequate time for Christians to be taken to the Father's house, experience the judgement seat of Christ ("every one of us shall give an account of himself to God" [Rom. 14:12]), yet the view still provides time for the Marriage Supper events in heaven before He comes "with power and great glory" to the earth (Matt. 24:30; Luke 21:27). Other viewpoints offer various periods of time for these events to take place, but all are too brief to allow adequate time for important events listed in Revelation.

7. Only the pretribulational view preserves the motivating power of the imminent return of Christ that was such a challenge to the early Church. In John 14:1-3, Acts 1:11, 1 Corinthians 15:51-52, Philippians 3:20, Colossians 3:4, and many other passages, the apostles taught that Christ could come at any moment. When the Church loses this form of anticipation, she tends to become carnal and spiritually dead.

8. Pretribulational Christians are looking for the coming of the Lord. Other views have Christians awaiting the Tribulation, Antichrist, and great suffering. In fact, only the Rapture could occur as soon as today - the Glorious Appearing cannot occur for at least seven or more years.

9. Pretribulationalism emphasizes the magnitude of the Rapture. Since at least four passages of Scripture describe the Rapture, it must be a significant event. The posttribulational view trivializes the Rapture, treating it as an express-elevator trip - zip up and right back down! The pretribulational view treats it as a dignified, blessed event commensurate with a heavenly Bridegroom who comes to take His Bride to His Father's house for their wedding.

10. Pretribulationalism most clearly fits the flow of the Book of Revelation. Revelation 4:1-2 by itself never could unlock the mystery of the Rapture, but since that event is revealed in other passages ( 1 Thess. 4:13-18, 1 Cor. 15:50-58, John 14:1-3), one may appropriately identify John's call up to heaven as a rapture event that unfolds before the Tribulation period

11. The pretribulational view explains why the Church is not mentioned from Revelation 4:3-18:24. There must be a reason why the Church is so central in the first three chapters of Revelation but disappears until the Glorious Appearing. Pretribulationalists insist that the Church has already been raptured before the events of this passage of Revelation. Midtribulationalists and posttribulationalists would ask us to find the Church in the Tribulation even through she is not mentioned in Revelation 4-18.

12. Pretribulationalism preserves the credibility of Christ's word that Christians will be kept from the Tribulation. The pretribulational view is the only one that resolves the contrasting difficulties of Revelation 3:10 and 7:14. For if Church members will be among the martyrs of 7:14 who are killed during the Tribulation, then the Lord will not have kept His Word in 3:10. Pretribulationalists explain that there will be no person from the Church on the earth during the Tribulation. The Church will be raptured before it begins - fulfilling the Lord's promise.

13. Pretribulationalism explains why there is no Bible instruction on preparation for the Tribulation. Doesn't it seem strange that although the Bible advises Christians how to face ordinary, everyday troubles, it submits absolutely no instructions related to the worst time the world will ever face, a period filled with frightening events that have never come close to being fulfilled? Pretribulationalists have a simple answer. The Church will not be there! The apostle Paul presented the Rapture as a treasured truth that was to bring comfort to believers. Just as Paul intended it to (1 Thess. 4:18), the pretribulational Rapture doctrine has comforted milllions of Christians in their hours of grief.

The problem with saying the seventh trumpet is the trumpet ascension is that it makes revelation confusing; what about when John heard the command "Come up here!..?" I know he was just being shown the things that are to happen, but you notice how the words "church" and "churches" dissappear by chapter four? After John is taken? Also, the woman is NOT the Church. The seed of the woman represents the remant of Israel who believe in Jesus Christ; and considering the Antichrist will sit in the temple and declare that he is God, this verse makes it clear that he will try to destroy the Jews who believe in Jesus. To understand biblical prophecy, you need to understand the difference between Israel and the Church; they aren't the same. Chapter 12 of Revelation is about Israel; not the Church. There will be Tribulation Saints, but the actual Church has been taken by now; the "restrainer" has been taken out of the way to allow the Antichrist to rise to power.

Some think that we should have to die for our faith for it to mean anything. While many have died for their belief, we don't need to die for ours for it to mean anything. The Tribulation (the last seven years; the 70th week of Daniel) will be the absolute worst time in history. God will not force His own children to suffer through it; even the first 3 1/2 years will be the worst anyone has seen. The tribulation will begin at the signing of the covenant between Israel and the antichrist.

Some have even called our pre-trib belief "escapism," and it basically is. But think about this; wouldn't you rather be at home with the Lord when He comes from heaven to take us home before God pours out His wrath, or would you want to suffer through a time that will be a combination of the wrath of Satan against believers and the wrath of God against the unbelievers?

A midtribulation view or posttribulational view denies the imminency of the Rapture. "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only." (Matt 25:36) Instead of waiting for the Antichrist, we are told to wait for Jesus. "And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come." (1 Thess. 1:10) (bold added); "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words." (1 Thess. 4:16-18) (bold added)

Now, I don't see how we can comfort each other with telling people we're going to have to live through a "great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time." (Matt 24:21)
I do agree, that the plagues cannot come until the trumpets have been blown. The trumpets cannot blow until the seals are opened.

"Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth." (Rev 3:10)

This should clearly tell anyone that we will not be forced to undergo tribulation. The seals have NOT been opened, so the trumpets have NOT been blown, and the vials have NOT been poured. These will not happen until Christ comes to take us home.

We do not need to look for the coming of the Antichrist. We should look for the coming of the Lord; He will come unexpectedly. Saying that this last trumpet is the seventh trumpet judgement is denying the imminency factor. If it was the one of revelation, that means we should look for the last world ruler, the last world war, the horrible judgements of a third of the world vegetation being burned up, a third of aquatic life being killed, wormwood causing the water to be bitter, the sun moon and stars being darkened by a third..now can you honestly believe that God would force His own children to go through this time of horrible suffering? As said before, there's direction on how to live in this life, but no direction on how to live through tribulation; simply because we won't be here. God would never force His own children to go through a time that is intended for the wicked. For we have not been appointed to wrath, but to salvation.
Hallelujah for His salvation.

What a horrible time that will be to have to go through.
People really are unaware of what is ahead, but then would many believe if told?

Many are going to realize when it's too late to choose.

We really are only passing through this life to reach the next, in glory.
Well the good thing is that we won't have to go through the Tribulation. Those who are born again Christians will be spared from this time. But those who are "left behind" will be left to suffer; there will be people who become saints during this time, but the actual Church will have already been taken to be a part of the Judgement Seat of Christ and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Don't worry; the judgement we go through won't be of salvation (obviously we were saved if we appear before Christ =] ), but of rewards.

Just remember, Christ is the groom and the Church is the bride. Would a groom allow his bride to be put through danger? Christ promises that we will be kept from the time of great trials; the last seven years of history. He won't break that promise.
Does make you concerned for unsaved family members though.
But they know the choice, I don't think they realize the implications of that choice.
and just what is ahead of time.
They are too busy taking up with the so called pleasures of this world to even ponder these.