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  1. M

    Need support

    Hi. To your lost soul, hello. I am struggling and feel at my worst I’ve ever felt. I tried to make a short history post, which deemed impossible in the end. I’ve been suffering most my life. I grew up with an alcoholic father and a mom too scared and meek to approach the situation properly. My...
  2. Knight of Grace and Peace

    Prayers forma Shattered heart

    A young woman, whom I shall refer to as Grace is suffering from a broken heart and depression. She was molested as a child and recently experienced a break up. Pray she draws closer to God and that He would see fit to heal her heart. Thank you all
  3. Sue J Love

    An Overwhelming Sadness

    An Original Work / March 22, 2018 Do you ever feel an overwhelming sadness? All around you seems then to be so much pain. Sin has run amok within the walls of churches. For the gospel truth, there is so much disdain. Men in pulpits hiding sins behind the curtain, Making jokes about the sacred...