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Loyal Member
An Original Work / March 22, 2018

Do you ever feel an overwhelming sadness?
All around you seems then to be so much pain.
Sin has run amok within the walls of churches.
For the gospel truth, there is so much disdain.

Men in pulpits hiding sins behind the curtain,
Making jokes about the sacred things of God.
For a laugh, they will compromise the scriptures to
Keep the people coming back. Does this seem odd?

There is so much focus on the things so worldly.
Entertainment of the masses is the game:
Step on anyone who may oppose the circus;
On the innocent, then, cast on them the blame.

Where are all the godly men who’re called to lead us?
Does it seem to you they’ve all but disappeared?
In our pulpits, we have many who are actors,
Playing roles, they tell us lies; they do not care.

Does it seem to you, there is no one who’s honest?
That manipulating people is the scheme?
Building businesses, which Christians then call churches,
Is the purpose, and the passion, and the dream?

Have you noticed that the family is hurting?
And, that marriages are now suff’ring the same?
This is now a troubling crisis situation.
And, this calls for us to call on Jesus’ name.

We must pray for God to bring a great revival,
So to bring his people down upon their knees.
May they turn their hearts now back to faith in Jesus,
So that for him they would live, and strive to please.
Active Member
Some churches do indeed seem to put the focus on themselves, rather than the Lord. If you have a good church, keep it. No doubt. Great poem. Peace
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