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  1. Yennee

    Masturbation _ My Experiences, Scripture, and Concerns

    Can masturbation be a sin? If you hurt or refuse to share pleasure with your spouse in bed, fulfilling only your own desires, is it then still holy? If you are lusting after someone you ought not to have, is it holy? If in your heart your imaginations break any of the commandments of YAH, is it...
  2. A

    is it OK to beat my son for playing evil video games?

    My son likes to play games that come from Orientals and have women with large breasts and demonic animal features. They are turning him into a child-molesting animal worshipper. We have been very clear with him that he is not to play these games, but I have caught him doing it numerous times. I...
  3. Sue J Love

    Purity and Sexual Sin

    Purity and Sexual Sin I have several questions I would like to pose here on the subject of masturbation, and I hope to hear back from both men and women. 1. It is my understanding that the Bible does not specifically mention masturbation. Yet, it does not specifically mention all forms of...
  4. S

    What no one wants to talk about.

    Well I'm planning on staying single the rest of my life and devoting my life to spreading the gospel, God called me to the mission field two years ago, but I struggle with something kind of embarrassing and it sounds like a middle school, health class, question. "Is it wrong to masturbate?" I'm...
  5. L

    Boyfriend abstaining from sex

    Hello everyone, I really need some advice here. My new boyfriend is a fairly new Christian. He use to be the type of man who would have sex frequently in relationships, and when we first met he would make sexual comments. Just recently, three months into the relationship he said he doesn't...