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  1. Yennee

    My Brother is Hikikomori -- Severe Anxiety Disorder Resulting in Aversion to Humans

    My Brother experiences so much anxiety from the idea of interacting with other humans that he actually vomits and displays sickness until relieved of the necessity to go outside and socialize. He doesn't even do it deliberately, either. My Brother sees humans as cruel, evil, wicked creatures...
  2. Rob

    Prayers for my mother

    Hello, all of those reading this. My name is Rob and I am an 18 year old guy looking for help. My mother was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and is currently on ventilation. The oncologist says there is hope for a cure but the chances are small. I believe that if we pray hard enough our...
  3. G

    Hi, everyone!

    Hi, everyone! I am so glad I found this forum.. I always thought of myself as a Christian but now the enemy is trying to steal my belief in our Lord Jesus. I've come to a point where it is hard for me to pray and call out to God. I came here for the words of counsel, advice and conviction to...