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Prayers for my mother

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Hello, all of those reading this. My name is Rob and I am an 18 year old guy looking for help. My mother was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and is currently on ventilation. The oncologist says there is hope for a cure but the chances are small. I believe that if we pray hard enough our loving and merciful God will offer her his grace and pull her back from the brink. I love her more than I can even put into words and I can't lose her before I even get to make her proud by doing something with my life. So please join me in securing her there mercy of our Lord God. Have a blessed day, and if you find it in your hearts to help I thank you all so much.
Glad to pray for your mom, if you havent told her lately how much you love her, do so, and tell her you want her to live to see you make something of your life.
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Praying for your mother @Rob
Also that you will have strength and peace during this time.

Keep us updated when you are able too.
Lord Jesus and Lord God we lift up to YOU , Rob's mom, she is in dire need of your help. May NO doctor lay hands on her to do her harm but only good. Satan take your hands off God's property. Remember Rob, pride goes before a fall, we pray she recovers that she may see how earnest you are for her recovery, also, may God give you a Pure and Perfect Peace that surpasses all understanding, AMEN.......Kind of makes you think harder for inspiring words to replace proud, right/ Much Love, in Jesus, Stay Safe, AMEN....