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  1. EverlastingWinter

    How do you talk to other Christians that have a different theological belief and practice then your own?

    This has been a thought for a little while and wanted to see how others react and respond. I have seen two sides on how people talk to one another and talk about others because of their differences in theological belief,church and practice. I ask this to see how others would respond to...
  2. House Churches

    The Authentic Gospel of Jesus

    Hello, all! After many decades of prayer, scripture study, and spiritual searching, it became clear to me that nearly all churches today do not adhere to one or more of Jesus' original teachings and act and look nothing like 1st century, New Testament churches. It is odd, in my opinion, to call...
  3. ChristianConsFurryGuy

    What I learned about Job...

    I managed to get through the entire book of Job and I got to say that this is a story that while is long and drawn out, is something every Christian should study. A riches-to-rags-to-riches story that teaches the diligent student the truth about many questions, especially the one important one...
  4. emanuel88

    I made the song " The plan Of G-d " explained.

    To people remember what is the plan of God I made A song and made it with all the purpose of the series of David The Modern Day Christian.
  5. B

    The Difference Between Ethics and Morality

    In our vocabulary, you’ll find that most people use the words, ethics and morality interchangeably, as if they were synonyms. But historically, that’s not been the case. The English word “ethic” or “ethics” comes from the Greek word ethos. The word “morals” or “morality” comes from the word...
  6. Caitlin

    Terrified Christian ‼️‼️

    Hey, ive been dwelling on blasphemous thoughts about the Holy Spirit all day. i has been tormented by them for months but spiritual warfare. but these have originated in my mind out of fear and I’ve been thinking them for days. im terrified incase I’ve committed the unpardonable sin. im...
  7. NYQueens977

    Secular Entertainment

    I used to go to a Christian school, so you could best believe that when it was time to watch a movie or listen to music, it wall all christian. Problem is, I am highly critical of christian movies at an objective level. For Example, God's Not Dead was an objectively bad movie, from the message...
  8. ChristianConsFurryGuy

    How I met this being named Jesus!

    First off, I don’t plan on giving you my life story, just the important parts. I won’t bore you with my life because frankly, I’ve already experienced it and rather not have to remember it again. In High School, I was a pimply faced young man, socially awkward and suffering from depression. The...
  9. 1 King Of Wonders


    I am a Christian. At least, having Christ as my example, I'm doing my best to make it so. I know, even as I am being sanctified, through the Word of Truth, that by one sacrifice, Jesus has made me perfect, in perpetuity, and will present me, without spot or wrinkle, to God; that I partake of...
  10. Living Stone

    Who are today’s disciples of Jesus Christ? According to Jesus

    Who are today’s disciples of Jesus Christ? According to Jesus (Am I becoming a disciple myself – am I making others disciples? It is our mission) Matt 28:19 (Our Mission) Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the...
  11. Chad

    What Does the Bible Say About Physical Exercise?

    As with many things in life, there are extremes in the area of exercise. Some people focus entirely on spirituality, to the neglect of their physical bodies. Others focus so much attention on the form and shape of their physical bodies that they neglect spiritual growth and maturity. Neither of...
  12. A

    Hello. Is it okay that I am both Wiccan and Christian at the same time?

    Hello. I happen to be primarily Wiccan, however I do love the lord. What are your guy's thoughts on Wicca And Witchcraft?
  13. B

    I want to become a Christian

    hello my brother and sister my name is saeed and i am muslim in IRAN Now, i am upset for my religion, because i am forced to be muslim when i was born and its not my choise i think Christian is better than islum. Please help and guide me * sorry if it is on wrong forum
  14. miracles

    What Genre of Christian Music Do you like?

    I'm interested in the style of music folks like to listen to and enjoy. I use to run a christian music program/slot in a local secular radio station for 5 years which God had opened for me in a divine way but I had to let it go due to work commitments. It was my hobby and passion...An experience...
  15. jeremiah7


    I usually record my daily audio messages on a recorder and then transfer it to my laptop for editing and mixing. Recently I recorded an audio message with perseverance as the theme and accidentally deleted it while transferring it from my recorder to my laptop. I wondered for a while as to what...
  16. Sue J Love

    Original Works 13

    In Faithfulness He Leads Me Our God is a faithful God. He fulfills all his promises and all that he has said that he will do. He is completely truthful and trustworthy. We can depend on him. He loves us with an unconditional love that surpasses our human understanding. His wisdom is fathomless...
  17. DyingtoSelf


    My name is Jonathan. I just found this site this morning while researching how smoking cigarettes can affect a Christian's walk with God. It's a battle I am fighting. I look forward to being a part of this, hopefully encouraging others and being encouraged by others.
  18. Sue J Love

    Muted Trumpet

    10/14/11: I was reading in Ephesians 1 for my quiet time with the Lord this morning concerning every spiritual blessing we have in Christ Jesus. We are called and predestined to be holy and blameless in Christ Jesus. We were bought back for God via the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross for...
  19. Christ4Ever

    The Sword not Peace?

    "I came not to send peace on earth, but a sword." — Matthew 10:34 The Christian will be sure to make enemies. It will be one of his objects to make none; but if to do the right, and to believe the true, should cause him to lose every earthly friend, he will count it but a small loss, since his...
  20. Christ4Ever

    The Christian - a Debtor

    "Therefore, brethren, we are debtors." — Romans 8:12 As God's creatures, we are all debtors to Him: to obey Him with all our body, and soul, and strength. Having broken His commandments, as we all have, we are debtors to His justice, and we owe to Him a vast amount which we are not able to...