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To people remember what is the plan of God I made A song and made it with all the purpose of the series of David The Modern Day Christian.

People live their life's every day, not knowing what to do, what's going to happen next. People get lost wanting to be found only finding promblems they can solve, hey don't know but G-d solves their promblems they only need to do one thing.

Love, Love your G-d, love yourself love they neighbhor.

sometimes life is hardbut you don't know why when things get hard don't despair, life is hard but it gives you good things in the end. Things like love things like your family, God feels your pain and your suffering and will deliver you at the end. But you don't know God's plan isn't to make you suffer. You suffer because you want to suffer you see the world suffering you do what the world does, you don't need to do what the world does. The world isn't always right ! all you need to do to stop suffering is to do one thing.

Love, love yourself, love your God, love thy neighbhor.

That's been God's plan not to hate, not to suffer, not to cry he will give ya salvation it will solve your promblem it will give ya love. So don't worry for tommorow, let tommorow worry for itself.. Never fear God is there protecting you from all of your fears. Because God loves you no matter how much you failed he loves you, ask of him " i'm with you even after time God bless you into the path of righteuosness, he's angels michael and gabriel will protect you the secret of God's plan is love everything will work for good. In the end it's not over until he wins.

So Love, Love they neighbor, love yourself, love your God and you will be doing god's plan all along. Amennnnnnn.