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youth advocacy club

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by king billy, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Hello Honourable Members,
    As a youth co-ordinator, i meet lots and lots of people day in day out. My exposure to people has made me known more about life and it's way forward.Someone asked this question 'can you live an upright life without fellowshipping with others'. anybody to help me out?
  2. Welcome to the forums brother. I think GOD did not design us nor create us to be without fellowship. The Bible tells us clearly to fellowship with other godly believers to hold each other accountable, edify each other as well.
  3. Chad's response is more than correct, welcome to the forums brother king billy.

    I hope you enjoy it here!

    God bless you
    Much love
  4. Hey King Billy,
    first, let me welcome you and tell you is not by chance you are here.

    second, thank you for sharing your life with our youth of today...and ones who will be leading tomorrow. I'm glad there are still people out there who see the need and selfishly give themselves to this difficult mentorship ministry.

    now to your question....when you go through the Gospels you see that Jesus ( who was fully God and fully man) chose to surround him self with men during his ministry. You also see in Acts that immediately the apostles began their (post resurrection) ministry in fellowship. when you have a chance read the first 3 chapters of Acts and pay special attention to the last 7 verses.

    I hope this helps and I'm glad you are here.
  5. life in context

    the value of life is worth living would be better living it for christ than for man.
  6. Welcome Bro!

    Actually, life is meant to be shared.God intends us to experience life together with other believers.
    Read Colossians 3:15, Psalms 133:1, Galatians 6:2
    There are many more others verses in the Bible which shows the importance of fellowship. Its helps u grow as a christian,remember we are members of Christ's body.So i dont think u can live an upright life without fellowshiping with other believers.

    "For with God all things are possible"
  7. Love one another as I have loved you

    Love one another as I have loved you says Jesus...So we need to love one another as Jesus has loved us, He loved us from poverty of Bethlehem through Kalvary until end of ages...Love is the only way to live...
  8. God Himself has fellowship in the trinity, so if we're to become like Christ, we should have fellowship with God and others.
    ...i think it's important to be with others, to care, to support, to praise God together. This is one of the reasons the church exists

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