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Your Favorite Lesson From The Bible. Teaching Each Other.


What are your favorite lessons from the Bible?

Are there teachings special to you from God that you can easily explain?

Share your wisdom from God and lets learn from each other!

Sharing is caring! I'm all ears too. God bless everyone. :coffee:
One of my favorites is forgiveness to me it releases any inner turmoil and replaces it with inner piece. Have you ever seen a happy person who holds grudges, I mean they are ate up inside. This is just one of the many, but it really seems the more you follow the word of God the more inner peace you have IMO Same goes with being content versus the wicked covetous, the more content you are the more inner peace you have. I love to study the proverbs for lessons in life. Good topic for a thread
Yeah, I agree completely. Jesus words cleared that problem for me in Matthew 6:15 :)

I heard once withholding forgiveness is like sitting at a table and drinking a cup of poison waiting for the person across from you to die. No peace inside.

Btw Dave. You're photo is genius, I feel like I'm the one sitting on the wall while I'm typing.

I can feel my body wanting to lean to the right to correct the orientation.. lol........
m y fav is about Abraham, true to say i remember not too good on scripture but more from the video of his life

he was gutsy as while he carried the weight of the tribe
Abraham is one of the few people that the Lord appeared to. It's in Genesis 18

He is a powerful example of faith and trusting in God no matter what He asks us.

Here's a thread about Abraham's faith I just found a minute ago. I think I'm going to have to join in on it soon.
Abraham's Faith

Anyone God speaks face to face with is a good person to learn about for sure.


And check it out! Dave got the pic straight! I like the shades man. :thumbsup:
Favorite means one that is favored over all of the others. I guess I cannot easily say that one is above the others and maybe it is that I should not. Actually, however, I do favor David, for he gives us a visible possibility as our goal. David pleased God, yet we know that he failed more than once in his walk with God in very big ways. On the second part of that I am like David for I have certainly failed God many times. On the first part, I know that at times I have pleased God. Hopefully, as David, God will be pleased with me when I reach the end of my course.

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