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Your bookshelf

Discussion in 'The Library' started by Lanolin, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. I mean I can just chuck the book in the bin if someone on TalK jesus cannot even bear me reading it. Good grief.

    when I wrote I had given up understanding catholics, this is why, because when you even try, other people jump all over you.
  2. Hopefully, you'll understand better sister, when you see how the thread is trimmed and that moved to another thread.

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
  3. Thank you christ4ever I didnt mean to embarass anyone..please forgive me. I saw you were just trying to have people stick to the topic.

    I've got some new books on my bookshelf now...

    Titles are:

    A Day in Hell
    The Power of Listening
    delivered a death- defying journey into heaven and hell
    The Holy War

    Im debating weather to read another novel. So many people read novels and then recommend them for me to read but I just find myself thinking novels are a waste of my time.

    I like stories but...its just novels take a long time to read.and why do so many novels deal with sordid themes, lust, greed and opium. Well this novel that I thought I would try...but its part of a series that I hadnt read the first three so I think I have no idea what the characters are. Its called The Cloud Leopards Daughter by Deborah Challinor. Plus its 355 pages. Maybe not.
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  4. I finished reading the two hell books..they were short and sweet but great testimonies.

    One was by Tamora Laroux and the other by Nancy Bodgert.

    Tamora was suicidal but God saved her..she was given a glimpse of hell and also heaven. In her experience hell was pitch dark and you are naked and exposed and there is no love anywhere. She said in hell you are literally sin and thats all you feel, no hope and no future..just sin.

    The same thing happened to Matthew, Nancy's husband who nearly died from a gunshot wound however she interceded for him and dedicated him to the Lord by praying for him with her whole heart. God rescued him out of hell. Hes still in a wheelchair but saved praise the Lord and Gods teaching him how to be a faithful christian.

    I would recommend both books.
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  5. Now have

    What I learned From God while Gardening.

    I have decided to give up novels, even if they are written by awardwinners or nzers. I tried one that was recommended and every chapter every female character just went and bonked someone. Im like ok...cant you just say no. This one was called 'all day at the movies' well so far movies arent having anything to do with the story which seems mostly about women of easy virtue compromising themselves and getting into messes.

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  6. I mean not that that doesnt happen all the time but it makes for depressing reading cos you know it will all end badly unless they turn to God.
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