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You In Me

The sun streams through the tree branches.
The birds sing as they fly in the sky.
The clouds are puffy white in the blue expanse above.
And the wind blows gently through my hair.

I can hear a whisper
As light as a feather
Speak into my ear
As I walk through this beauty.

A whisper on the wind
A call to me
To follow You
A call to do my part.

I walk through Your beauty
With gratitude in my heart.
Oh God, You amaze me
You have created a reflection of what You are.

A reflection I pray
I mirror to others
So that they may see
You in me.
very nice do you write alot? I used to when I was much younger! kinda lost the heart for it! keep it up !
I write almost everyday. I haven't written a poem in awhile though. I am writing a story/novel right now. :)